Hawaii FIVE-O

It’s Hawaii FIVE-O day in more ways than one!

Tracy B. left a comment a few days ago to let me know that tonight is the premiere of season three for Hawaii Five-O on TV (CBS), how funny is it that I planned my little blog series and it just happened to coincide with this TV premiere?! I haven’t yet, but I may just have to watch tonight! When I was at BYU, a long time ago, the library would play the Hawaii Five-O music to indicate closing time. Students would often hop up and start “surfing” as they packed up to head home. Just thought I’d share that little snippet of a memory with you.

But the best Hawaii FIVE-O (for me) is the fact that TODAY is the day that you can register to attend the LIVE portion of our Mini-Albums on Maui event on December 12th. We’re SO EXCITED to think that by this afternoon we’ll know at least some of the women that will be joining us in Hawaii … I have a funny, nervous feeling in my tummy!

The prize today is a GREAT yellow hat and a FUN woven beach tote. So whether you are planning on registering for the live event or not, you could be donning these totally HOT accessories. All you have to do is answer my final question:

WHO should be out next live event instructor? There may be multiple teachers at our events, but one will be the headliner, who will help us define the main purpose and project at the event, so which BPC instructor would you like to travel to meet?

And, again I want to thank YOU for playing along and for sharing the great and thoughtful comments. I have read each one and will take them to heart as we make decisions and plans for this and future BPC events! My Hawaii FOUR-O WINNER is Roseann Hoyle, with this comment …

1. I love to go to crops to work on my own stuff, get caught up, and visit as I wish. I like to learn new techniques, and love looking at what other people do to see what is new and how they are using stuff. At the crop I was at last week, I was painting letters to match my layout, and my friends were amazed. They had never thought to do that. I told them I use paint, ink, stickles, and just whatever else comes to mind. (Thanks May Flaum and many more at BPC) Also, many times the classes or projects just don’t fit my style or I’m just not into it. I actually had a friend go home after an album class we had done and tear all the pages apart! I have never gone that far (and I actually really liked that project) but I have left some unfinished and put the papers, embellies, whatever in my stash. So I am going to stick with my (1). I love the colors of the towels and would so like to be able to go with you to Hawaii (one of my all time favorite places). But it is just not in the budget this year. Looking forward to the online version :) Roseann

NOTE: Speaking of the online version, the “Mini Albums on Maui” classroom will open for registration on October 12th.

Also, I will post In Monday’s Mail as soon as registration opens!
Have a very HAPPY MONDAY!

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