Happy Friday for April 4, 2014

We are coming up on EIGHT years living in our current home. I have never lived in any home this long (at least since I was a child) and let me tell you, there is some serious accumulation of STUFF. I am feeling a strong need and desire to purge and clear and clean in nearly every room. One of my very first nannies, Jenna Molner has moved back to Spokane. She has been away for 5 1/2 years and she’s back! I don’t really need a nanny anymore, but I’ve done a good job convincing myself that a personal assistant would be nice, ha! Anyway, Jenna is back and we have all kinds of purging and project plans …


Today I’m especially happy that Jenna has helped me begin the daunting task of purging (and I mean really purging) my studio. The good news is, we have completed the color bins and the pattern paper hanging files and I think we should celebrate with a giveaway.

Here’s how this will work: 
1. I have listed what I have available to share (I have already shared a few packages with friends here!)
2. I will take requests/comments in the order they are received.
3. Each comment can request two color packages.
4. A color package consists of one Ziplock bag full of embellishments by color + 10 to 15 sheets of pattern paper (also in that color!)
5. I will send these boxes to anywhere in the world.

Thanks for playing along!

Color packages available …
BLUE (2)
RED (2)
PINK (3)
GREY (1)

So, leave me a comment, and ENJOY!
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  1. Good for you doing a purge!! And lucky me, if you could send “ORANGE” and “RED” to this scrapper! Thanks.

  2. Elizabeth B Jensen says:

    I’d love something from your stash! Mixed brights or yellow. Love ya!

  3. Jamie De Luna says:

    Blue and grey

  4. Michele S says:

    I would love some brown and green. Thank you

  5. I like Bright Colors and Pink! :)

  6. Jeannie says:

    My favorite color is Yellow- but I seem to scrap more in blue. I am going on a four day scrapbook weekend in May- how cool would it be to say, I got this from Stacy Julian!

  7. MEghan R says:

    Orange please! Its my favorite color :)

  8. Monica Nickerson says:

    Would love green (my FAVORITE!) or white! I’m just getting back into creating after a break and need to get my photo drawers and Library of Memories back on track! :)

  9. hello yellow! and orange you glad i commented? so fun!!!

  10. Sherette7769 says:

    I’m a red & yellow sort of gal, but blue & green would also be lovely! Wish I had my own Jenna ;-)

  11. Id love black and white. Thanks!

  12. Kristie H says:

    I would love some orange! Or blue, green, or mixed! I’ll take what you want to share, and I’d only like to take one pack. Share the wealth! =)

  13. I’d love to have yellow & pink. Thanks!

  14. Kirsten J says:

    I’m losing track of the comments, but don’t car which color, if there is anything left. And. I really wanted to say – good for you! You DO deserve such a great personal assistant.

  15. Karen Smith says:

    I would love brown and grey. Good for you and your purging!

  16. I would love green, or yellow. It’s so fun to clean out and dejunk. :) and fun to share it with others.

  17. Dannielle says:

    Blue and orange!!!!! Plus we are practically neighbors so you wouldn’t even have to mail it :) I have to drive into Washington almost weekly ;)

  18. How fun! I’m later to the party but if there is blue, yellow, black, or brights available i’d love to play along.

  19. I would love pink or mixed brights! Or orange, blue… Love!! Thanks!

  20. Theresa F says:

    Love it all…..blue and orange are favorites….or anything left over is great! ha.
    Thanks for the fun.

  21. I think I might be late too! I’d love some pink – we finally got our little girl after 3 boys and I find I’m short on girl embellishments! If pink is all gone, I would love to get anything! You inspire me to do some decluttering myself! Thanks!

  22. Whoo! Go Stacy!

    Saw the pics on Instagram, and started purging by stash too! :D

    Is that a Thing 1 & Thing 2 badge I see? Awesome!

    • Almost forgot …
      Your record is 8+ years in one house? Mine is 4.
      26+ moves in my {short} 24 years. Even made a mini book to prove it.

