December Doable.



Let’s talk about this idea of documenting December. I have created a number of fun, little books and projects about Christmas over the years, but I’ve yet to attempt a daily approach, even though it feels like I might be the only scrapbooker on the planet that hasn’t.

This is my year to try December Daily and I’m keen on making it very doable.

I’ll be using the Snap! Christmas line from Simple Stories. I shared my plans (briefly) during the BPC Pajama Party recently, but want to share them in more detail here …



The reason WHY I think I’ll be successful in my attempt this year is because I have already set up my album and essentially outlined what I need and where it goes. This is my title page. On Sunday, December 1st, I will take a photo of my children (after church, while they are still dressed up) in Santa hats. I even have a reminder set on my phone!


This is my dedication page, where I will eventually mount a FAVORITE Instagram photo of each member of my family. Please note: The little photo markers that you see in this post do not appear on my pages. I created these images for the little Pajama Party movie I made. You can (by the way) watch the archived Pajama Party video. All you have to do is sign-up for the FREE Pajama Party events and then log into the Pajama Party classroom at


The three previous pages are all part of the 6″x8″ Journal Inserts pack, available HERE. 

These sturdy pages come three-hole punched, so you can slip them right inside your binder (my title page), but you can also cut off the holes and slip them inside a page protector (my dedication page), OR you can add a tab and use them as a divider page, like I’ve done with my movable advent page above.


All of the insert pages are two sided and both sides are CUTE, so whether you do something with them or not, they will look good and add to your album. I’m going to type up a current list of our favorite Christmas songs and add them as strips to the music page (which is the backside of the advent divider) and they will move with us through the month—so we will keep on singing!


You can scroll quickly through the next several images. I’m just showing you that I am set up and ready to slip in photos!


I’m not showing you every page, but I am showing you several, because I want you to SEE these adorable insert cards!




I think you could easily purchase one set of the 3″x 4″ insert cards and have PLENTY to share with a friend! Keep reading, because there will be a way for you to WIN this whole line at the bottom of my post.


The hard part is (of course) deciding which of the insert cards you WON’T be using. I love this combination of elf-designs and the “naughty or nice” card.


I’ve (sort-of) designated which size of photo I will take each day, BUT … there is complete flexibility because I don’t have to slip all of my photos in, in order! I have 25+ empty pockets and a very non-chronological outlook on life and scrapbooking :)


I also have a few additional “special event” pages. We are supposed to be getting LOTS of snow this year. I’m ready!


These final pages give me room for adding additional Christmas Day Instagram prints and journaling.


Now, preparation is NOT just product …
I’ve taken THREE strategic measures to see myself through on this month-long commitment  …


ONE. Moved my photo-printer upstairs
This means I can’t play the lazy card and avoid running downstairs. It will be very easy for me to stop and upload photos from my DSLR, or send phone photos via Photostream to my computer for printing.


TWO. Set up a basket with update essentials
This means pretty much everything I need in order to add a photo or journaling to my album, will be at arms reach and sitting on my kitchen counter. I’ve got scissors, small stapler, journaling pens, Snap! letter stickers and lots of other decorative stuff, along with my other ‘favorite’ insert cards, in case I want to change my mind or add a page!


THREE. Created a list of potential photos and stuck it to my fridge.
This means when I remember (or am prompted) to take a photo, but don’t have an idea I can refer to my list!

So that you will add me to your NICE list this year, I figured out how to share my photo list with you. All you have to do is click HERE, and download it. I even replaced my kids’ names with blank lines, so you can add your own names!

As excited as you might be for me and my well-planned December Doable, I have saved the BEST NEWS of all for last. You COULD WIN EVERYTHING you need to create your own Snap! album. My friends at Simple Stories have agreed to give ONE of my blog readers the mini-album, the pocket protectors, the journal inserts and 3″x4″ and 4″x6″ insert cards. All you have to do is tell me something interesting about Christmas at your house. You could share a tradition or the story behind an ornament or what you eat on Christmas Eve — anything really. I’ll have my kids help me select a random winner (so please don’t fret over your comment!) on Friday, so that we can ship everything to you in time for December ONE. [Note on November 22, 2013] Giveaway is closed. EliseT is our WINNER!

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  1. I’ve recently discovered Paperclipping Round Table and am up to episode #60. It’s been really fun hearing your thoughts and input from 2010 moving forward. You’re a smart cookie and I really appreciate how real the conversation seems to be. As for my Christmas, I am an only child with an only child. When my husband of 22 years and I first married, we agreed to always go to my parents on Christmas Eve and wake up at their house on Christmas morning. My husband agreed no parents/grandparents should be alone on Christmas and his parents had 6 other children, 13 grandchildren and 9 great grand-children. I really appreciated this and know my parents have treasured all our Christmases together, especially the 18 years as grand-parents. I’ve never done a Dec daily yet either. Make that a club of two!

  2. Christmas at my house involves lots of decorations. I have a collection of Disney figurines & snowglobes, along with a large collection of nutcrackers. I have a group of stuffed animals that greets you as you enter my home! They range from the old Jingle Bears to lots of Disney friends in Christmas garb! My tree is covered in lights and lots of family heirloom ornaments, as well as Disney favorites! Some light up and others play music. TInkerbell sits atop my tree and sprinkles Pixie Dust all over for tons of Christmas cheer!

  3. I love your “do-able” album! I’m doing a DD again this year, and hope that I can get my pages as prepared as you have ahead of time! My favorite part of Christmas is our “all day breakfast buffet” that I set up after we open our stockings. We have guests in and out all day, so having easy finger food prepared keeps me out of the kitchen and in the midst of the fun instead!

  4. Christmas at our house is fun for our 3 boys! (14,11,5). Our elf Sheldon plays with them all month long. We have tamales on Xmas Eve (my dads tradition). We bake for our friends and neighbors. The boys get to open one present Xmas eve. We look forward to Aunt Kelly’s fudge every year and all 16 cousins (+ extras) play secret Santa. Can’t forget Dads famous cheese ball!

    • Laura, I hope you have a scrapbook page somewhere that lists these details, just as you’ve done here — even this much paints a picture and I LOVE it!

  5. Hi Stacy,
    Christines comment left me in tears. I hope your kids choose hers :) I’m just here to say hello, it’sfun to see another of your blog post, etc. Something fun we do is go to the city park and play in the “snow” we live in a warm climate and the crowds are huge … In realiy it’s more fun watching the big blocks of ice be turned into snow!

    • Marie,
      So do you do ice-blocking, where you ride a block of ice down the hill? I’ve seen this done, but never done it myself. I agree, great comment from Christine!

  6. our favorite tradition (or mine anyways) is eating Chinese food on Christmas eve. building up to Christmas is a lot of work. all the decorations, presents, wrapping, food buying, parties etc. so on Christmas eve its so relaxing to be able to order out dinner and have a night off from cooking. it helps me relax before the craziness of Christmas morning!

  7. Cathleen Robin Sullivan says:

    Every Christmas Eve we get new PJ, I started this when our oldest was born. Then there was three plus my husband and I. Now all our kids are grown on there own, and still the Christmas Eve PJ goes on. They all buy new PJ for there own home on Christmas Eve, and my husband and I still do it to. :)

  8. One of our most favorite Christmas traditions is our Christmas day “rob your neighbor” game. My family searches all year for the wackiest, funniest, and goofiest gifts for this fun game! Everyone plays and the family roars with laughter as one by one we unwrap our “treasures!” It is truly ONE of the most enjoyable times of the year for us all! Sharing, laughing, hugging and swapping “love” in the shape of clothes-wearing geese and napkin cozies!

    • I can totally picture this and you’re right, you need something to stretch out the gift-opening and make it more memorable!

  9. My favorite part of Christmas is putting up the lights with my dad. We are the only ones brave enough to climb up on the roof to hang them on the second story.
    I love the December Daily project and have done it the past 2 years, although I usually only take pictures in December and finish an album some time in February! LOL, it’s what works for me! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  10. I have decided to make our Christmas more giving centered this year. So including my 6 and 4 year old in selecting presents for all of our family and friends. We are also doing their Christmas lists based on the want, need, read, wear concept!

  11. I get 23 Children’s Christmas books from the library and wrap them up & number them – we open one each night to read at family time. On the 24th we read the Bible Christmas story.

  12. Our fictitious “Auntie Flo” leaves gifts on the door stop each Christmas Eve for the children…now the grandchildren. Each gift is underwear. This fun tradition started when our youngest son’s part in the school program was to recite this poem (which is attached to each gift):

    Auntie Flo

    Every year on Christmas
    There’s a gift from Auntie Flo.
    She’s sent me pairs of underwear
    For three years in a row.

    The box is always beautiful,
    The bow is neatly tied.
    But I’m always disappointed
    When I see those shorts inside.

    I wish she’d send a model plane
    Or even a big stuffed bear.
    I’d take a box of rocks and stones,

  13. Our family has 5 birthdays in the month of December (My dad, my brother, my oldest son, my youngest son and niece.. Cake and birthday parties happen the first 12 days and the next 13 days we focus on Christmas. My family has a snack dinner tradition for Christmas Eve. We make meatballs, cheeses, dips, veggies, fruit, ham and fun desserts. We leave it out for dinner then watch Christmas movies in our pjs.

  14. My kids would say their favorite part of Christmas is our advent calendar with a different activity every day. I would say my favorite part is putting all the decorations out and enjoying sitting by the tree with the lights on at night.

  15. Kris Van Allen says:

    We are up to seven Christmas trees this year, and will likely add another this year! I have ornaments from my own childhood on the main tree, each of the three kids has a tree with ornaments bought for or made by them over the years, themed trees for birds, food, etc, and my mom recently gave me all of her vintage ornaments, including Shiny Brites!!

  16. Susan Keuter says:

    I am missing my college girlie very VERY much this December {she’s out of state}. This is her junior year in school, so this will be our third year of a starless tree, until she arrives home on the 22nd. Lights, stockings, wreaths, gifts, wrapping, ornaments, but NO star until all four of us are under one roof!

    Thanks for the great chance to win Stacy and Simple Stories!!!

  17. Kimberly Ann says:

    I just LOVE Simple Stories and their products. I actually purchased a few items that I just had to have after the pajama party, but would live a complete set!

