It’s not about the nail.

Nearly 6 million people have viewed this video, so there is a good chance you’ve seen this already.

My sister told me about it a month or so ago, so Geoff and I looked it up. At first I didn’t love it, because (I think) it portrays women as having silly/obvious problems that they can’t or won’t see or don’t want to fix. But, now that I’ve watched it a few times, I think it is really funny—it is afterall, a parody designed to help us lighten up and laugh at ourselves.

Last night and this morning, Geoff and I attended a fun marriage retreat planned and executed by a committee of several married couples (with at least two marriage counselors) in our stake (several LDS congregations) and one of the presenters showed this video. We’re coming up on 24 years of marriage, so I’m well aware of the differences between men and women and have found that IF you want to stay married, a desire to seek to understand differences is VERY HELPFUL.

Anyway, watch and weigh in.
Do you like it? Why or why not?



Stay tuned, tomorrow I’m going to explain why women are like spaghetti and men are like waffles  …

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