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When it comes to memory keeping, I believe, “It All Counts” which means that anytime you pair an image with a bit of personal perspective, you are telling your story! These more personal posts are one form of scrapbooking for me and let’s be honest, may be most interesting to my mother and sisters, who at least occasionally read my blog!

I LOVE Bible Videos.

I absolutely love these videos that are produced by my church. I love that they are not embellished or enhanced in any way. They directly portray verses from the King James translation of The Bible. I love that it takes just a few minutes to watch one and, most of all …  I love that those few minutes seem to influence the rest of my day. I find myself reflecting back on whatever doctrine or parable Jesus Christ was teaching. I really like that.

I thought I’d share the one I watched this morning, with you.
The title is “Seek Ye the Kingdom of God” and it comes from Luke 12:13-34.
You can watch more HERE.

Have a wonderful Sabbath,
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