    At my house, we always open one gift on Christmas Eve and the rest Christmas Day. Mom and Dad choose the gift and it’s not the same thing every year but is usually something to keep us occupied for the evening, like a new game or book. Even though we are all adults, my family loves celebrating Christmas and we feel like big kids when we get to open our one gift without having to wait until the next morning.

  18. We make and serve dinner (or sometimes brunch) at the teen homeless shelter every Christmas Eve. I think this will be the 8th year. Our daughters are now in high school and college and if you were to ask them, they’d tell you that it is one of their favourite parts of Christmas. It’s one of mine too. <3

  19. I decorate eleven trees inside our home. Yes, I’m that crazy lady!
    1. Big tree with 400+ Hallmark & misc ornaments we’ve collected all our lives in the corner if the kitchen.
    2. Red & pink tree in our family room.
    3. Teal & chartreuse tree in the piano room.
    4. Primitive tree in our entry way. (My favorite! Maybe. If I had to pick.)
    5. Red, orange, brown & gold in the dining room.
    6. Trucks, cars & things that ‘go’ in Cooper & Beckett’s room.
    7. Sports & Husker sports in Eric’s room.
    8. Barbie tree in Harper’s room.
    9. Silver tinsel tree with bright multi-colored ornaments in the kids’ bathroom.
    10. Traditional red & chartreuse green on the top of the steps.
    11. All red in our bedroom.

    And Coop (age 5) suggested we have a Mickey Mouse tree yesterday. Smart kid, that one! :-)

    Hoping to get started tomorrow! :-)


  20. Hmm something about our Christmas.. let’s see well we have an annual tradition on the night of Christmas eve at my house we all put our brand new pj’s and head to my Mother in law and wait for midnight while we do we eat snacks & watch Christmas movies once midnight comes we can open up a gift we have to sing a Christmas song starting from youngest to oldest & its so fun to see my kids sing jiggle bells with their own lyrics!

  21. My un married youngest son always stays the night with us on Christmas Eve, this year will be all the more special because he suffered a Tramatic Brain Injury in May, we could have lost him. Truly much to celebrate this year.

  22. Kathryn Whittaker says:

    Growing up, my siblings and I were allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve. It was always pajamas. When my husband and I got married, he had a similar type of tradition. The “elves” visit your house on Christmas Eve and leave everyone a new pair of pj’s. My hubby is usually the one to pick out everyone’s pajamas, so it is fun to see what everyone got from the “elves”, including myself!

  23. Each year my six children and now my two grand children will receive a special ornament picked out just for them. I hope when I am gone they will look back on them and “remember”.

  24. I love your DD Setup. On Christmas day, my mom shows up early and once we are all awake we head toward the tree to see what Santa has dropped off for each of us. All gifts are wrapped and each person has one particular color wrapping paper for identification ease. It’s usually over in let’s say…. 15 minutes. It is great fun!

  25. I always decorated my tree in just snowmen. Last year my mom died in October and I wasn’t going to do a tree, but my friends encouraged me too and one afternoon I put the artificial tree up (I’m alergic to real trees) and then didn’t put ornaments on it for a couple of days. This past October after asking my step dad for a year I was given my mom’s Christmas ornaments so that is what is going on my tree this year. I took the BPC class 12 days of Christmas last year but I didn’t complete my album…maybe this year – can we have a club of 3?!

  26. Vanessa Babin says:

    My dad (83 years old) loves Christmas and makes it so much fun for all of his 7 kids, 25 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. Years ago he started a Charlie Brown Christmas tree (1976) and has continued that tradition every year since. He would take my youngest sister and the grandchildren to pick out the most shapeless pine tree and bring it home to decorate. Now the oldest grandchildren are going to get the tree and the great grandchildren decorate it. The same evening the tree is brought home to decorate, my sisters and I make pralines. We have made up to 10 batches in one night! That’s a lot of sugar and pecans! Another great tradition my dad does is cook a big chicken gumbo on Christmas eve. The last tradition I will tell you about is the home made reindeers my dad made from logs and limbs. He started with Rudolph and then added the rest of the reindeers. He puts them out the first of December scattered all over his yard, then everyday, they move around until Christmas Eve when they finally surround Rudolph. The kids love, the neighbors love it and no one ever sees the reindeer move, but in the morning, they have moved! There are several more things he does for Christmas. Love the joy he has brought to all of us! Merry Christmas!

  27. Bethany Becker says:

    Christmas at my house is with just my husband and I. I still love to get up early and try not to wake my husband. I usually get him up and then he goes back to sleep. We also dress up our little kitty in an elf hat and collar for as long as possible.

  28. Oh, Santa Tracker is a big every year in our house for the kids! And for me its watching and listening to my husband read “Twas The Night Before Christmas”

  29. Myra Abstreiter says:

    I am fortunate to live by a lake that freezes by Christmas time. On Christmas Day we always go skating. A nice way to celebrate the season and life.

  30. Growing up as an only child, Christmas was always a (probably more than average) magical time, especially since my parents and I lived with my grandparents. The most special was when I would get my phone call from Santa. My grandfather had a few very close friends who he went golfing with at least once a week, and every year during December one of them called and pretended to be Santa. I remember wondering how Santa knew what I had been doing just before he called, because he always made sure to ask me about specific things from the day he called. It is something that I will never forget and now with cell phones and caller ID something that would be hard to pull off with my kids, which I guess is part of what makes it such a special memory for me.

  31. Hello Stacy!! Im excited that Tommy the elf will be making his second visit to our empty nested home… He is actually the elf a neighbor gave my husband over 45 years ago and he looks just like the popular one all over the place… Last year my husband just made my holiday when he participated in where and what Tommy was doing while I was at work and our Elf was in so much mischeif all season… Also documenting my over 500 mr and mrs santas this year with an album of where, when and who they came from… id love to do the dec daily thing too… ty

  32. Kellie Tortorea says:

    Hi Stacy! Merry Christmas to you and your family! We have several favorite Christmas traditions at our house, one of mine is gathering with my husband’s huge Italian family on Christmas Eve. We cook the traditional “feast of the fishes” for 75 family members and then Santa arrives to deliver presents for the children. What I am most excited about is watching our children (3 & almost 1) as they play with cousins and meet and visit aunts and uncles. After many years of being the “childless couple” during the holidays our true Christmas gifts (the adoptions of both of our children) are now with us as a forever family and it is a daily gift to see them grow and love on them. Thanks for sharing your template and plans for your scrapbook, have fun making memories with your family :)

  33. We don’t get Santa …we get Mr. Gorilla. My cousin started to do this because the little kids would get scared of the Santa (one of them was currently in love with King Kong) … so now that they are grown and no one is no longer scared of Santa it still continues to be Mr. Gorilla that comes out and dances for us and hands out something small for everyone including banana’s!!. the whole family gets a kick and we just laugh and have a great time.

    wish i knew how to attach a pic!!

    Thanks the chance to enter such a great giveaway!! :)

  34. Trisha Noland says:

    Thankfully almost all of my family is local so the holidays are about being together. But, when my dad passed away 18 years ago just 2 weeks before Christmas we felt like many of our traditions would stop. I decided to take over our tradition of eating breakfast together on Christmas morning. I get up early and start the food and all of my family shows up around 10 for my dads traditional sausage gravy and biscuits. We’ve added lots of other food items as we’ve added family members but the Christmas morning tradition still stands!

  35. I think our Christmas tree has more pictures on it than anything else. I love dated photo frame ornaments!

  36. What a wonderful way of doing the December Daily that has become so popular! I am trying to do more and take more photos, so this would be an awesome way to save the memories.

  37. Stacy, I LOVE your enthusiasm! You create so much excitement for whatever it is that is being discussed. (I’m a Paperclipping Roundtable listener too). This looks like such a fun approach I would love to try it. My favorite Christmas tradition is making the Swedish Spritz that my Grandmother and I made together for years. My daughter and I now make them for my extended family as we’re the only ones with Grandma’s recipe and special cookie press!

  38. Every Christmas my dad buys rawhack (don’t ask what it is cause you don’t wanna know). Anyway, the stuff is awesome on Saltine crackers and always makes me smile… :)

  39. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    Our Christmas tree is decorated with mostly handmade ornaments that my family and friends have made as well as some special purchased ones. I love to decorate with art and crafts that my son has made over the years–they hold a special place in my heart and are quite cute if I do say so myself! Also special are the decorations I have from my childhood in the 1960′s.

  40. Becky Moore says:

    Christmas was always the time of year when all of us kids returned home with our families to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Mom and Dad and each other. There were 21 of us sleeping at home on Christmas Eve. As the families grew and the grandchildren started having children and Mom and Dad got older our tradition had to change. Now we have everyone to our house on Christmas Eve. Most years we all make it. We have kept as many of mom and dad’s traditions as we can including the menu- dad’s vegetable soup and mom’s chili and chicken noodle soup (no matter when you show up it’s hot and ready and no one spends the night in the kitchen.) Good luck with your December Daily. Maybe this year I’ll join the club too.

  41. Kristina A says:

    My family is all spread out, so the best part of Christmas is everyone getting together!

  42. A favorite memory I have of growing up is how my family loved to color. We still love to do this. Dover coloring books are the BEST gifts for any age, Gel pens, colored pencils, markers, and yes even crayons are the perfect add on to a gift that I guarantee will bring the recipient a smile and reveal that it is the most relaxing expression of creativity known to man. Try it…you LOVE it!!! :O) Happy Holidays to all.

  43. Every year since i’ve met my husband, we give each other an ornament.. And of ALL the gifts under the tree, i am MOST excited about THAT ornament… I LOVE it! We were married two days after Christmas, so these ornaments are special to us.

  44. My favorite childhood Christmas memory is that my family and extended family used to all go to the Naval Academy chapel in Annapolis on Christmas Eve for the service there. My parents, brother & his family, and my husband and I and our kids now live far from there and never go back for Christmas, but I always miss that tradition in that very special place.

  45. We always had dinner/presents on Christmas Eve with all my aunts/uncles/cousins/etc at my grandparents’ house. On Christmas Day, it was usually just me, my mom, my dad, and my mom’s mom hanging around the house. When I got married, I didn’t have to worry about “splitting” traditions… my husband’s family has a simple Christmas Eve dinner and goes to church, and the BIG dinner/presents with the whole family is on Christmas Day! Perfect!

