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I hope you’ve heard about our NEW, exciting live + online event for 2014, because IF this event is a success, there will be more events. In other words, if you’ve ever wanted to see BPC create an event, this is your opportunity to show up (in Anaheim or online) to support us.

We are bringing together some of my most favorite people on the planet, women who are talented and full of expertise and we’re asking them to help us (YOU) find the playful again. Years ago there was pretty much one way to scrapbook. Pick up your pictures at the one-hour developer and put them on some brightly colored cardstock, with a glue-stick. Now? Where do I begin? Digital technology and mobile photography and social media and don’t forget the video clips sitting on your computer—all mixed in with a constant stream of sharing and pinning and winning. #overwhelming (that’s what I say.)

This is why you need to come and Play!

We’re women. We’re born creative. We’re storytellers at heart and we need to connect to each other and to that inner girl, that loved her Mr. Sketch markers and her Hello Kitty stickers. She is still in there you know and she wants to come out and play and not feel like she’s behind (with her photos and with the fast-paced, on-demand, instant download of everything around her) YOU with me? We are planning an event that will feel like Play! because that is what we want and need. Note: I love it when my wants and my needs are one and the same. 

Anyway, I just think that it’s SUPER IMPORTANT that you are a part of this, at the beginning of a new year, so that you get a head start with the perspective that you need to survive and thrive in this world and in this industry.


I sent a bunch of HAPPY MAIL yesterday.
20 packages to the first 20 friends that registered for Play! in Anaheim.
I was supposed to send this happy mail a LONG time ago, but I did it yesterday and I’m happy about that, because sometimes you can only go as fast as you can go.


These playful ladies are receiving an adorable little notebook from Compendium that says, “It is not down on any map; true places never are.” (LOVE that.) They are also getting sparkly pencils, colorful Play Doh, popcorn, bubble gum, glittery glue and chocolate. Just a HINT of the delight and surprise that awaits them in California.

I’m making a fun video tomorrow, with balloons (and helium) to share some of what we have planned, like Ali Edwards, teaching a playful Project Life mini album and Heidi Swapp unveiling a brand new product and Tracey Clark (live and in person) taking us all on a photo walk. Not to mention a wonderfully messy page with May Flaum, the “Happy Crafting” queen, a super-cool rubber stamp project with Elise Blaha Cripe AND an artsy mixed-media canvas with Tammy Tutterow. And that’s just some of the hands-on fun. Of course, I’ll be there to fill your head with playful goodness.


If you haven’t submitted your Santa wish list yet, may I suggest you put Play! at the top?

SIGN UP here for the live event.
SIGN UP here to be in the online audience. (Introductory price ends soon!)

I can’t wait to see you (either way.) AND, just because I can, I’m going to give away a seat in the online class. So if you know for sure that California isn’t a possibility for you, then tell me WHY you want to be there in spirit and online. Make it good, I’m going to pick my favorite and I’ll post the WINNER on Friday morning!

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  1. I wish my mom & I could be in California together. We used to scrapbook together and go to crops but she is now living 500 miles away and I don’t get to see her very often, and when we are together it’s with my husband & kids so we don’t really get a chance to scrap together

  2. Roseann H says:

    I would love to be able to come play with you in spirit because I know how much fun it is going to be. I love BPC because of all the teachers and friends who are there. I have scrapbooked, journaled, worked on my health, discovered my word, taken pictures, become more curious, and organized. Having fun and playing while making and documenting memories is what it is all about and I can’t imagine you having a Play! event without me! Love all of you.

    • Roseann,
      I LOVE this comment. It shows how much you’ve developed yourself over the years and that is exactly what I hope BPC can do and be. Thank YOU.

  3. I wish I could be there in person, but would love to be there online at least because I NEED TO PLAY MORE! I have 2 young kids and am usually too overwhelmed with child-rearing, family life, housework, etc. to play as much as I should. So this would be my excuse to play and have fun like I should be making time for every day!

  4. Kimberly Ann says:

    I would absolutely be signed up already for the home event, but don’t know my schedule yet. We’ve been living with an incredibly flexible schedule for the last six months as my husband and I go through fertility treatments to try and conceive our first child. It is likely that I will have a doctors appointment during all the fun, or potentially surgery, for our January treatment cycle. Or that I will have just heard that we’ve failed yet again. I could use some time for me to be playful.

