Look who’s gonna Play! with me …

I’m NOT sure how on earth I could ever choose a WINNER from these comments.
There are so many of you that are enduring tough times and it’s so true, that we ALL need to learn and re-learn the art of PLAY, and even then make time for it—on a regular basis!

Anyway, I chose to use the Random Number Generator to determine that comment #22 is my winner. So, this SEAT in Play! at Home goes to Jennifer Johnson, who I have already emailed.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment.
We are working like crazy to make this event amazing and memorable.
Here’s a little video that we put together to introduce you to the six main teachers. I hope you’ll take two minutes to watch it …

AND, since it is the season of GIVING, I’d like to also give away 3 seats in our 12 Days of Christmas, December Duos workshop, that starts next week (yikes! Is Christmas really happening this soon?) Leave me a comment and answer this simple question (because I’m curious), Is your Christmas tree up and decorated? Yes or No.

I will post more about this class Monday and will share some of the extreme cuteness  + creativity going on inside the classroom!

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  1. Not yet…it’s driving my kids crazy too

  2. Tree is up & decorated…and gifts are wrapped and underneath it!

  3. Two trees up and decorated as well as the front porch (which has a small tree on it). :)

  4. Selenaintx says:

    No. Working on it this weekend :).

  5. We always put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving!! And I just decorated the tree in my scrap room this week!

  6. Yes, tree is up and halls are decked!

  7. The tree was up and decorated last weekend, but now it is leaning against the wall and all the ornaments are in the lower corner. Can you tell there are lots of children and a dog loving on this tree? I wouldn’t change a thing!

  8. Up last weekend, lights on last night, hope to have it decorated tomorrow.

  9. No, because we get a real tree. This would be a great weekend to do it, but we are stuck at home due to ice!

  10. Tree is up, but decorating comes tomorrow. Hubs just came home with it tonight, and we have family come over tomorrow for our annual Decorating Party. That’s what really jump starts the season for me!

  11. Yes! My Christmas tree is up and decorated in green and purple this year!

  12. Yes

  13. Yes

  14. (I’m already signed up for December Duos :>) But I just had to say that all FOUR trees are up & decorated!

  15. Yes! It is up and decorated, but only the top half. My one year old “helped me” decorate and he kept pulling down ornaments that I put down too low. I had to laugh at how he stretched as tall as he could possibly go to get at those ornaments!

  16. Kirsten J says:

    Tree is up….not decorated yet….I have two kittens and I’m seeing if they can leave it alone first!

  17. Tracey Hespe says:

    Tree is up & decorated, still have to do the outdoor lights.

  18. no. tradition is that our grandsons come spend the night. They and grampa go cut the tree themselves and we all decorate together. They are coming today!

  19. We put our tree up on the first weekend in December so that was last weekend. Haven’t got presents under the tree though as our children are still young enough that we don’t completely trust them to have restraint and wait until Christmas day to open them.

  20. Yes

  21. Congratulations to the winner of Play! Have a lot of fun for all of us! As to our tree, it is finally up but undecorated. Hopefully that happens today. Thanks for the chance Stacy!

  22. Yes and No. The tree has been up since 12/1 but I haven’t had any time to decorate it yet!

  23. No, not yet. The plan is tomorrow…

  24. No!

  25. No, not yet. We get a live one so we wait to make sure it’ll last through Christmas! :) Thanks for a chance!

  26. Jennifer Guymon says:

    Nope. We haven’t even thought about getting things out yet, unfortunately. Maybe another week or so….. hopefully…..

  27. It’s up, but not decorated.

  28. Yes! The day after Thanksgiving is our tree day.

  29. YES! (x2)

  30. One of our traditions is the tree is up and finished by Deember 1st and then we open up our Christmas pajamas that evening! Our kids love this and look forward to December 1st each year! Bonus: it’s really nice to have the decorating out of the way nice and early! I do miss having a real tree though! ;)

  31. Rebecca Baggaley says:


    But the big artificial tree box has been sitting in the front entry all week, does that count?