    P.S. Any suggestions for downloading your awesome photo list? I think it’s protected so only you can access it! :)

  46. Every year we make a birthday cake for Jesus. Each part of the cake represents the gospel message. We read the verses that go with each part. light the candle at the end and sing Away in a Manger and Happy birthday. This is our way of keeping Christ in Christmas.

  47. We make Cuban food on Christmas Eve and traditional American food for Christmas. Thanks.

  48. Christmas morning at our house means kids sleeping in until way past their normal wake-up time. They aren’t up that late on Christmas Eve, but every year we are always waiting for someone to get up! So I get to enjoy a quiet early Christmas morning really remembering why we have this holiday before the rest of the busy day begins.

  49. Desiree Scheel says:

    Every year, since my kids were born, we’ve had a tradition of opening a gift on Christmas Eve, after Mass. The gift is most certainly always new Christmas pj’s. My boys have always loved this tradition especially since the pj’s are always matching. It has been a challenge at times to get the same pj’s in different sizes and now that the boys are “men” I miss this tradition on Christmas Eve.

  50. Tricia Stewart says:

    We put up the Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving without fail. No Black Friday for us…we are too busy kicking off the Holiday Season together as a family. :-)

  51. We used to head to my parents’ house for Christmas, but I started getting sentimental about waking up at OUR house and seeing the presents from Santa under OUR tree. Also, my in-laws started traveling to our house for Christmas. So, for the past few years, we’ve spent Christmas at our house and then the New Year at my parents’ house. My parents have my sisters and their families to spend Christmas with, and they don’t mind that we’re not together for Christmas Day since they know we’ll see each other a few days after.

  52. I may have a half dozen nativity sets around the house at Christmas but my family’s favorite one is the ceramic one I painted over 40 years ago when my husband and I were just dating. It is chipped, with ears glued back on but yet each one of my children say that one is his/her favorite.

  53. We make Swedish pancakes for breakfast on Christmas morning. Because the batter is so thin and runny it often drips somewhere on the burner and ends up smoking up the house. We say it isn’t Christmas until the smoke alarm goes off!

    I love love love your album and the steps you put in place to make it “doable” in December. Just love it! Thanks for sharing!

  54. Melody Pugh says:

    Our biggest tradition since the birth of our first is that we always stay home over the Christmas holidays. Either set of grandparents (or both!) are encouraged to visit (every year if possible); but Christmas Eve is always candlelight service at our church and Christmas morning is waking up at our house and rushing down the stairs to see the magic that has unfolded (late the night before.) I’ve used the reason/excuse for years that the kids gifts are just too large and difficult to travel with. But the truth is, I am creating memories. I want them to remember what it felt like to rush down the stairs in the morning, where the tree always goes, who gets to play Santa and deliver presents to others. and how long (or not so long) it took to open all their presents Christmas morning. I stick to the slogan, “There’s no place like home for the holidays.”

  55. Our Christmas tradition is driving through town looking at the twinkle lights

  56. One of my favorite traditions for Christmas is going shopping with my Dad along with my brother and sister to pick out gifts for my mom. We are all married now, but it is just us siblings with my dad. We always go out to dinner (my dad’s treat) and have a great time!

  57. We relocated this year and I’m not really sure how its going to go. Hopefully Rocko the elf will find us here (so we don’t have to get a new one ;) And I’m new to scrapbooking so it will be challenging that this is the year I’ve decided to start, but I’m determined to show us adapting and enjoying our new home and the holidays. We usually celebrate the twelve days of Christmas, letting the kids open one small gift per day until Christmas. This is a tradition my husband and I started when we were first dating to help him get into the spirit – he used to be a grinch. Now it allows for our kids to enjoy each small gift and not rush through everything on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

  58. We buy a new puzzle every year and spent the week between Christmas and New years putting it together. We never take the time for puzzle during the business of the rest of the year. It’s nice to just sit and find a few puzzle pieces. The kids love watching it come together.

  59. One of our family traditions is that everyone in the family (me, hubby & kids, my sister & her kids and my parents) has their own stocking. Everyone puts something in everyone else’s stocking. We put lots of thought into these little stocking stuffers and opening them Christmas morning is everyone’s favourite part of Christmas.

  60. Our advent calendar was originally made for my grandparents by my parents. It’s a painting of an outdoor evergreen tree with 24 small nails and behind each day’s door is an ornament to hang on the tree. When Christmas arrives there’s a fully decorated tree to enjoy on the wall.

  61. My favorite Christmas tradition would have to be the promise my hubs made me when we first started dating, that we would go to the Parade of Lights. He kept his promise and we still go every year. Some times the kids and grand kids go with us. One of the other things I enjoy even though we have only done it a few times is he has surprised me with carriage rides down town on Christmas Eve to look at all the beautiful lights, just him and I before the hustle and bustle of the kids and their family’s coming over on Christmas day.

  62. Diane Alberts says:

    Thanks Stacy for the great post and the wonderful photo list I requested. I too have never done DD, but I like this SNAP album idea, love the ELF pages as we are going to see ELF the musical the first week of December!

  63. One of my favorite things to do at Christmas is invite friends who feel more like family to come over and decorate cookies and enjoy hot cocoa. We then share some of these with neighbors and others.


  64. We have a traditional French Canadian dinner on Christmas Eve in honor of my grandmothers heritage. Interestingly she never cooked this as her heritage was frowned upon (sad I know). My mom, her daughter in law, started the tradition and it just wouldn’t be Christmas without it. Starts with corn chowder, then a festive green salad, then the main course of tourtière with creamed peas and carrots. I can’t wait!

  65. I love this idea and I think you just inspired me to do December Doable this year, after doing it one other year in what I thought was a doable manner, but I was still working on it in February. Love the finished album, but haven’t taken the plunge since.

    My son’s birthday is December 13th. He’ll be 13 this year. I’ve tried very hard to keep his birthday separate from Christmas, even delaying our holiday decorating, but he loves having the house decorated for Christmas at his birthday party. This year he wanted us to decorate DURING his birthday party, so that’s what we’ll do. One half birthday party, one half decorating party!

  66. This year my sister and her daughter and myself and my daughters are going to Disneyland for the first week of December!! I’m so excited I can barely stand it :D My favourite traditional thing that happens every year is digging out our ornaments. I buy an ornament on every holiday we take. I have ornaments for baby’s first Christmas, new home, etc etc. It’s like a scrapbook on a tree.

  67. Chili & Oyster Stew – that is our traditional Xmas Eve fare. For as long as I can remember.

  68. One of our tradition’s is our candy calendar. At the end of November, we use leftover Halloween candy (plus extra candy I’ve been stocking up on), and each kid makes their own “advent” calendar with one piece of candy until Christmas. They get to eat that piece each day, marking them off.

    This was a tradition that my husband did as a child, and we’ve carried it on. Our kids (the oldest being 17) really enjoy doing this and look forward to it every year!

  69. One of the traditions that my grown children still insist that we follow is that of their dad reading “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve. They still love it!

  70. My second year for a December daily! So fun!

  71. Every year my daughter, son and I decorate our house and tree together as we watch our favorite movie…Elf. They are now 23 and 19 but we still love that movie!

  72. Hi Stacy! Well, being of Latin heritage we have a special tradition that my kids have grown to love and look forward to every year called the Christmas Novenas. This is a tradition that we share with a group of very close family friends as well. So from December 16- December 24th there is a Novena (prayer service) every night that basically takes you through a daily story of Mary and Joseph and their journey to get to Jerusalem where Jesus was born. Its a beautiful service done nightly that gets everyone including our children involved with praying, singing songs and playing hand instruments. But the best part about this tradition is that all the families involved commit to hosting one of the novenas in there home! So its so much fun that as families we also travel along and we get to open our homes to anyone who is willing to share in welcoming Christmas this way, and in the process we are instilling in our children what Christmas is really, truly about.
    Here’s a little more if you’re interested…
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  73. As a young Wife/Mom years ago I wanted to NOT waste so much paper and ribbons when it came to opening presents. So I started buying a little more exspensive paper and covered tops plus bottoms of boxes for presents. Over the years we have added to the collection of boxes we use from year to year. Our children(18, 20, 26 and 27) know which boxes are theirs they seem to seek those out first. Then you have memories flood in when opening differant boxes and sooo much less waste!

  74. With my husbands father passing away this year and mother 2 yrs ago we started a New Tradition last year of having our own little family of 4 children on Christmas Eve and we all choose what we will have for dinner. Last year it was King Crab legs and shrimp:) The kids have already started to talk about what we will have this year!

  75. A Christmas tradition for our family is a Chinese take away while we watch a new Christmas movie on Christmas Eve. However, last year we welcomed our 2nd granddaughter on Christmas Day -we couldn’t have asked for a better present

  76. This is exactly the kind of set up I want to do for my December Daily this year. I’ve tried it at least 6 times already and only completed it once!

    Here in France, at least in my husband’s family, the big Christmas celebration is December 24th. They even open gifts at midnight. It took me some getting used to! When our son was born I managed to convince them that we needed to do gifts on Christmas morning until he is older :)

  77. I’d say I started my own tradition after got married…having and decorating a tree for Christmas is now our “tradition”…the ornaments are added little by little. If we don’t find a pretty one, we don’t get it. It has to be somehow special to be hung in there.
    Thanks for the great giveaway, love SIMPLE STORIES things.

  78. A Christmas tradition in our family is our annual cookie baking. Some years we have made 30 different kinds. It is something we start discussing and planning months in advance and all my children (3 of the 5 are now adults) now mark their calendars to make sure they are available on that special day.

  79. One of our Christmas traditions is to choose a tree together. When the youngest ones were little the oldest two got to do it on their own with me and dad but now it is the whole family. We size them up and inevitably go for the biggest one, each year we forget that we have to lop some off the top to put the Angel my daughter made when she was out of some of my wedding dress material!
    Love Christmas!