    • Sounds like you have your priorities in place — what a hard, uncertain, but very important process. I will keep you in my prayers!

  5. Kirsten J says:

    Well, I’d love to be there in person, but it’s just not in the cards. Every word you wrote really resonated with me. I think I need to PLAY!

  6. I want to be there in spirit and online because I was with you in spirit and online at your first event (even had my hula skirt and lei on and told everyone I was off to hawaii for the day, LOL) and I intend to be at every event via online until I can make it to a live one. I’m in New Zealand so I maybe waiting for a bit for one to come a little closer but it’s the dream that counts! I’m quite a determined chick and patient, so it will happen. Until then I’ll soak up the fabulous inspiration from teachers and attendees and play it up at home! Love BPC!

    • Thanks Karen — we LOVE and appreciate your enthusiastic support. Not sure we’ll be in the business of live events for long, but we will continue doing fun things online!

  7. Stacy, I don’t know how you are going to pick because in just the few comments so far, I’d pick them all! I would love to go to either event but know it’s not possible. I could go into all the reasons but for privacy I won’t- suffice to say this event sounds like a blast-as a woman I need so badly to just play with my supplies to escape the reality of my life. Good luck choosing!

    • Oh Dawn, Sounds like life has been rough. I don’t know how I will pick a winner either, but I’m working on it! Thank you for your comment.

  8. Wow, this event sounds fabulous! All my local scrapbook stores have closed, and without them, I’ve fallen into a huge scrapping rut. Just reading your blog post and the class descriptions reminded me of the joy, excitement and inspiration those stores once provided. Kudos to you and your BPC team for keeping those things alive — virtually and literally! After enduring a really crappy 2013, I can’t wait to ring in a much happier 2014. Playing online would be a great way to start!

    • Sandy,
      Things are definitely changing in our scrapbooking industry. We are trying to find our way too — thanks for your support. I’m sorry you’ve had a tough year — 2014 will be a new beginning!

  9. Diane Alberts says:

    I attended your 12-12-12 class and loved it. To play with you and all your friends would be a special treat!!! Diane

  10. Oh Stacy, I love your energy & you always make me smile! Smiling is something I definitely need to do more so watching & playing along with you would be so fun! It would be a wonderful break from cold winter!

  11. I would LOVE to play along at home! I believe everyone should take time to play and I know this is an area I REALLY need to work on! Far too often I am way too serious. As a Mommy of 3 under age 5 I don’t get out much. ;) This would be a perfect way for me to play Mommy style.
    I LOVE 3 of these instructors work/classes and I know it would be awesome to learn from everyone! What a great combo of scrapbooking and photography! So exciting!!! I’m sure it’ll be a blast! Thank you for a chance at some fun doing the things I love to do!!!

  12. I can’t be there in person because my daughter and I are already signed up and paid for a weekend crop in Pennsylvania (where I live) and I couldn’t afford the travel to California. I was there online for the Hawaii event and LOVED following along with everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful time. I WILL be there in spirit whether I’m in the class or not – will be thinking of you!

  13. Tanya Napier says:

    Hi Stacey!
    I want to be there in spirit and online for so many reasons! First of all, Play! is so, so close to my house. I will be like the kid looking out the window at all the others kids PLAYING outside, wishing she could join them. Second, I need some time to just Play! Play without changing a diaper, wiping a nose or cleaning a spill (just my own spills!). And finally, this is a chance to “hang out” with all the instructors I’ve had so far at BPC, all in one place.
    Thank you for a chance! :)

  14. dianne d. says:

    I would love to Play! I’m mostly a digital scrapbooker, only occasionally stepping out and using actual paper and scissors, so it would be great to get a chance to try some “real world” scrapbooking projects. My husband and I often say to each other that adults often don’t know or remember how to have real fun. But Play sounds like fun! The bright colors in your class promo photo, the blue sky with clouds, and the girls playing all remind me of how wonderful it was to be a child playing outside with my neighborhood friends. I think it would be great fun to get to play with you and other BPC teachers and friends for a couple of days in January.