    And I actually bought a small tree this year just for our 25 days of Christ ornaments and it’s up and being added to (almost) daily, so that makes me happy. :)

  32. Audrey Davis says:

    Our Christmas tree is not up, but I am hoping we will get it up this weekend. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Tree was up Nov 17! That was about a week earlier than usual but I had to get it up because we were busy the next weekend and….then my girls and I were going to Disneyland!!! We’re heading home to the snow today and fully in the Christmas spirit!

  34. Kathy Meredith says:

    Several trees are up but not our 14 foot one, since we are leaving a couple of days after Christmas and our kids and granddaughters are not coming to our house this year. This will be my minimalist Christmas.

  35. Thanks so much for the chance to win a spot in the class – that would be amazing! The answer to the question you asked is both yes and no … yes my tree is up, but no it is not decorated – that should happen this weekend!!!

  36. Donna Sparks says:

    No, our Christmas tree is not up yet because I hurt my back. Plus no one is coming to our house for Christmas, so we probably will not put one up this year. If my back gets better I will still decorate our house. Thanks for the opportunity to win a class.

  37. No, it’s not up and decorated. Don’t really know if it will at all. lol…

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a great weekend!

  38. No. We usually get a real tree and hope to have that tomorrow. Decorating will take place on Tuesday.

  39. Oh yes, got the tree up and the outside is happening as well.
    But somehow I still feel behind!

  40. No, We haven’t even gone to the nursery to get one yet! Definitely next weekend since it looks like we’re in for some wintry, icy weather over the next several days.

  41. No, not yet. But we do have beautiful snow!

  42. Eileen Van Dyke says:

    Tree in the house – decorating it now!!

  43. Love BPC classes! My tree is up but not yet decorated — that will happen tomorrow. This is our first Christmas in a new house, so had a harder time figuring out where to put everything. I’m also recovering from surgery so am behind this year!

  44. Up and decorated! It’s a Charlie Brown tree!

  45. Dee Cummins says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!

  46. giraffemom aka carol :) says:

    Main tree is up with lights on but not yet decorated. I’m working on it!

  47. Yes!!!!

  48. Carol Greenwald says:

    No tree yet. That is on today’s list.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  49. Vicki Emmerson says:

    Yes. My grandkids were over the weekend of Thanksgiving and we got the tree up!

  50. Kelly Koesters says:

    Yes! (finally, it took all week to get it done!)



  51. Yes the tree is up but no the decorations are not on yet.

  52. No!

  53. YES the tree is up and YES lights are on and YES the rest of the house is decorated…but the decorations aren’t yet on the tree!

  54. Yes. Up and decorated early this year, thanks to my 7 year old granddaughter.

  55. No. We are always “late” in getting our tree up. We wait until after my daughter’s birthday so we can focus on one holiday at a time!

  56. No, not yet. We are away down south { Alabama } for 5 1/2 months. I brought down our little trio of trees and have been buying small ornaments for them. My plan is to put them up twelve days before Christmas. My theme is outdoors/nature so I’m excited to see my husband’s expression once they’re up in our condo.

    • Gail,
      A new house and surgery? Yikes. You better give yourself a break this year! I hope your recover well. Christmas doesn’t actually require any of the ‘stuff’ we do — that’s all extra!!

  57. Yes! We put our tree up on Saturday and decorated on Sunday. The timing was perfect because we got a bunch of snow of Sunday, so decorating was a fun indoor activity.

  58. Christine says:

    Yes, thanks to my wonderful, Christmas loving husband. Came home two weeks ago from a business trip. All decorations up except tree ornaments, which he knows I love to do as a family. That happened yesterday!

  59. Anneke V. says:

    No christmas decorations at all….yet! :-)

  60. Nancy Barnes says:

    No, tradition says we wait until after my bday.

  61. Yes our tree(s) are up and one completely decorated, the other two are not quit finished yet.

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