12 Days of Christmas Videos: Day 5

On the lighter side of video messages, today I bring you Kid President

… and yes, kids will LOVE this one. Since this video is titled, “Holiday Gift Guide” you might think it supports the commercialization that I’m weary of, but watch. There’s a fantastic message, and the fact that KP is hilarious and adorable, bumps my rating up to AWESOME.

For your convenience, here’s the link to Inspired Gift Giving through Unicef.
I love the idea of giving one of these gifts in honor of someone you love, who doesn’t need MORE stuff.

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  1. Lisa M. Zepponi says:

    cute video! Don’t forget to check locally to give that inspired gift, food pantry, shelters, salvation army, St. Vincent dePaul, churches, schools…. Thanks to all who give an “inspired gift”.

  2. This guy is too cute. And so right!

  3. So cute & a great reminder to give gifts that matter!

  4. I so love these Christmas videos…you are making my Holiday Season…truly…and this is such an inspiring, uplifting video with a great message and an adorable kid! Thanks! ;) Here’s to Paper Creations…in Holladay Utah where I met you….that was the name of the place wasn’t it….it’s been so long ago! :)

  5. Kim Borochaner says:

    LOVE Kid President! We show his videos in our classroom on a regular basis.

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