Happy Friday for January 24th, 2014

If you read my blog and I’m guessing you do (because you’re reading it now, ha!) then you know how inconsistent I can be.
I LOVE to blog.
I really do, but I let “write blog post” fall off my to-do list pretty easily, especially when anything else comes along that feels more important or more interesting. I’m telling you this, because I want to find a way to blog with more regularity, but I DON’T want a schedule. I don’t do schedules very well at all and I pretty much failed miserably with my resolve back in October to blog for 30 days straight, so that approach didn’t work either. As I thought about this dilemma, I realized that I have been successful in the past with weekly posts that share ideas and insights and products around a specific theme—while still allowing me the flexibility I need ie. my weekly Sprinkles and Friday FIVE posts. I liked those. I kept up with those. I could pick those back up, but I don’t feel like it. I feel like trying something new. I need novelty.

All this to say that I’m (attempting) a new weekly post, called Happy Friday.
Fridays make most people happy and so I think it is a great day to share things that have made or are making me happy.

Let’s start with this video.
My friend Kiley texted me a link to this music video yesterday and said she thought of me when she watched it. How nice is that? My other friend Tami selected this very same song to be on our Play! list for the Play! event, last week. Synchronicity like this always makes me happy!

Something else happened yesterday that also made me SO HAPPY that I wanted to jump out of my chair and start doing my own happy dance (watch the video!)

Here’s how it went down:
I am starting Project Life this year.
More on that later.
I have been looking for a fun, colorful desktop organizer that I can use to keep my Project Life materials handy and accessible.


I had NO idea that cute Jennifer McGuire blogged about this product in relation to her Project Life organization. I simply went to Pinterest and searched ‘colorful organization’ and up popped this. This btw is from the I Could’ve Bin a Container collection at Land of Nod. I knew in an instant that THIS is what I wanted and needed. I clicked over only to discover that this particular item is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
Shut up.
Wipe away my tears!
What to do?
I decided to pin this image to my Pinterest board and I wrote, “If anybody has one of these and they aren’t going to use it, I will buy it from you!” I’ve never (ever) done anything like that. And, less than 24 hours later, there was actually a reply from a fellow pinner that she might consider doing just that. She was also the one that informed me that the ‘no longer available’ status was likely due to a strong endorsement from cute Jennifer. I was hopeful at that point, but it gets better …
My sister Darci called.
She is also starting Project Life this year.
So is my mom (but I digress)
Anyway, Darci was calling to report that she had purchased what she needed at Michaels. I told her my plan to keep everything upstairs and close and then I told her my SAD landofnod.com story. I told her I had emailed the company and received a response that they were truly sold out. She listened with her usual compassion and then asked if there were Land of Nod retail stores?
That’s it.
Exactly 30 seconds later, I had Googled and discovered a retail store in Seattle.
I called immediately.
I spoke with Kate.
Long story short, Kate is my new best friend. When she picked up the phone, I told her I was a woman on a mission and that I needed her help locating a product and shipping it to me. I told her I would send her really good chocolate if she would help me. She said, “You had me at chocolate!” 
Ten minutes later I had made the purchase of this desk organizer in lime green (yes, the Seattle store had one in LIME GREEN!) I hung up super excited, did my dance around the kitchen and then realized that I had said nothing of really good chocolate. I needed to make good on the really good chocolate.

I’m very HAPPY to report that I hopped on Amazon, called up this variety pack of Lindt truffles and sent it off to the Seattle Land of Nod store, to the attention of Kate. I bought it so fast that I forgot to include a note, so I’m crossing my fingers that the package makes it to Kate and that she can make sense of really good chocolate in an Amazon box with absolutely no explanation!

So, there you have it.
My very first Happy Friday post.
This music video and this desk organizer and this twisted tale of love and fate all make me happy!
You can look forward to HAPPY ideas, insights, music, stories and/or products on Fridays, and if you have happiness to share (and I know you do) feel free to email me, stacy@stacyjulian.com

Choose to be happy!
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