  15. Maryellen says:

    I wish I could be in Anaheim and online, but my husband and I both became unemployed a few months ago; this is a splurge that isn’t in our budget right now. It would be a dream come true to have my own scrapping time with all these inspiring experts. However, I’ve admired and followed you (Stacey) for many years. Photo Freedom and Finish Line Scrapping turned my point of view on scrapping around. I’ve shared it with friends and its helped them think differently, too. I admire your personal and professional accomplishments; the challenges you’ve met with grace, perseverance and resilience, while you inspire other to be empowered and enlightened. I’ve watched your family grow and hope that I can do half as well with mine. I wish my daughter could have a play date with Addie; she’s a crafter, too. I value personal integrity above all else and with far too little of it in the world these days, you seem to encompass that “in spades”. I’d feel privileged to meet you in person in hopes that some of your vivacity, energy and talent could rub off on me. Thanks for the chance to win, but also praying that a job comes along so I can pay for a seat in the class. Wishing you and your family a peaceful, joyous and grateful Christmas and 2014 filled with good health and happiness!

    • Maryellen, Yikes! I am so sorry. It is a tough economy, still. Thank you so much for your kind and generous words. I have decided to do a random selection process for the winner, because it is just too hard for me to decide based on comments — and I’d love for our girls to play together, that would be FUN!

  16. I want to participate online because I am unable to travel due to my pregnancy. But I LOVE BIG PICTURE CLASSES!

  17. WOW—love this idea. With a baby and a toddler and still recovering from a cross country move right before the pregnancy began, I won’t make it to California but so need some time to play so I can remember how to breathe!

  18. I would so LOVE to be there LIVE and meet all you wonderful ladies that I have come to know and love online. As others have mentioned, it’s just not in the budget as my travel money each year is for trips to my 2 year old grandson in Seattle (I live in western NY). I hope to be joining you online cause I really need to PLAY!!!

  19. Hi Stacy, I already bought my ticket to come and play so I’m probably not eligible for the giveaway (so sad) but I still want to tell you why I bought my ticket even though I knew it wasn’t a possibility for me to fly to Anaheim, from Connecticut, leaving my full time working husband with two little girls, with no family around him to help. To be honest, when I saw the names of all the teachers on the list I thought “I can’t afford to be there, but I even more can’t afford NOT to be there! If I don’t go, I will regret it for the rest of my life” These people are the one who thought me everything I know about scrapbooking. I started scrapbooking with Ali’s class “yesterday and today”. I had a newborn (my fist one) at that time and Ali thought me to look for the stories and it was a LIFE CHANGING CLASS for me. Since then, I subscribed to EVERY class Ali has thought at Big Picture. Heidi Swapp! Oh my goodness, I didn’t know her before I took her class “the Art of Observation”. Again, A LIFE CHANGING experience!! I mean, I’m good with the words, I have lot’s of stories to tell, but she thought me to look where I wasn’t looking. And her personality touched me to a point where I don’t know I can’t describe it. After her class I applied to be on the get it scrapped team and I got a spot, and I’m sure it’s because of Heidi, of the way she showed me to look for the good around me. I was with you for Twelve. I didn’t get to do all the pages, but the 3 first months of the class, I was all there. Taking everything in, processing as fast as I could to apply the good stuff you were teaching us! Tracey Clark, what a great photography teacher!! I think I am good in photo composition, but Tracey gave me the confidence I was lacking and thought me to look a little further and to stretch just a little bit more. I made a page on which I quote my dream of meeting all these great people…. And you know when I have a dream, you better get out of my way ’cause I’m coming! :) That’s why when I saw that these people were there, at CHA, I jumped on it, no thinking required, no money check, no baby sitter scheduled, I just booked my spot and thought, everything will be all right, everything will align and it will be all good. I have my parents coming over, all the way from Canada, to help my husband during the week I’ll be away. And I combined this event with a visit to CHA (Another dream of mine!! I learned that I couldn’t go with my design team, saw another design team call, thought ‘this is my way in”, applied, got a spot on the DT, will be there at CHA. The stars are aligned: no money, no way of going, but still, I’ll be there! I WILL BE THERE! I still can’t believe it and yet, it is so true. If I could win my place, that would be the best! Thanks for considering me in your giveaway. I can’t wait to be there, and I can’t wait to meet you all, inspiring ladies, and to walk a little further on my learning and growing path. :) Marie

