Friday FIVE for October 10th, 2014

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve compiled a Friday FIVE, but I’m ready. I’ve got good stuff to share!


This new song, Glorious from David Archuleta is featured in a new movie called, Meet the Mormons produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I saw this movie last night and now these lyrics are playing over and over in my mind. I love the inspiration found in both this song and the film. You can download the song here. If you’re looking for a good movie this weekend, watch the trailer here.


You might not believe this next one, but here goes. I am now a huge believer in cod liver oil. I know. disgusting right? But OH SO GOOD FOR YOU. Go ask your grandmother (if you can) and maybe even your mom. For years—really until over-the-counter medications became common, cod liver oil was the elixir of choice. As I have learned more about restoring good health, reducing inflammation and boosting immunity, the more I bumped into cod liver oil. But, here’s the deal: Get the good stuff. This is the good stuff. It’s liquid, it’s fermented and the one I like and use is not as the picture suggests, flavor free. Nope. The one I like has a cinnamon tingle in it. It’s still not delicious, but it is doable. I mix my daily 1/2 teaspoon into a little bit of almond milk and just gulp it down. I started back in May and I’ll be honest that in the beginning it came back up (ie. I burped) but with time this not-so-nice side effect has subsided substantially, and I sincerely believe that it has contributed to me feeling more consistently better. If you want to read more about the benefits of a cod liver oil, just Google it, or click here. I buy mine on Amazon.



My friends at Compendium continue to delight. They have just created a BUNCH of new books, cards and other products, all beautifully designed and totally inspiring. I somehow managed to become a brand ambassador for them and I am 100% thrilled to promote their products, because I love them so much. Every time I get a box of goodies to share, I pinch myself. To be perfectly honest, I am blogging today because I have goodies to share …


To avail yourself of the opportunity of (possibly) winning some happy mail, click HERE, explore the “What’s New” section and then leave me a comment telling me what looks interesting to you. I’m going package up fun stuff, share it on Instagram and then send it out! I’ll probably do this next week, so don’t wait. By the way, my favorite is the book, pictured above, called Start Today. I also really like the super-cool colored pencils!


I’m sure you are aware by now that Becky Higgins and Project Life have introduced a new app for the iPhone (Android version is in the works) but you might not be aware of the fact that I am IN LOVE  with this app! It’s true. I LOVE it. You can purchase it here. I have completed two pages and have a few more in the works. I adore the fact that when I take several go-together photos on my phone (like I did recently on a field trip with Addie) that I can then whip up a page in 20 minutes or less—this includes journaling! I love that I can now make quick mobile pages, save up a few on my phone and quickly upload them with this app to Persnickety Prints, to get back beautiful, full-color, archival (as in water proof) prints to slip into my library. For years I have struggled to create simple event pages. I just don’t think they are that fun to make, so event pictures tend to get passed over in favor of more story-centric pages that I do love to get lost in. BUT … I’m now *thinking* that this new tool and approach will help me fill this gap in my creative process and system.
So, here’s a huge shout: Thank YOU Becky and everyone on the team behind the scenes. I am grateful!


And finally, I’m sharing the HAPPY news that my sister and I have teamed up to create a super-FUN workshop at Big Picture Classes, called Super Simple Scrapbooking Challenges. If you loved Simple Scrapbooks magazine, you will love this class, because it is chock full of the same no-fuss, realistic simplicity that is the foundation of what I believe and have taught for years. Darci and I are both overwhelmed with life (most of the time) but we both love telling stories in scrapbooks, so we both have to keep it super simple. You can learn much more HERE. And, seriously? How cute are we in our orange and pink capes and how happy does this video make you? It should make you happy! You need to know that there are lots of exciting changes coming to BPC early next year, so this may be one of the last times you can experience a good “old-fashioned” BPC challenge class. In fact, why don’t I give away THREE seats in class? Leave me a comment and share one tip that helps you simplify your scrapbooking. I’ll select and post winners early next week.

Lots of good things to WIN today!
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