  80. We put our tree up and decorate it on the first weekend of December. We also have a book called All God Wants for Christmas that we do. It is a nativity based story where for nine days (of your choosing which is why I love it) you tell the story of one of the main people in the Christmas story and unwrap an ornament relating to that story to place on the nativity scene. The last ‘ornament’ is a mirror where the message that all God wants for CHRISTMAS is YOU. I love its simplicity but profoundness (is that a word?). I have never done December Daily or any Christmas mini project.

  81. We have our Christmas pickle ornament. The kids hide it on the tree and then try to find it. Last year it broke and everyone was very sad. What they don’t know is that I found another one a few months ago so now I’ll hide it and can’t wait to see them find it.

  82. Wow, love your album and the prompts. Definitely looks doable!

    Our tradition is that both my girls get new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. They are wrapped up and they open them before they go to bed so they can wear them. Then we have nice new pyjamas for the photos on Christmas Day :)

  83. We have the tradition of loading up and spending the week of Christmas at the Sand Dunes in CA. My son is on his mission and this will be the second Christmas without him. We all decided this week, to wait until he gets home (a few weeks after Christmas) and head for the Dunes. His wish, and man am I excited. The other is to drive around and look at Christmas lights. Have to admit, I even miss him sitting in the back seat with his commentaries. Just hasn’t been the same without him.

  84. We always used to visit the kids great grandmothers on Christmas Eve in their restroom and then come home and sprinkle reindeer food (birdseed and glitter) on the lawn before opening one present :)

  85. As a family, we go to Target to let the kids pick their own gifts for each other and for us. We take some time to walk around and let each person point out things they would enjoy. Then we divide and conquer! It get’s a little tricky both when we switch kids and when we check out (so no one sees anything they shouldn’t!). It’s a fun way to discover a little bit about each other and for the kids to have the opportunity to make their own gift choices. They love to see the recipient open their gift on Christmas morning.

  86. We spend almost more time opening our stockings than [resents. We sit and each one of us takes out something and shares how it celebrates the way God has filled our lives. So a piece of fruit might remind us that we are filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. It takes time and thought but I love that we have the time together and that we are thinking as well as focusing on the most important reason for the season.

  87. Thanks for sharing your project in my detail, Stacy – love how you’ve got yourself set up! I enjoyed the BPC Pajama Party too! Like most people, I love Christmas. For us, it really is all about family and spending time together. We put more attention on Christmas Eve than Christmas Day. For example, we open all our presents from one another that evening, and then the gifts from Santa take main stage first thing on Christmas morning. Oh, just talking about this is getting me excited!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for a chance to win these amazing Simple Stories products!!!

  88. Our christmas tradition is take out chinese food for dinner. When we were married our first christmas, we thought to go out to dinner only to find out everything but the chinese place was closed….

  89. Looks like your album is going to be GREAT!!! I’ve never done a December daily album before, but have always wanted to. THIS makes it look do-able, for sure! (P.S. I love, Love, LOVE that little 3×4 with the elf feet at the top of the page; SO CUTE!!!!)
    The high’s and lows of last Christmas: HIGH- Last December, we adopted an Elf on the Shelf and our family named him Barney. Upon Barney’s arrival, he surprised us with a North Pole breakfast; FANTASTIC! Our family LOVED having an elf watching over us for the month of December! LOW- Hearing the phone ring early on Christmas morning to discover an alarm call at my husband’s work; turns out, a bird (inside the store!) set off the motion alarms. Thankfully, hubby arrived back home just MINUTES before our kids woke up (so that we could experience the magic of Christmas morning together!) Thanks for the chance to win.

  90. Where do I start? Our tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving, and the Christmas music starts before breakfast. One of my favorite things we do is bake a huge variety of cookies we make just at Christmas, including doggie biscuits, and we deliver them to neighbors and coworkers, and their pets, in the week before Christmas.

  91. I know other families do this, but we have a Jesse tree every year during Advent. It’s a series of branches, and every day we hang an ornament on the tree symbolizing Christ’s lineage. (For example, a rainbow symbolizes Noah.) Some of the ornaments are hand-made, some store bought or re-purposed. My children are teenagers now, and still love the daily ritual–plus they know their Biblical chronology well! On Christmas Day, we place a photo of our family under the tree to show that we are part of that chronology too.

    I really like your album Stacy–it’s “doable” and beautiful! :)

  92. On Christmas Eve, we have the eldest male read the story of the nativity from the bible and the two youngest children put the pieces around the nativity as he reads story. Everyone always looks forward to this each year.

  93. Debbie Girardot says:

    Every Christmas Eve we put on our new Christmas pjs and go to our pastors house for a get together. Other people that attend have started joining in and wearing their pjs! They always look forward to seeing what our pjs are going to look like!

  94. My husband is from Chile, so in addition to leaving stockings for Santa, the kids put out their shoes in the window. He leaves candy there!

  95. Diane Downs says:

    Hi Stacy! I love your album design! This Christmas season, instead of making a million dozen cookies to share, I’m hosting an “It’s not just cookies, holiday treat swap” I’ve provided everyone with a box (about 6.5″x9.5″x3″deep) that they are to bring treats in. I’ve also given them a bowl for extra treats for sampling. I will display everyone’s treats on a table. They will then use their same box and fill up with what the other’s have made to bring home. Some of our guests have food allergies, so I’ve provided an ingredients listing page to display with each item. That way, everyone knows what they are bringing into their house and if it’s safe for them to eat. Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. Thank you for always sharing your very doable ideas for memory keeping! This will be my first year to attempt to document December. I fell in love with Snap! Products last year when I made the 12/12/12 mini album with you last year. My favorite Christmas tradition is having my parents come over on Christmas Eve & enjoy all kinds of yummy finger foods & play games. My Dad passed away in March so this year the holidays will be difficult.

  97. SueinMtVernon says:

    This year will be different for me as my father recently passed away. My son and I will need to be thoughtful and creative and maybe plan some new traditions to make this a memorable holiday season.

  98. I love our Christmas Eve tradition the most. Starts with dinner out at a nice restaurant. On the drive home, we go through various neighborhoods to look at the christmas lights. When we get home, we each get to open one gift – It is the box with our christmas pj’s (lots of people seem to have that tradition!) and a new ornament for the tree. Those boxes (we reuse the same ones each year) are the only thing under the tree until the kids (all grown) go to bed. Then we watch the movie “Elf” together. I don’t know how that became our Christmas Eve movie, but all three girls love it!

  99. Merry Christmas Stacy!! Ok, well we have many beautiful traditions in our family around Christmas! One of my favorites is the Christmas Pageant they put on at my girls school. It is done in church & done so beautifully. This year both my girls got a duet!! Whoo hoo!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  100. Karen Grosz says:

    My sons are 14 and 17 this year. Neither wants much for Christmas so we are working on how we can “give back” this year instead of getting so looking for ideas in our local neighborhood. I think it will be a less stressful and more gratitude filled time.

  101. Rhonda H H says:

    At Christmastime, my son and I bake a shaped cake and go crazy decorating it with colorful icing ,candies and LOTS OF SPRINKLES!!! I’d love to win the SNAP album and try for the first time to complete a December Documentation album. I’ve been too intimidated by ideas in the past, but the SNAP kit looks totally doable!

  102. I love putting up decorations! It puts me in the mood and mindset of Christmas. My favorite decoration is my nativity set. It the last thing I put up and the most meaningful. My children are both in high school and I don’t have much more time with them in the house. So these memories are even more special. I look forward to documenting this years festivities. Last year I did my album daily, but this year I think I am going more with your approach of documenting memories. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  103. Our family has had many traditions over the years, however in the fall of 2012 our lives changed when my father-in-law multiple heath complications that have left him immobile. Last year we all celebrated separately – feeling blessed he was still with us. At the beginning of 2013, we began making new traditions – finding ways to celebrate in a different way so that my father-in-law can still be involved in our children’s lives. Christmas 2013 will be our first with some new traditions. I believe I will create a day to day memory book for my father-in-law, so that he can enjoy the season – seeing what the kids are doing even though he is not able to be there in person. God Bless you and yours during this season of love and sharing!

  104. As a kid we always had to wait until my parents were up to go downstairs and my dad would film us coming down. We have pictures of us sitting at the top of the stairs making silly faces or looking grumpy. I love the ones as we got older because you can tell we are just playing along. I make my kids go down the stairs and I take pictures of them there too. I love that we can pass this tradition along, and that it makes the anticipation of seeing what’s under the tree last just a little bit longer.
    Thanks SOOOO much for sharing your plan. I may as well just lift this idea as I have been looking at using this system this year. I tried to do a daily album last year, but it sits next to me still waiting for pictures to be printed so I can finish it. Maybe you could tell me which photo printer you use…..?

  105. Every year we pick out a special ornament for our kids and write the year on it. When they leave home they will take the ornaments with them to put on their own tree. They each have their own box the ornaments are stored in and it is fun taking them out each year and putting them on the tree. Hopefully they will enjoy them as much when they are out on their own.

  106. We go bowling on Christmas Eve. It started when my kids were very little, with a frazzled declaration to my husband that Christmas wouldn’t happen unless he could get them out from underfoot! As they grew, it just became a tradition, that I eventually joined. All grown now – it is a full blown competition, of course! Even if my oldest isn’t coming home for the holidays, he goes bowling, and we text pictures back and forth during the event.

  107. I think I am going to have fun and get lots of ideas reading everyone’s comments :-D

    Stacy, I have never done December Daily either! Your album is really cute, can’t wait to see it filled with photos! One fun thing that I love to do at Christmas, is put out the Santa pictures. I took all the photos through the years of my kids with Santa and printed them out to 5×7, backed them with pretty Christmas scrap paper and put them in 8×10 frames. I put these all over the house and it is so fun to look at all of them! We always get a lot of comments on them when people come to visit.

  108. This looks totally doable! I’ve never done a December Daily because it seems too intimidating, but this is definitely not. I grew up in a Dutch home. My mom always loved the Dutch tradition of opening gifts on or around Dec. 5. We didn’t always do them right then, but we did always get our gifts early, sometimes before school was out for the holidays! My friends would get so jealous of me. :)
    Now, we do the same thing in our home, opening our gifts on a day separate of Christmas Day.

