The Present Challenge (it’s back!)


Anybody remember (way back) in 2007 when I created a tiny, little, mini-book that I called ‘The Present’? I put ten current pictures in this 2 1/2″ mini and carried it around with me for an entire year, and then I spent time with each image, documenting what had changed or evolved and what had remained the same …


The cover.


The first page.


The End.
I loved this exercise so much that I shared it here on my blog, as a challenge beginning in October 2008. As memory lovers we talk about how fleeting present moments are and how quickly they become cherished memories — and it’s true!

So … I want to re-issue my present challenge, but with an updated (mobile/social media) twist.

Tomorrow is 3.14 (a magical number in the math world!) I’m inviting you to celebrate by spending a few moments with your smart phone, selecting 14 recent images that represent your life right now. Move these images to a new album (on your phone) and call it “my present.”  Commit to viewing these images often—you might even set weekly reminders to scroll through these photos, one at a time.

This is what “my present” phone album looks like.
And now, here’s where it gets really FUN …

Upload these same images to your Facebook profile, in their own album and add a brief description to each one.

Answer questions like these:
Why did you select that photo?
What does it say about your ‘right now’?

If you want to involve family and friends, ask them to view and comment—better yet, help them create their own present!

You in? 
Leave me a comment and perhaps share a link to your Facebook album!
We’ll revisit our presents in the future (one year from tomorrow) and I think we’ll be surprised at what we learn as scrapbookers and storytellers.

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p.s. If you’re in my Inspired Scrapbooking workshop at Big Picture Classes (you can still join) This is your third challenge for March!


  1. Stacy – YES! I still have my little book from 2008. We had a fire in August, 2009, so it had a little water damage, but still serves as a wonderful reminder of “then”. Thanks for the new project. I will at least select my 14 photos over the next few days, and get them organized in my phone soon.

  2. I still have my little book from 2008. I don’t take many photos on my phone (certainly not enough to be representative of my life right now) so I’ll have to approach this a little differently, but I AM IN!

  3. Love it! I missed the 2008 challenge, so really looking forward to this one. I am using my phone more and more, and love ideas to make me use it even more.

  4. Stacy-
    I was literally thinking about this just a couple of days ago. Thank you for revisiting this idea. I cannot wait to get started!

  5. I have to find my book from 2007! That was such a great challenge. I did the challenge today as well. You can find my Facebook album here:

    Can’t wait to look back in one year! I know you will remind us!

  6. I’ve created my 14! Would be fun to have that green “My Present” sticker/photo, too, Stacy. Maybe post…? :D

  7. Sue Busada says:

    Stacy – thanks for this idea! I did my 14 album and it’s sort of crazy, but it’s my life right now. Enjoy:

  8. IM A LITTLE LATE, but my album is created. I am looking forward to this, here is my link…

  9. I did that little album when we lived in VA!
    I am just now reading this post (a little behind on my Feedly reading) but I love the idea of revisiting it : )

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