      And yes, I hate moving. But it’s a great time to purge!

  23. Hey Stacy! You’re doing what I need to be doing…. but hey, who can pass up fun colors! I’ll take any two colors…. not picky, you choose, that is, if you have any left. Thanks!!

  24. Karen Grosz says:

    Wow, orange and green are my favorites to scrap with.

  25. You are so extremely generous!!! I would love red or black!

  26. Liz Brown says:

    Would love the pink please as I have 2 girls. Thanks

  27. I do not want any color packages so please do not enter me in your drawing!

    However, we have been in this house for 14 years and I’m feeling like you with all this accumulated stuff! I, too, feel the need to clean out and purge this house.

    So, with that being said, can you put Jenna on a plane to my house when she is done helping you with your home??? I would welcome her help! Thanks!

  28. Orange, orange and orange!! :)

  29. Juliette says:

    Would LOVE black and white! Thanks for your generosity!

  30. Jennifer Greer says:

    I could certainly use some black and white, but would seriously take any two colors since I have used up a lot of my embellishments lately.

  31. Ooh thanks Stacy! This happy scrapper would love a mixed bright, yellow, or white!

  32. Carole Jordan says:

    Hi Stacy! What a great idea!! I’d love yellow or orange. Thank you!!!!

  33. Brandi Pitts says:

    I love pink and black or really any color that’s available! Thanks!

  34. How fun! I love cleaning and purging! I just don’t do it often enough. I would glad take Blue and white off your hands. In honor of my kids school colors.

  35. Monica Banuelos says:

    I would like pink and red , or any other color. Thank you

  36. Kirstin Longson says:

    If there are any left, I’ll be happy to take orange and yellow. I’ve been inspired just seeing your purging piles. Love Color!!

  37. Heather Runion says:

    This girl is all about black and pink! I learned to love black when completing my first Finish Line Scrapbooking project!

  38. Lynette says:

    I’d love the gray & black but whatever colors are available I’d be able to use!! Thanks for counting me in!!

  39. I’m a red and black kind of girl!

  40. Would love any color but blue and green are my favs! :)

  41. I would love pink or black! Thanks, Stacy!

  42. Monicaq B says:

    I love yellow and green!

  43. I’m sure things are all spoken for, but if not, I’d love blue or red. :)

  44. Kim Olea says:

    I am probably too late… But, I would love anything you have left over! I especially love blue and green, although red has become a new obsession!

  45. Rebecca Baggaley says:

    So fun! Good for you decluttering! I don’t thinkthethird brown bag was asked for yet, but I could be wrong. I’d love to add more neutral brown, and new stuff always makes me more excited to scrap and I need some fresh motivation! :-) You definitely deserve a personal assistant! I’m so happy for you!

  46. Any color please! Although Red or orange or green would be fabulous!

  47. My favorite color is GREEN, but I am open to anything. Thanks for sharing your “stuff”

  48. Thanks to you I have color folders too, which was a revelation in organization so thank you for the idea! Any color that’s left would be good – the yellow one looks a bit thin! Thanks for sharing.

  49. PattiM {Pattie's passion} says:

    I have my pp and loose cs in hanging file folders too. I have the go-organize craft storage system and love how everything is stored.
    Thank you for sharing you’re purging stash. If I should be high enough on the list to receive one of your packages, I would be grateful for:

    1 pink for my almost 2 year old grand-daughter
    1 blue for my 3 grandsons {11, 4 & 1} Thank you!!


    {Pattie’s passion}

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

  50. Teresa Campbell says:

    Would be greatful for anything. I love doing crafts especially with my son.

  51. Marcie L says:

    I would love any colors, honestly. So fun and thanks!

  52. Multi Color and Black!

  53. Sylvia Derryberry says:

    Wow! How generous! I would love to share in the mixed brights and the orange.

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