  109. We don’t do Elf on the Shelf in my house because we have mailboxes instead. This started when I was a kid and my grandmother handcrafted working mailboxes to hang on our Christmas tree for my brother and I. Everyday that the tree is set up, Santa’s elves visit and leave a treat in the mailbox. This lasted until we moved out of the house! Now, I look forward to doing the same with my children. It’s one of those things that really makes Christmas in our house!

  110. I live in northern Minnesota and our area churches sponsor Servants of Shelter, where homeless people come for a warm meal and sleep on the floor. My family always volunteers to bring breakfast on Christmas morning. I am not a morning person and most days the suggestion of getting up at 4:30 am to prepare and make breakfast would have me laughing. However, this has become a very meaningful holiday tradition for our family as well as a real life lesson on wants vs. needs.

  111. My birthday is Christmas Day. My mom’s name was Madonna. She has since gone to heaven, but when I was younger she always made sure that we didn’t celebrate my birthday until after 3:30pm because that was the time that I was born, and that all my presents were wrapped in birthday paper! She made me feel incredibly special on the most special day of the year! I am married now with kids of my own and they have continued the same traditions for me. And even though she’s no longer here with me I still feel like she is!

  112. I’ve always wanted to do a December Daily album, but it felt overwhelming. I really like your plan- seems doable.
    For a long time, my two boys were the only grandchildren, so my husband and I made the decision that we would always see both families for the holiday. We spend Christmas Eve with his family since they live near us. Around nine, we head home for our own celebration. Christmas morning, we go back to his folks for breakfast, then drive to Houston to spend a few days withy folks. It’s always worked out really well- everyone is happy. :-)

  113. I was on the fence about doing a DD because I’m a PL gal, but this album is adorable! Even if I don’t win this terrific contest, I think I may have to buy one!

    Something interesting about Christmas at our house is that I have a Wrapping Party every year. I invite several of my girlfriends (not too many – you need to room to wrap) and everyone brings their gifts & wrapping supplies. I provide the atmosphere & of course something yummy to eat. :) Wrapping can be a tedious chore and it’s a great way to get it done in a fun way. Plus, we always get great gift ideas from each other! This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of my most cherished traditions. Can’t wait!

  114. Christmas is all about traditions! We begin on December 6th when we celebrate St. Nicholas Day, My Christmas tree is filled with ornaments that I’ve been collecting for decades, and presents are opened on Christmas Eve. Stockings start off Christmas Morning, and dinner is Roast Goose with Buche de Noel for dessert. The season ends with The Feast of the Three Kings on the Epiphany!

  115. Theresa Ferran says:

    My favorite tradition is packing the car up and heading to the mountains with the whole family !

  116. Stacy I love your album, I can’t wait to make one! Our favorite Christmas tradition is on Christmas eve, when we have our whole family over, have appatetizers and play games. So excited!

  117. My favorite tradition is buying each of my boys a new Christmas ornament every year.

  118. Jayne Bucy says:

    We love setting up our Christmas Village each year. But first we have to take down the Halloween Village!

  119. When my husband was 6 his father died, on Christmas Day. When we’d been married 6 months his mother died, days before Christmas. It was hard to believe that Christmas would ever be a time of joy, until our first baby was born, a month early, on Christmas Eve. Always a reminder of the hope we have and that the best gifts aren’t ‘things.’

  120. One of our favorite traditions involves Christmas lights. We get in the car…each of us with a travel mug of cocoa. Then it is off to see the neighborhood lights. Whether old school lights or those of all white, they add to the season’s magical delight. Would love to win an album. Thanks. Merry Christmas to your family.

  121. The Christmas tradition I look forward to every year is Christmas Eve pajamas. My dad did this for us when I was growing up, and still does. He shops for them and wraps them all by himself, and now also does it for my children and my husband. :)

  122. Wow, that is a gorgeous album! I still have a Christmas Traditions album from Simple Scrapbooks (do you remember it?), but have never done December Daily. I would love the push winning this would give me. Thanks for the chance to win!

    My favorite thing about Christmas is the traditions! We have so many but a new favorite began a few years ago. My two best friends and I all live in different states, and decided to switch from giving each other presents to setting a phone date with all three of us. We get online to the website, which gives small loans to entrepreneurs living in poverty. We find one woman with whom to share the blessings of our 20+ year friendship. We get paid back over the year, so each Christmas we add to our pool and have more to give. We get a great gift to feel we are contributing and just helped someone else have great news at Christmas!

  123. Tiffany Grant says:

    Christmas at our house means family. My husbands parents are divorced and remarried. We host Christmas and it is the one time a year we all come together. No fighting, just Christmas. We keep focused on family, giving and not all the commercialism. We are supposed to be moving into our new house right before Christmas this year. A daily album might be an awesome way to document.

  124. My above comment was already so long, but I just wanted to add that I loved your contribution to the PRT discussion on the state of scrapbooking. I loved your analogy about how the internet was once just email, but now it is email and 101 other things (how we learn, how we spend money, etc). I think that analogy fits scrapbooking more than the vinyl records comparison. Vinyl records are quaint and a few collect them, but almost no one even has a record player any more. The ways in which we keep memories (instagram/facebook, etc.) has exploded and gone more mainstream (alleluia!) but the basic, fundamental way—scrapbooking—is still there, just like email, just as essential for many but not as dominate.
    Thanks—I just had to add my two cents!

  125. My 7-year-old’s favorite tradition is going to see the Christmas lights at Santa’s Magical Kingdom. It is one of those places you drive through and look at the millions of lights and displays. It’s awesome!

    I don’t consider it Christmas if I haven’t watched Elf and Christmas Vacation!

  126. I love your DD ideas. Sounds very simple and do-able! Every Christmas morning, we have a special breakfast like gingerbread waffles that we eat after the kids have open their presents. It’s such a nice time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast since most mornings we are always in a rush to get out of the house!

  127. First, excuse my English. Christmas at my house is a very important holiday as we love, especially to my daughter and me. We love to decorate everything and, although we have many decorations, which I have more affection are single figures of the Magi who were my parents.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  128. My personal FAVORITE tradition (that we started two years ago) is walking down to the nursing home in our town. They have a life size nativity scene set up every year. It’s something only me and my son (who is 3 this year) do together. We walk around, look at the statues, pet the donkey and the camels, and we sit on the hay bales next to the manger and talk about what it all means. The first year I took him… he was still VERY attached to his “binky” (Pacifier). We were sitting on the hay bales and I was telling him about baby Jesus… he hopped off my lap and toddled over to the baby statue… took out his binky… and tried to stick it in baby Jesus’s mouth. Of course, it took everything I had to hold back the tears. It was his gift. And it was perfect. I look forward to our time at the manger again this year. :)

    Thanks for letting me share a wonderful Memory and tradition. :)

  129. Michelle M says:

    One of our favorite traditions is going to the Denver Zoo Lights – my parents take me & my kids every year & then we go out to dinner afterwards. We have been doing it every year since 1999 & this year we have to work around my oldest who is a freshman in college but we still plan to go!

  130. I was thinking “i need to write down that list” when I read that you found a way to share it. Thanks! Christmas Eve we roast a pig——it’s a Noche Buena tradition brought over from Cuba.

  131. Every Christmas our family gets together for soup-in-a-bun (my fav is clam chowder) and the rowdiest dice game you have ever seen. It gets pretty chaotic, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  132. Cathy van Vollenstee says:

    Our Christmas is always all about family. We are over 24 people (more this year since we have a few new additions) so everyone pitches in and helps with the cooking. It is impossible to buy gifts for everyone so we always make our gifts which is fabulous because everyone gets something that is personal and made with love. Being in South Africa, our Christmas days are usually very hot so we spend the time around the pool, laughing and sharing love and making memories. We all love photos so at the end of the day, everyone downloads all their photos and everyone gets a copy of all the pictures to enjoy. This has proved to be the highlight of the day as each photographer has a different focus and so everyone is captured at their best. I love Christmas!

  133. Beacuse I have 14 cats in my house a chrtisrmasttree would be a climbing pole for them. So no tree but instead i have a twig hanging in my window with lights and all kind of ornaments and love it. I also made a village years ago but my cats broken 2 parts of it so have to glue it and don’t know if I dear to put it up this year. But with all the decorations in the house we’re not missing the tree and enjoy all kinds of decorations bought and handmade. love the smell in the house of cinnemon.

  134. December Daily sounds so daunting, I never even wanted to try…but December Do-able makes me think maybe I can!!!! Simple Stories has such a fabulous line to make it happen. I started a tradition of giving everyone pjs on Christmas Eve (so they could have cute new jammies for pictures the next day :) My oldest is in college, my boys are 15 & 17, and my “baby” is 12 a they STILL want Christmas Eve pjs.

    I would love to win and document our last Christmas together in the house we’ve lived in for the last 16 years…we will be moving next year. And my oldest is probably getting married next summer, so not sure if we all will be together for the holidays again :(

    Thanks for sharing your album & the inspiration!!!

  135. Love you album! It’s so cute!!!

    Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year! Rather than have a one-day glut of presents, we spread out the fun all month with early presents here and there. It’s great to actually be able to focus on enjoying that one game or toy, rather than moving on to the next gift.

    Also, Santa does stockings and one other gift, and the rest is from Mom and Dad. I’ve never forgotten the story of the kid who opened a pile of presents from Santa, then turned to his parents with tears in his eyes, asking why *they* didn’t get him anything! (;

  136. Betty Weaver says:

    I have continued to Christmas traditions from my childhood… We open 1 present each on Christmas Eve – growing up it was due to it being easier to call distant relatives then than on Christmas Day. We didn’t get to choose the present it was always the one given by the person in the family gift exchange. Now it is the one Mommy has decided (jammies and a movie usually).

    Cabbage rolls – a MUST have at Christmas just like every year since I remember celebrating :)

  137. I don’t remember where I read it a few years back, but thought this was a great idea, so we do it. With all that goes on, I always felt rushed to make gift tags for the presents, until each family member chose a color and now their presents are wrapped in “their” color. For example, my youngest daughter’s favorite color is red, so her presents are only wrapped in (predominantly) red paper. My oldest daughter’s color is pink; if it’s a joint present for them both, I use paper with red and pink in it. It may sound a little OCD, but it makes life much simpler for us!