    • Marie,
      This is the BEST comment ever!! I’ve forwarded it to my team and to our teachers. YOU are a sweetheart and you will be automatically added to the online classroom — in fact, I think you’re already in there. We want you to have the best experience ever and then be able to access everything (forever) in your BPC account. And can I just say that I love people with FAITH — you’re awesome. Keep on dreaming — so exciting that you’ll be at CHA too! Yay :)

  20. SueinMtVernon says:

    Oh, Stacy. You have no idea how much I want to be there with all of you fun ladies for this event. When I first heard about it, I told my son I was going — my first vacation involving a suitcase in over seven years. When registration opened, I excitedly clicked right on it. But then I saw the cost and all the air went out of my balloon. I know the price is very reasonable for all that is included. Gosh, the giggles and bonding with new and old friends alone is so worth it. Unfortunately, I need to curb my spending for 2014 due to some financial changes for me so I’m crossing my fingers that I just might win a seat in your online class. Anything with your name associated with it is sure to be awesome. Maybe, just maybe, 2015 will be the year I get to give you a real-life hug and the opportunity to say “thank you” in person for all the inspiration you have given to me over the years.

    • Oh Sue, I’m so happy to see your comment and I totally understand about finances. We’ve met before and you were so kind and generous and we will meet again!

  21. I get to play with my four grandchildren all day, every day, but I would LOVE to play with grownups, especially you inspiring, scrappy, fun women!

  22. Jennifer Johnson says:

    This has been a crazy, crazy year & while I have tried so hard to keep things upbeat & fun for my kids, I think that I need a little FUN in my life as well! What an awesome way this would be to start off the new year! Hmmm…this is giving me ideas for my One Little Word for 2014! ;)

    • Jennifer, sounds like it’s been rough? I’m so sorry — yes, P-L-A-Y would be a great OLW and Play! would be a great way to kick off the year!

  23. Honestly? I would love a to take this class. I have been really down lately- stress from work, especially. I feel like I’m so old right now and I hate feeling like that. I really want to just wake up my inner child and tell her to snap out of it! I’ve recently taken positive steps to become more energized- I even joined a gym. I would really like to add some fun back to my life. :-)

    • Angie, I hear you girl. Getting old is rough and it takes intentional effort to stay young and playful. I hope you can join us. Good job with your exercise. It definitely helps!

  24. OMGoodness. Play! What a wonderful word. I think I forgot how to play! That’s why I would love to be a part of this class! In fact, the word is coming up enough, it may just be my OLW for 2014! Work, life, sadness, time, money stress, family, aging parents, young children have all had an impact on forgetting how to play. Fun. Fun. Fun!

  25. Play! is my life motto! I love to play and getting creative with my oodles of supplies is the best way to do it! I’ve created a Smash journal dedicated to “play”, it even has a title page all about what it means to play! haha! I was so excited when I first saw the ad for this workshop. It truly is the essence of how I like to view scrapbooking and since I came across Photo Freedom/Library of Memories, I have experienced more “play” in my layouts and general approach to memory keeping! I would LOVE to be a part of this class in person, but online would be just as thrilling! It is so easy to become complacent and to “forget” why we scrapbook or how to have fun scrabooking and I think that this workshop will be amazing and will help to bring all that fun back for all who participate! FUN!!

  26. Melissa Martinez says:

    Ok its a long shot but why not right. My name is Melissa and I am a scrap-o-holic. I was able to feed my addiction until recently when I had to move my family from WI to TX so I could have a better job to support my family. I am a 3rd grade teacher, the job I took is at a charter school that runs a dual language program for underserved kids. I leave the house with my daughter, who is attending the school for kindergarten, at 6am so we can get there on time I start at 7:15 and the kids start at 7:45 the day is over for kids at 4:30 and I am done around 6pm the drive home takes 30 min. After dinner, homework, a bath and bed time rituals its almost 9 pm and time for me to finish planning for the next day and then its off to bed. I have no time to play anymore. I would love to go to Anaheim as that is were my mom lives and I have not seen her or the rest of my family in years, but since that is not possible It would be amazing to be a part of the online experience. Thank you for the possibility to play along and for continuing for provide great classes so we can learn and live vicariously through you and all the teachers at BPC’s!

    • You are welcome Melissa — it sounds like you are making tough choices and working hard to provide and survive. Your name is in the hat …

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