An Invitation to Play!


I hope you’ve heard about our NEW, exciting live + online event for 2014, because IF this event is a success, there will be more events. In other words, if you’ve ever wanted to see BPC create an event, this is your opportunity to show up (in Anaheim or online) to support us.

We are bringing together some of my most favorite people on the planet, women who are talented and full of expertise and we’re asking them to help us (YOU) find the playful again. Years ago there was pretty much one way to scrapbook. Pick up your pictures at the one-hour developer and put them on some brightly colored cardstock, with a glue-stick. Now? Where do I begin? Digital technology and mobile photography and social media and don’t forget the video clips sitting on your computer—all mixed in with a constant stream of sharing and pinning and winning. #overwhelming (that’s what I say.)

This is why you need to come and Play!

We’re women. We’re born creative. We’re storytellers at heart and we need to connect to each other and to that inner girl, that loved her Mr. Sketch markers and her Hello Kitty stickers. She is still in there you know and she wants to come out and play and not feel like she’s behind (with her photos and with the fast-paced, on-demand, instant download of everything around her) YOU with me? We are planning an event that will feel like Play! because that is what we want and need. Note: I love it when my wants and my needs are one and the same. 

Anyway, I just think that it’s SUPER IMPORTANT that you are a part of this, at the beginning of a new year, so that you get a head start with the perspective that you need to survive and thrive in this world and in this industry.


I sent a bunch of HAPPY MAIL yesterday.
20 packages to the first 20 friends that registered for Play! in Anaheim.
I was supposed to send this happy mail a LONG time ago, but I did it yesterday and I’m happy about that, because sometimes you can only go as fast as you can go.


These playful ladies are receiving an adorable little notebook from Compendium that says, “It is not down on any map; true places never are.” (LOVE that.) They are also getting sparkly pencils, colorful Play Doh, popcorn, bubble gum, glittery glue and chocolate. Just a HINT of the delight and surprise that awaits them in California.

I’m making a fun video tomorrow, with balloons (and helium) to share some of what we have planned, like Ali Edwards, teaching a playful Project Life mini album and Heidi Swapp unveiling a brand new product and Tracey Clark (live and in person) taking us all on a photo walk. Not to mention a wonderfully messy page with May Flaum, the “Happy Crafting” queen, a super-cool rubber stamp project with Elise Blaha Cripe AND an artsy mixed-media canvas with Tammy Tutterow. And that’s just some of the hands-on fun. Of course, I’ll be there to fill your head with playful goodness.


If you haven’t submitted your Santa wish list yet, may I suggest you put Play! at the top?

SIGN UP here for the live event.
SIGN UP here to be in the online audience. (Introductory price ends soon!)

I can’t wait to see you (either way.) AND, just because I can, I’m going to give away a seat in the online class. So if you know for sure that California isn’t a possibility for you, then tell me WHY you want to be there in spirit and online. Make it good, I’m going to pick my favorite and I’ll post the WINNER on Friday morning!

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