  138. Carrie Wright says:

    Our Christmas tradition is to watch the Polar Express on Christmas Eve.. lately our present to each other is passes to the local ski hill. It’s a great way to spend family time together and take the focus off of the presents.. it’s about being together. Thanks for the chance to win this album!

  139. One tradition that we have is that we have finger foods for Christmas Eve dinner and we put the Christmas blanket on the floor in the family room and everyone eats on the floor together and watches a Christmas movie together (it’s a different one each year). Last year I wasn’t going to do it because I really didn’t think my kids cared about it, but when they found out they all said that we had to do it – so I guess it’s a keeper.

  140. Our holiday traditions are about to change! We’ve got our first grandbaby who will be barely 6 months old at Christmas time. I foresee toys! Batteries! Instructions! Assembly! A visit to see Santa and cookies left out on Christmas Eve! etc. Thinks are gonna be so much different this year! I have never done a December daily before, but will this year. The kit would be so helpful!

  141. Jilena Paskett says:

    I love December and our family traditions. Old traditions include getting new Hallmark ornaments every year, making Santa cookies, buying a gift for Toys for Tots, and new Christmas pajamas. This year I’m joining the crowd and we will have an elf on the shelve. Would love to include his daily mischief in my album. We are also going to Disneyland in the middle of December. I would love to make this a new tradition. Maybe every couple of years. Lol

  142. My grandfather was Swedish so every year we had to make potato sausage about a month before Christmas and then on Christmas Eve we ate potato sausage with mashed potatoes and creamed macaroni….we also had to eat lutefisk (don’t ask) it is disgusting! My sister and her grown kids still carry on this tradition today.

  143. Your plan looks fabulous. I love the neat look of your December Daily.
    I thought I would let you know he link that you provide for the photo list says that it has been deleted or not available to me.

  144. Connie Boyd says:

    Something interesting that happens at our house on Christmas morning is— we Skype with my sister in Germany so she can watch the kids opening their presents. Almost as good as being there! Thanks for the chance to win.

  145. An old, but favorite, tradition at our house is Christmas Eve pajamas. A new tradition I’ve started with my grandkids who live several states away is an Advent Calendar filled with activities and small items. I get it ready in November and make sure they get it before Dec. 1. It lets me be a part of their holidays, even if we’re not together.

  146. While my children are grown with homes of their own, they always make their way home for part of the holidays. I started a new tradition a few years ago, and my granddaughter Vivian said to me last month, “Gran-E, will we get to pick an ornament from the tree again this year?” From the mouth of a 6-year-old, it warmed my heart to know they like when I take each person aside to choose the ornament they like best from my tree. My tree is loaded with everything from stunning blown glass to gold spray-painted macaroni. I make sure each person, even the toddlers, pick the one that catches their eye without Mom or Dad or big sister saying what they “should” pick. It gives me some insight into their personalities. My adult daughter picks something sentimental, my thirty-something boys pick toys, Legos, or Star Wars. The little girls go for soft or sparkly. It is such a great moment with each person! And now I’m ready to document this!

    • Elise,
      I LOVE this idea and tradition. It totally speaks to me and I would LOVE to incorporate this into my life as my children leave home! Super cool. Also, YOU are my winner. In a very random process, you were chosen. Congratulations!!

  147. We always have a birthday cake for Jesus at our Christmas Eve celebration with my husband’s family. We sing Happy Birthday Jesus and the kids blow out the candles. Afterwards we exchange gifts.
    (Christmas Day is Church, our time and my family)

    Thank you for all the inspiration Stacy! I love this article and it is very helpful to me – I’m trying DD for the first time this year also!

  148. What a cute and quick way to document Christmas!! I love this project and all your tips and tricks! I have never done a daily album either! I started a Christmas tradition in our family 3 years ago called the 12 days of Hot Chocolate! We start on Dec 13 and finish on Christmas Eve. I have a few Hot Chocolate recipes that we repeat each year, but I experiment with new ones. Some of them are really tasty…some of them not so much, but that’s what makes it fun! We also sing the song “The 12 Days of Christmas” only we change the words to “The 12 Days of Hot Chocolate” and name each of the recipes we’ve tried all the way to #12. The kids LOVE it and look forward to our family Hot Chocolate around the Christmas tree each night and it’s a great way to count down the days until Christmas morning! And anyways…who wouldn’t love an excuse to be guaranteed a cup of yummy hot chocolate each night?!

  149. Thanks for the chance to win this great prize! A tradition in our family is that on Christmas eve we all settle down to watch Polar Express – even the grown ups! :)

  150. Since our families live 3 miles apart we always have Christmas Eve with my husbands parents and Christmas morning at home then go to my parents for Christmas lunch.

  151. Alicia Emrick says:

    I don’t have a favorite Christmas memory yet. We just moved into an old brick house that was built in the 1860′s so we are very excited to start a tradition this year in our new house. We have 4 small little ones so we will find something exciting that we will all look forward to every year and it all started in our new house! Thanks for the chance to win. I love simple stories and have been wanting to do a December Daily and would be perfect to do the 1st one in our new house :)

  152. My Aunt took all my grandmother’s costume jewelry and mounted in on green velvet in the shape of a Christmas tree and had it framed. I LOVE IT and everyone who comes to my home to sees it is inspired to do the same with their mother’s/grandmothers jewelry!

  153. Andrea Jack says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year! The only bummer is we live in Phoenix Arizona so we don’t get snow and it really never feels like fall – we have two seasons:
    1. Hot
    2. We can go outside now!

    Every year my husband drags in my several containers of Christmas stuff (this is 1 of 2 of his contributions to the season) This is MY Christmas morning since I hit all the sales afer Christmas to pick up decor etc so seeing what I picked up is always such fun!

    We always get a live tree from the family Christmas tree lot down the road, my husband just shakes his head while I have him hold up and twirl pretty much every tree on the lot (This would be his contribution #2) only to discover the one we get is probably the first or second one we looked at.. we get it home and into the stand the house instantly smells like Christmas! I put on the holiday tunes and my son and my mother start trimming the tree and singing along….

    From there we just let the Holiday season take its course, programs at school, visits and letters to Santa, getting a name or two from the Christmas Angel tree in the mall and buying wrapping gifts…..

    I am so excited just typing this!! I am doing my first december Daily this year as well so I cannot wait!!!!

  154. We always spend a day in Seattle. Shop, have dinner and then see a play. This year we are going to Oliver at the 5th Ave/

  155. Nancy Barnes says:

    My birthday happens to be in December as well. My mom went to great lengths to ALWAYS make sure my birthday was as special as Christmas. This meant absolutely no Christmas decorations went up at our house until after my birthday. No birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper and no skimping on birthday gifts because Christmas was the same month. Alot of people with December birthdays hate it but it has never bothered me at all. Even though I am “all growed up” now, we still like to try to adhere to no decorating until after my birthday and my one sibling insists that nothing goes up in his home either!

  156. We do the usual Christmas Eve pajamas and candlelight church service. We also have a tradition of having a new book for each child under the tree and we have a readathon on Christmas afternoon.
    As the kids get older our traditions are certainly evolving. Embracing the change!

  157. We generally way till the last minute to put up the tree :) We are empty nesters and aren’t into all the decorating, but we do put it up for the grandkids to see. In 2011 we didn’t put it up till Christmas Eve day, yep we did! and it goes down just as fast not even a week is it usually up

  158. Christmas Eve service at church and dinner with my husband’s side of the family is something we love to do. My side always comes to stay with us (they are a military family so can be coming from anywhere, lol) and we have never had Christmas without them since my kids were born (16 years now!) Would love to try a December daily, count me as one other who has never done one :)

  159. stacy, this looks fantastic and totally do-able. this year i will be making my eighth december daily mini album and this is the first year that i think (right now) i might not do a daily album. hmmm. but, december 1 is not here yet. this project has become such a part of my christmas tradition; i love looking through all of my past albums and so do my son and husband. even if i stopped documenting through the year, i think i would keep this project going just for a little peek at us and how we change and grow from year to year. thank you for your enthusiasm and work to keep our hobby going!

  160. Jofromidaho says:

    We love lights and will have over 5000 on the fences, bushes, trees and house all season long! (Can you see the glow from Lewiston to your house?) I have never done a December daily either but winning this would be the push I need to get started on that tradition.

  161. One of my favorite traditions is Christmas Eve at my parents’ house. I am one of five children and my siblings, their children and now grandchildren all gather to eat, play dirty Santa and have my mother read the Bible Christmas story and then “The Night Before Christmas.” Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  162. We love to do Fondue on Christmas Eve – kids and grandkids love it – with all kinds of ingredients and sauces. Thanks for the give away

  163. I adore the accidental Christmas traditions at our house. One of my favorites is the “wearing of the tree skirt”. My daughter came up with this one and I have pictures of both her and her younger brother modeling it! Priceless and so fun to document year after year in my Christmas scrapbook! I’m wondering if my now 12 year old son will be taking part in this tradition this year!

  164. a few of my favorite traditions-buying new ornaments for the kids (and one for us) every year, opening and reading a new Christmas book every night in December, and on Christmas morning, I make cinnamon rolls, sprinkle them with red sprinkles and form them in the shape of a Christmas tree on a big platter. I also love watching a Christmas movie while in front of a roaring fire! :)

  165. Janine Rutherford says:

    I just bought a new 8′ tree for this year and am really looking forward to decorating it on the 1st with the children. They each choose a new decoration each year of their own which they love to put up. They will take these decorations with them when they leave home.
    My mother always bought us new pjs for Christmas and I too do this with my kiddies now

  166. love love love your album! We do lots of fun things throughout the month of December to attempt to make Christmas about sharing family time together. Our favorites are the truck light parade, baking cookies and watching the Polar Express in our PJs on Christmas eve

  167. Frances Mikesell says:

    Something interesting at our house at christmas time is- Every year my husband and I choose an ornament for each of our six kids. This ornament represents something that they have achieved or been interested in that year. We do this for a couple of different reasons. One, they will have ornaments for their first tree when they leave home. Two, this is another way to tell their story. Merry Christmas Stacy and family from the Mikesell family.

