Gotcha Day!

Today is October 20.


Today, three years ago we waited in the SeaTac airport to meet our beautiful Addie for the very first time.
Please indulge me with a few pictures in celebration of this family-altering and life-changing day. Some of these pictures I may have shared before, others I’ve not looked at in almost three years — most need no explanation at all. After the pics are some thoughts and resources about adoption.








We drove home from Seattle to find this Welcome Home sign that our friends the Gummersalls made for us. We intended to use the name Addie Mae (my paternal grandmother’s name and my mother’s middle name) but we learned that Addie’s Korean name means grace, so her name is Addie Grace.


Taft and Trey colored on Addie’s sign for at least a week!


My dear friend Kerry came the next day and took several shots of Mommy and daughter together.

IMG_0008 IMG_0003

As a women with biological children of my own, I never imagined adoption for our family. Adoption and Addie were answers to my prayers. My prayers were in response to a sense that my family was not complete. I had four busy boys and busy life, but luckily I listened to my heart, because I cannot imagine our family without princess.

Please, if you know a teenage mother expecting a baby or a family that longs for completion or anyone else that could benefit from adoption (domestic or international) support them.

Encourage them to reach out and embrace this amazing miracle. It is nothing short of a miracle.

Here are two wonderful adoption resources:
A fantastic and comprehensive website and community full of information, answers and support. From their about page: We are committed to helping as many children as possible find loving, permanent homes. We also provide critical information at the decision-making moment to women facing crisis pregnancies. We assist adoptees and birthparents to find birthfamilies, and we help hopeful adoptive parents make adoption dreams come true. We are especially committed to helping special needs children in the U.S. and around the world, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to find families.
A website operated by LDS Family Services, which is one of the largest private, nonprofit adoption agencies in the world. This agency has offices throughout the United States, as well as Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile, with more international offices planned. They have a wonderful listing of families that are hoping to adopt.

Here, for example is the profile of a couple that my sister Chanda knows. I asked them if I could share their story on my blog and they agreed.
Thanks Doug and Alyssa!

Adoption has changed my life. Maybe it could change the life of someone you know.

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