Sprinkles are such little things, yet when you shake a few sprinkles on top of something ordinary it becomes instantly special. When you learn to follow your curiosities, practice daily creativity, and treat people with unexpected compassion, you discover a greater degree of consciousness that makes life surprisingly delightful and fun. These posts share ways in which you can figuratively add sprinkles to your life! Listen to the sprinkles story.

CTMH, Ice Cream + RootsTech!

I can’t believe it’s been a week already. My suitcase is still on my bedroom floor! But then, I am leaving again in the morning, so it doesn’t make much sense to put it away, right?

The CTMH Album Retreat was FABULOUS. I adore my friends at Close To My Heart, for so many reasons not the least of which is their emphasis on training. They put so much time, effort and money into making sure their consultants experience their products and learn the skills and techniques that will help them be successful, both in business and in paper-crafting. Just in case you don’t know, I was a D.O.T.S. (now CTMH) Demonstrator. I signed up back in 1993, the year Clark was born. My first-ever event in this industry was a convention, the summer I moved to Salt Lake City. It blew me away and I’ve never been the same since! Anyway, I just finished looking through all of my pictures and thought a collage might work to help you SEE how much productive FUN these events are. I was able to kick everything off on Thursday night and then gave a presentation about CREATIVITY on Friday morning. I wandered around a little (never enough time) and talked to and took photos with dozens of consultants before I headed out, but seriously …


Thanks Allison, for the GREAT photos!

… these girls spent 2 1/2 days building the COOLEST album, titled Everything Close To My Heart, that allowed them to tell their own story, which we know is not something we do often enough. NOTE: Allison will be posting winners for our little Facebook giveaway on the BPC Facebook page tomorrow, March 21st.

You’ll notice, that our very own Mark Seastrand is pictured in my collage. Mark is the CEO of Big Picture Classes and he just happens to be our videographer for a brand new Pajama Party broadcast that we are launching in May (for National Scrapbooking Month!) These Pajama Parties will be a chance for our BPC community to gather virtually, learn more about our awesome industry (via a sponsored project) and have some good, clean fun outside a classroom. Wendy Smedley and Angie Lucas will be your hosts for the live broadcast portion and then I and other teachers will be bringing you the pre-recorded sponsored segments. MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Our first Pajama Party is scheduled for Thursday, May 30th. 


On the home front: This boy, who really isn’t much of  boy anymore, is enjoying the final semester of his senior year and currently awaiting his mission call. We thought maybe it would come today, but no such luck. The problem is, I leave in the morning, so now if it comes he has to wait for mama to come home! I’ll share the news via Instagram. You can follow me HERE.


image courtesy of thecupcaketheory.com

Sprinkle this …

I won’t be here to fix my kids breakfast in the morning, but I’m leaving some ice cream in the freezer with a note to enjoy it on their cereal. There is a movement spreading on Facebook that is set to honor the memory of Bruce Rosenburg, who lost his life to cancer. Bruce was diagnosed on March 21st and sadly lost his battle just 9 days shy of one year. His story is HERE. His wish is that we break from routine and celebrate life in memorable ways.  Perhaps you could eat some ice cream for breakfast too?


I’ll be back next week with a report from the RootsTech conference, but you don’t have to wait for me. You can participate in several of the presentations from the comfort and convenience of home. Click on the image or link above for more information (and then watch the video!) RootsTech is the intersection of genealogy and technology: Where you can learn how to find,organizepreserve and share your family’s connections and history.

If you’re going, please find me and say hello!



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