  168. Christmas traditions are fun and I love reading everyone else’s comments!
    Our traditions start with decorating the tree. We have some “Jesus” ornaments, everyone picks one and reads a related Bible verse or story as they put it on the tree.
    We do the new Christmas Eve PJ’s and the kids open one present.
    Christmas we either “punk” someone in the family by wrapping their gift inside of another box, inside of another box, inside of another box, etc. The gift is usually one they’ve really been wishing for or an unexpected one. OR, we hide the kids most wanted gift and send them on a scavenger hunt to find it with a new clue at each location until they find it. (Especially good for those gifts that are awkward to wrap like my son’s guitar :)

  169. My favorite Christmas tradition is with my family growing up we always read the Christmas story before we open gifts as a reminder of the reason we are celebrating this time of year.

  170. Our Christmas traditions start on the 1st with the setting up of the tree. Nowadays with my adult kids at home I’m the one who gets it out as everyone is keen but then they all disappear leaving me to decorate. We have an elf that arrives that day too which is a new tradition for us and yes my youngest is 18 and does the rolly eye thing but its all fun and makes him a prime target for elf mischief. :)

  171. Amanda Parham-Hall says:

    At our house we have a tradition of reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” in front of the fireplace & we make some sort of ornament each year w/ our 2 boyz fingerprint or handprint on it:) Thanks 4 the giveaway!!!

  172. Our favorite family Christmas tradition is that we stay in our jammies….ALL day Christmas day. We watch movies, play games, just hang out all day in our jammies. We don’t go out. If others would like to come visit….GREAT! But we’ll be in our jammies:)

  173. Michelle McKean says:

    Some of my Christmas traditions look a little like this: have to have Bing Crosby Pandora station on, hot chocolate in hand and plugging in the little white twinkle lights. Not only do my two little boys say “Ooo Ahh” but when I see those lights it automatically gets me into the Christmas spirit. Lots and lots of Christmas cookie baking. On Christmas Eve my side of the family celebrate and we all exchange cookies and treats.
    This year we are adding a new tradition of going to a tree farm and getting a real tree. So excited to have the smell of fresh pine in the house.

  174. Sue Cantrell says:

    Every year, we meet at my cousin’s house and after dinner we play “Go Fish”. It was started as a way for him to entertain his sons until bedtime and has grown over the years to a full-on competition, complete with “brackets” like the NCAA Tournament each bracket has a Holiday name! The winner each year gets their name and the year they win engraved on the top of the box that stores the cards.
    It’s a fun tradition, and because it’s such a simple game, all ages have a chance to play.
    It’s almost the best part of my Christmas – being with the family is the best.
    Oh yes, we take pictures!!

  175. Each Christmas morning Santa leaves a pair of slippers outside of my daughter’s bedroom door so that she can rush to the tree with warm piggies!

  176. melissa rhodes says:

    We always open our pajama gift Christmas Eve so we can wear them to bed! It is fun to get new PJ’s. We also try to give to others in need by picking tags of the tree at my work!

  177. Christmas Eve church is our tradition. We go to candle light service and I barely make it through Silent Night without crying. Last year we missed it because of Influenza A…both my daughter and I suffered and just couldn’t go. It didn’t feel like the normal Christmas.

  178. My twins turned 4 in September and for the first time are really excited about Christmas!! I’m sure that now that they have a better idea about Christmas we will develop new traditions. However, the past two years they have gone to my MIL’s house to decorate a small Christmas Tree, which they have enjoyed. ;)

  179. StaciaSeattle says:

    We always get Trader Joe’s chocolate advent calendars, every year. We have several other advent calendars (like hang a little ornament on a fabric tree) but the kids somehow like that chocolate too LOL. And we make Christmas cookies, every year, often with family, as many kids as possible. I make some cookies ahead of time (always the same yummy sugar cookie recipe) so the littlest kids can start in on the frosting and decorating (mountain-making!) right away. So much fun.

  180. Oh how I love your December Doable idea! I can manage this project!

    On December 1st I get out our Spode Christmas Tree dishes and we use them for the entire month of December. It’s become such a fun tradition I started a few years back. My kids love to eat off the Christmas tree plates and I love that they love it!

  181. My favorite decoration is what I call my Memory tree. When my first grandchild was born, I bought an ornament for our tree that year. Then added one each year to represent something he liked or to commemorate a place we visited, etc. I have 8 grandchildren now, and I have a lot of ornaments on that tree. But it’s my favorite! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and peek into your album. Love it.

  182. I love how simple, doable and finishable (is that a word?) you have made this Stacy! Thank you!

  183. I bought this album (inserts and pages were included) to do December Daily this year. I didn’t get the little cards though. I would love to have them!! Thanks for the chance to win this Stacy!

    • Aaahhh! Forgot to read the rules!

      We have, for as long as I can remember, purchased a real Christmas tree for our house. The whole family would decorate it after I put on the lights. Two years ago, after the tree was complete and I was taking pictures of it, I had an allergic reaction to it! This has never happened before, ever. So now around this time of year when all the artificial trees are in the stores, I debate with myself whether we should go that route or still buy the real one. Real usually wins because we just love the smell that filters through the house!

  184. Patricia F. says:

    Just LOVE how doable your plan is! And the red album is lovely!

    I’m Polish and although I didn’t grow up with many “Polish” traditions, I started one of my own! About 10 years ago I started collecting ornaments made in Poland and now our tree is decorated totally in ornaments from Poland. I leave the white lights on almost all day long and smile every time I walk by it.

  185. DebbieBlumhorst says:

    This looks amazing! I haven’t had much time to scrapbook lately, but I’ve adjusted my life and schedule so I can do the things that I believe really matter, which includes time for scrapbooking! Winning this would be a great way to get started!

    My kids are now married, one twenty seven and the other thirty and I think the one holiday tradition that they have always and still do look forward to is the opening of jammies on Christmas Eve! That’s the first package they look for under the tree! I love how this has such meaning for them!

  186. I have never done a DD album before, but am hoping to do one this year. I have been looking at the Simple Stories line, and am so happy to see your example of it being used!
    It’s so hard to choose a favorite Christmas story or tradition. I look forward to our elves visiting, driving around to look at lights, and joining my brother’s family for their traditional Christmas Eve dinner of pierogies. I’m also excited for the school holiday concert. My 6th grader will perform with the band and chorus. This year he was asked to accompany the chorus on the piano while they sing Let There Be Peace on Earth. He’s been practicing every day and I will probably cry during the performance!

  187. Babette MacLennan says:

    one of my kids favorite traditions for Christmas is after we set up the nativity set, they place the shepards and the kings away from the holy family and move them a bit closer every day till Christmas. the kings officially make it to see baby Jesus on the twelfth day of Christmas Jan 5th. They really think of creative places to put them . I love Christmas and cant wait to start a December daily!!

  188. I’m still undecided if I want to do Elf on the Shelf…but my girls have been begging quite nicely, so I may just cave!

  189. Carol Greenwald says:

    My daughter and I go to the movies on Christmas morning after opening presents. We started it a few years ago and now look forward to it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  190. DebbieBlumhorst says:

    Stacy, Sorry for the second post, but I was wondering what kind of printer that is pictured above? I’m getting my digital scrap space all set up, just purchase a new computer and am now looking for a photo printer. Thanks for the input!


  191. Love this album! As for us – we started a new tradition last year. One of the 3 presents my children get are experiences with us. We plan something fun for each child and share that with Christmas morning. This has been such a fun thing and they are looking forward to this year to see what they get to do…

  192. Shari Frueh says:

    I bought my children several Christmas ornaments each year since they were babies, so now as young adults the will have enough to fill their first tree. The same tradition my mom did for me and my sisters.

  193. Shawna Zervos says:

    One of our favorite traditions is going on the Polar Express Train ride. This will be the first trip for my youngest daughter. We drive two hours away to a quaint town in Ohio donning pajamas, board a train and experience the magic of the ride, complete with stamped tickets, carols, hot chocolate and cookies and a visit to “The North Pole.” At the North Pole Santa joins the ride and visits with each family, signing their books and giving each person a bell. What a magical way to start the holidays!

  194. Kris Beauregard says:

    we eat homemade pizza on Christmas Eve! love your album for 2013!

  195. Jennifer O says:

    The magic of Christmas Eve…I love being with my little family at church and then going tomeatnatnthe hibachi restaurant afterwards.

  196. Growing up, we’d have the Chinese version of fondue for our Christmas dinner. It’s so much work that my family would not have been willing to do it for dinner the rest of the year.

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a great week!

  197. This is fantastic!! As for Christmas at our house, we don’t do anything super special, but I discovered live trees a couple years ago and have fallen in love with them. We always had artificial when I was a kid and that’s what we used quite a few years in our house, too. But, now I’d have a hard time going back. I hope that my kids carry that on and are intimidated by the live tree:)

  198. A few years ago I bought some photo frame ornaments at Michaels to give as gifts. I added photos of the boys when they were little and wrapped them up. My husband liked them so the next year I made some more. My parents loved them too so I made some more the following year. I’ve kept up this new tradition now for about 7 years. My Christmas tree looks an awful lot like a “scrapbook tree” :-)
    – Marilyn

  199. We started a fun tradition a couple of years ago. Each year I buy a new game for the family, wrap it and put it under the tree. On Christmas Eve, my son gets to unwrap that present and we play the game together and have an indoor picnic.

  200. I love your album idea, I agree that it’s totally doable… I want to do it too! We do something that I used to think was unique but it turns out lots of people do it too! We get brand new Jammie’s for the whole family and unwrap them Christmas Eve so that come Christmas morning everyone has nice new, well-fitting Jammie’s for pictures;)

  201. Marci Villanueva says:

    I just love this album! You have done such a great job putting it together.
    One of our family’s most memorable traditions is to go into Downtown Seattle to see all the decorations. We ride the merry go round, see gingerbread lane and visit the teddy bear suite. The kids and adults love planning for our day.

  202. Love. Love. Love. What you’ve done…yay for December Doable! DHs birthday is the 25th, so we enjoy a Christmas morning brunch with stockings and presents, then transition into Birthday Dinner and a birthday party with extended family. DD (now28) made a comment not too long ago that she never realized some families ate turkey twice a year…doesn’t everybody grill steaks for Christmas?

