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I’ve started doing yoga (again.)
I originally started back in 2008. It was hard, but I loved it and I improved and I felt strong and flexible. Then I hurt my toe, and though I have tried (multiple times,) I’ve not been successful at starting (again) and sticking with it. I’m pretty excited though, because the yoga studio at the bottom of my hill (literally 3 minutes away) just added a early-morning class, on Tuesdays. This means that I can go to yoga two days a week, early in the morning (my preference) and that I can make early-morning yoga a part of my weekly routine.

My thoughts last week and this morning were mostly positive, but I am having to continually fight back that inner-critic that wants to interrupt my breathing with comments like …
“Wow, you have a LONG way to go!”
“I can’t believe how much this doesn’t feel like a resting position!”
” You used to be able to do this!”
” Really? that weak?”

I could go on.
This voice seems to have an untapped source of negativity!

BUT, towards the end of class, I thought this:
What if I stopped thinking back to 2008 and decided to think forward to 2033. 
I’m 48 years old. I’d very much like to remain active and healthy into my seventies and beyond. What if I did yoga for the next 20 years? Hmm. I like that question. I like what I picture when I think about that question. Can you imagine how strong and healthy I will be, as a 68 year-old, if I’ve been doing yoga for 20 years?

Why waste my time thinking it backward, when I can think it forward?
After all, it doesn’t really matter now, that I quit. It doesn’t matter WHY I quit. I doesn’t help the situation that I had a good reason, to quit. The only thing that will help my situation is to start again, and choose NOT to look back.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Is there some area of  your life where you could apply some think it forward perspective? What you would like to imagine differently about your habits, hobbies, relationships, finances, health, education, spirituality? Would 5 or 10 or 20 years make a difference?

Think it forward and tell me about it!
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