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Oh my goodness!  What a FANTASTIC response. I think it’s clear that you’re all super excited and eager to simplify the opportunity we have to document December in a doable way. For the 240+ who did NOT win these awesome Snap! products I would encourage you to support our industry and purchase what you can from this super-friendly line at OR anywhere else!

EliseT is our WINNER!! This is her comment …
[I would love to adopt this idea as my children start leaving home!] While my children are grown with homes of their own, they always make their way home for part of the holidays. I started a new tradition a few years ago, and my granddaughter Vivian said to me last month, “Gran-E, will we get to pick an ornament from the tree again this year?” From the mouth of a 6-year-old, it warmed my heart to know they like when I take each person aside to choose the ornament they like best from my tree. My tree is loaded with everything from stunning blown glass to gold spray-painted macaroni. I make sure each person, even the toddlers, pick the one that catches their eye without Mom or Dad or big sister saying what they “should” pick. It gives me some insight into their personalities. My adult daughter picks something sentimental, my thirty-something boys pick toys, Legos, or Star Wars. The little girls go for soft or sparkly. It is such a great moment with each person! And now I’m ready to document this!


There were SO many (240+) incredible Christmas memories, traditions, ideas and insights shared in the comments. I KNOW you’re busy, but if you want to feel the Christmas spirit and get enthused about all that you need to do to pull off another holiday season, then please spend 15 minutes scrolling through these comments. I’ll share a few here, but there are so many more to enjoy.

Comment from AnnieB
[this one cracks me up!] Our fictitious “Auntie Flo” leaves gifts on the door stop each Christmas Eve for the children…now the grandchildren. Each gift is underwear. This fun tradition started when our youngest son’s part in the school program was to recite this poem (which is attached to each gift):

Auntie Flo
Every year on Christmas
There’s a gift from Auntie Flo.
She’s sent me pairs of underwear
For three years in a row.

The box is always beautiful,
The bow is neatly tied.
But I’m always disappointed
When I see those shorts inside.

I wish she’d send a model plane
Or even a big stuffed bear.
I’d take a box of rocks and stones,

Comment from StephanieT
[we had so much felt in my home growing up!] I love hanging and keeping up with our felt advent calendar. My Mom purchased it at our church Christmas bazaar in the 70s, and gave it to me when my sons were little. It still gets me into the spirit after all these years

Comment from KirstenJ
[what a fun way to create warm memories with friends!] Ack! Interesting? Well, what popped into my head was this: something I truly love. We started it several years ago, and it has continued to be a *tradition* for my daughter and I to pick up her best friend (bff’s since 2nd grade, so…6 years now!) and get special drinks at Starbuck’s. Then the girls cuddle up in the back seat with blankets and their drinks, and we drive around for hours, looking at decorations. They’ve already started talking about when we are going to do it this year – and I hope we continue for many years to come!

Comment from MarcyV
[had to share this one because I too am from Seattle and can totally picture this!] I just love this album! You have done such a great job putting it together.
One of our family’s most memorable traditions is to go into Downtown Seattle to see all the decorations. We ride the merry go round, see gingerbread lane and visit the teddy bear suite. The kids and adults love planning for our day.

Comment from Colette
[such a CUTE idea] What a cute and quick way to document Christmas!! I love this project and all your tips and tricks! I have never done a daily album either! I started a Christmas tradition in our family 3 years ago called the 12 days of Hot Chocolate! We start on Dec 13 and finish on Christmas Eve. I have a few Hot Chocolate recipes that we repeat each year, but I experiment with new ones. Some of them are really tasty…some of them not so much, but that’s what makes it fun! We also sing the song “The 12 Days of Christmas” only we change the words to “The 12 Days of Hot Chocolate” and name each of the recipes we’ve tried all the way to #12. The kids LOVE it and look forward to our family Hot Chocolate around the Christmas tree each night and it’s a great way to count down the days until Christmas morning! And anyways…who wouldn’t love an excuse to be guaranteed a cup of yummy hot chocolate each night?!

Thank you all for sharing.
Have a wonderful Friday!
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  1. Hi-I tried to go back and look at the Christmas traditions comments from your last post and can’t find the “comments” link anywhere on that post. Am I just not seeing it? Love to hear other people’s ideas.

  2. CarrieH,
    Oh my goodness. Thank you. I turned the comments off, but didn’t realize that they would go away all together, ha! I have turned them back on.

  3. Love reading about other traditions. Looking forward to participating in The December duos class too

  4. Congrats Ladies!

  5. Blog-hopping tonight and so grateful to have my tradition chosen! Thanks so much, Stacy!! And this year I have a new daughter-in-law-to-be so she will get to choose her first ornament for their tree. So much fun :)

  6. Thanks for pointing out my idea, Stacy. I’ve SO enjoyed reading the other comments!

  7. I received a big box of prizes from Simple Stories today and I thought, hmm, it’s not what I was expecting, but this Daily Grind Collection is pretty awesome. I will have fun with these products. A few hours later I got an oops email from Simple Stories that my December Documented prize went to someone else. I am delighted to know that I can keep the a Daily Grind set, AND they will send me a December Documented prize as well. I would love to post my layouts and wonder where to do this?
    Feeling doubly blessed today! Elise T (EOT)

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