Hawaii FOUR-O

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I purchased all of my Hawaiian prizes at Target last Saturday. The first item on my list was “Beach Towel” and guess what? It is NOT beach towel season in Spokane and there was NOT a single beach towel to be had in Target. So, I settled for dish towels. We all need them, and these are FUN, tropical colors …

As we (BPC) work to define our event brand, one of the things I would like to try is not having free crop time. Here’s why: I would rather people come without all the stuff and spend time getting inspired and connecting with other like-minded folks as they work on provided projects. I do like concept-based projects with lots of room for personal interpretation, that require personal pictures, so participants (live or online) would need to have specific pictures prepared. I’m curious how YOU feel about this tweak to the traditional scrapbooking event …

You could WIN these beachy, dish towels by leaving me a comment and answering this question: On a scale from 1 to 10, how strongly to you agree with me. In other words, leave me a “1″ in the comment section if you think I’m dead wrong. The thing you love most about an event is the opportunity to bring your own pages and projects and work on them in an open crop setting. If your comment contains a “10″ you agree that it would be extremely liberating NOT to have to bring anything (but pictures) and leave with completed pages or projects. Naturally, you can answer 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 with an explanation. I appreciate any and all thoughts on this subject!

Happy Saturday

p.s. Yesterday’s WINNER is Cheri Andrews, with this comment: I’m not going to be specific (okay, anywhere along the northeast corridor of the U.S. would be good), I’m just suggesting perhaps someplace more in line with the budget of the average scrapper (sure I know, if Hawaii was in our average budget you’d never be able to stick to that 24 limit…). And my suggestion is totally selfish because I just want the event to end up someplace that I can reasonably get to without breaking the bank because I’d really love to join in! Okay, that said, Lancaster PA is quite scenic and has a lot to offer a scrapper. Philadelphia PA has some great historic sites – a field trip to the art museum for inspiration and a photograph on those iconic steps – the Liberty Bell – some wonderful hotels and restaurants. New York City has the hustle and bustle of metropolis – Times Square is a great place for inspiration, but there is Central Park if you want a little chill… I’d be happy to provide more particulars and help with arrangements anywhere in this general geography!

We are very conscious of the expense required by our first event and I do want you to know that we will be planning and hosting a wide range of events for a wide range of people, preferences and budgets. Thanks again for your great comments!

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