  203. Is anyone else having trouble downloading the list? I get a message that I can’t access it or it has been deleted

  204. I would love to win this! The one main tradition in my house for Christmas is that the kids know that they get homemade from scratch chocolate chip cookies and whatever other recipes I can find to make cookies from scratch. My youngest loves to help me back and the oldest get in on the action when we make sugar cookies and use the cookie cutters :)

  205. Carol Casavant says:

    Christmas is such a special time of year and this year we will have my two youngest grandsons Michael (5) and Matthew (1) with us to share the joy…

  206. How fun! Something at our house would be that every year on Christmas Eve my girls get to open one gift, which is always new jammies. They know what it is every time but still act surprised and excited lol. ;) Thanks for the chance to win!!
    - April W

  207. Jennifer Wood says:

    Stacy, you always inspire me with your projects. I too have never done a December Daily (make that a club of 4) because I’m usually already overwhelmed with the number of things to get done around the holidays. But I think that I actually could do this one because it’s simple without being boring. Also, the giveaway is a great idea! And I love Simple Stories products!
    We do lots of special things at Christmastime but one of my favorites has always been decorating the tree. We have a big tree in our living room in front of the biggest window in our house (so my husband can see the lights when he comes home at night). And each year we decorate it with ornaments my mother-in-law crocheted, vintage ones from my childhood and ones that my family and I have made or purchased over the years. I love all these ornaments but one has a really cute story behind it. Here in Virginia, there is a huge rivalry between two of the top colleges in the state, Virginia Tech and UVA. My husband went to Tech and has always resented being called a “redneck” by UVA graduates. But with his master’s degree in mechanical engineering, he does quite a bit of “redneck engineering” around our home and is learning to embrace the title rather than be annoyed by it. So, one of my favorite ornaments is a “VT” glass ball that he hung with an “engineered” paperclip when we couldn’t find it’s hook. Before, it was nice but now I love our “redneck” ornament!
    Also, we don’t have a mischievous elf; we have a lion named Furrrnando… it was supposed to be a toy for my cat but she never played with it, so we did. Now it’s a tradition. Furrrnando gets into everything. And loves having his picture taken.

  208. Living in Salt Lake, one of my favorite things to do each year is visit Temple Square to see the lights. It’s beautiful and it always calms me and brings me peace. It helps me put things into perspective.

  209. Hi Stacy! Found your blog from the Simple Stories Facebook post, & am so happy to have found it! I love your approach & pictures – thanks so much for sharing! One of our favorite traditions is having a North Pole Breakfast on December 1st. I don’t decorate Christmas much after Thanksgiving, but while the kids are sleeping I decorate our dining room so they wake up to a festive Christmas breakfast. We start reading our Bible advent, and make a list of things to do in December, places to go, things to do, & acts of service. I’d love to use this collection to document our December doings!

  210. Kelley Fewer says:

    Every year, we read “house of the wooden santas”, a nightly event that allows me to connect with my children during the busy holiday season.

    Shine on!

  211. For the last two years, what I have done and is partof our Christmas from the 1st of December till XMas day is “The Elf on the Shelf” it is a book that I read to my daughters, and it comes with an elf that has to be in a place in the house, then every night he goes away magically and reports to Santa how my daughters behave during the day, next morning they need to find where he is at in the house. It could be on the mantle, on a table on a picture frame, at the stairs. Every day he is in a different place but on Christmas morning he goes back to Santa (to his box) until next Christmas. It has been so much fun for now. We also make cookies for Santa, and I like to bake and give it as gifts next day. Merry Christmas and would love to win this! ;)

  212. Claude Campeau says:

    Every year since we got married (2001), we get a Hallmark ornament for our tree. They all have the year on them. I love hanging them every year, they make me smile. They remind me of all the great Christmases we’ve been together :)

  213. Every xmas eve, we go to my in-laws house. We eat homemade clam chowder, open presents with all my husband’s family, and play board games or watch a xmas movie. On the way home, we drive around the city looking at all the xmas lights. And no matter what time we get home (sometimes really late) we bake cookies for Santa.

  214. Ack! Interesting? Well, what popped into my head was this: something I truly love. We started it several years ago, and it has continued to be a *tradition* for my daughter and I to pick up her best friend (bff’s since 2nd grade, so…6 years now!) and get special drinks at Starbuck’s. Then the girls cuddle up in the back seat with blankets and their drinks, and we drive around for hours, looking at decorations. They’ve already started talking about when we are going to do it this year – and I hope we continue for many years to come!

  215. Christmas time is great for our family because my husband is home. He is a college professor at a college 2 hours from where we live so he commutes there weekly. This is year 4 of him being in this new profession. While we are glad for it it becomes tiring. We will enjoy having him home for over a month before the new semester starts again.

  216. On Christmas Eve, my youngest son logs on and tracks Santa on Before bed, we set out milk and cookies for Santa and leave reindeer food for Santa’s reindeer in our front yard.

  217. Jenn Guymon says:

    My grandmother always made ornaments for everyone. We took turns picking out which one we wanted. She also made each of us an icicle out of clear beads each year. After she had a few strokes and was unable to do anything for herself, my mom took.up the mantle and has been making the icicles for our family ever since. I could probably decorate our tree with just the icicles and have it full!

  218. Stephanie T says:

    I love hanging and keeping up with our felt advent calendar. My Mom purchased it at our church Christmas bazaar in the 70s, and gave it to me when my sons were little. It still gets me into the spirit after all these years. ~Stephanie T in No Cal

  219. Ann Grounds says:

    Since my husband and I started dating (24 years ago) we have cut down our Christmas tree. We started out by going into the mountains and getting Charlie Brown type trees which we made beautiful. We now take the kids to the tree farm and make a morning of it…going out for breakfast and then to the tree farm. We have even invited friends to share in our tradition. It’s the best part of Christmas…the getting of the tree.

  220. What a beautiful album! Christmas got a whole lot more exciting once our daughter came into our lives. I find myself wanting to decorate as soon as Halloween is over. It is so enjoyable to see Christmas through her eyes.

  221. Christmas is, or always has been, my most favorite time of the year. My husband and I spent 27 years moving around while he was in the Air Force. Because of that, we now have a family of friends all over the world. And I love love love, at this time of year when I go down to my mailbox is always full of happy mail from those that I don’t always hear from throughout the year. Last year however we spent Christmas Day up at the hospital with my dad, and sadly in March we lost him. This Christmas, just won’t be the same~

  222. Christmas for us has meant changing our traditions as my children have gotten older and moved out of our house and acquired spouses. We still have the tradition of gathering on Christmas morning (that will be changing also since my first grandchild is on it’s way) but having hot chocolate and opening presents has always been a Christmas morning tradition. I’ll miss it but it’s changing for a good reason.

  223. Cathy Peper says:

    Your album set up looks great.
    A tradition we have each year is the Christmas quiz. It’s a lot of fun.

  224. I served an LDS mission in Germany…every year I bring my German hymnal to church and sing the songs that are in the German hymnal with the congregation – much to the chagrin of my boys – but German Stille Nacht is the ONLY way to sing Silent Night – because the English translation is not correct – beautiful – but not correct. Thanks.

  225. Growing up my grandfather always watched White Christmas right before Christmas. I now watch it every Christmas Eve with my children while my husband gets food ready. :). It is a treasured tradition and one we all love, even my almost 13 year old looks forward to it!

  226. julie mannering says:

    Every year, We have a BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR JESUS on HIS BIRTHDAY! We have so much fun planning a special cake :)

  227. Teresa Grau says:

    We always go over to my grandpa’s house on Christmas eve and have roast beef (we call it red, brown, red) and open a few gifts. We also always watch the news to see if Santa is on his way. They show it on the radar.

  228. Cheri Stine says:

    Way back in 1966, when I was in high school, we started stringing cranberries and popcorn to decorate my parent’s tree. The tradition started because I was dating a young man whose father died the year before. He mentioned to my Dad that he was dreading Christmas, especially a Christmas tree because it just would not be the same without his Dad around directing him on how to string cranberries and popcorn. My Dad suggested that he direct us on the “how to’s”. The tradition stuck, but the boyfriend was soon discarded. When i married and had my own tree, the stringing party moved to my house. When my daughter married, we all drove to her home for the annual event which now included a special supper, with carols around the tree afterwards. Those too young, or too old to string cranberries and popcorn, strung fruit loops on thread. Everyone was involved. At my 45th high school class reunion, I spent time talking to my old boyfriend and mentioned how “his” tradition has become one of our family’s first activities in December. He had no idea what i was talking about and confided that he made up the entire story to try to impress me and my family with his “sensitivity”.Despite the origin, a tree decorated with hand-strung cranberries and popcorn is one of the most beautiful signs of Christmas at my house.

  229. One fun thing we do: we live in Colorado, with the whole rest of our family in other states, so we open gifts sent from far away on Christmas Eve, and gifts from those in our house on Christmas Day. I grew up opening on Christmas Eve & my husband the next day, so we can honor both our traditions and our kids get to spread out (and better notice!) the gifts received. We even have two trees and the kids call the family room tree our “Christmas Eve tree”. All gifts that arrive by mail go under that tree (so no searching under the big tree). It works great and makes the festivities last much longer–always a good thing!

    And I have to say–I loved the 12-12-12 book I made last year “with” you–I’ve never gotten around to photographing it and uploading to the gallery, but it’s one of my favorites. That experience gives me courage to try a Snap version of a December Daily! I know I’ll actually do it!

  230. Kathryn Benfiet says:

    We have a elf that has been in our family for over 80 years and passed down from mother to daughter to daughter. The elf is looking a little old and used but he is a treasured memento of many years of celebrating Christmas with my family. We take turns hiding the elf and it’s always fun to see where he’s going to be during the holiday season.

  231. I have been looking t the Simple Stories Collections to make my Mom a mini album with and I seem to be having trouble deciding between 2 of them. This is one of them so if I could win it that would be great!!!
    On Christmas Eve we all go to my Mothers. If you didn’t make it you better hope you re in the hospital. LOL My parents have 22 grandchildren and great grandchildren, so you can imagine the excitement in that house. We eat, sing, exchange gifts and something different my Mom comes up with ever year. We have so much fun.
    Tank You so much for the chance to win.

  232. Kathy Fritz says:

    Stacy: I clicked on the link to download the list of photo tips and it is taking me to some box website to register?


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