Look at me, Crafting Happy …

I’ll be honest …

Many of the instructors and e-courses at Big Picture Classes are selfishly-motivated. In other words, I WANT to learn from them! This is most definitely the case with Amy Powers of Inspire Co. and her now-registering Craft Happy class. Amy is on my short list of Most Delightful People on the Planet. She is a crafting EXPERT, who hobnobs with the likes of Mary Engelbreit and Charlotte Lyons and she is SO MUCH FUN. Anyway … I’m here to shout from the rooftops that I am LOVING her class AND that I’m caught up on my weekly assignments—yes, it is still only week 1, but hey. I’m proud …


Every week, there is a non-essential (but totally good for you) creative exercise posted in the classroom. For this first week, it’s a Hello My Name Is … coloring sheet. I totally did this while listening to General Conference on Tuesday evening …

AND NOW, for the big reveal … check out my super short (18 seconds) but sweet (it’s Addie) stop-motion movie I made! It’s been a CRAZY week, with BIG celebrations and house guests and work meetings and plain ‘ole exhaustion and I was able to make this in my spare time.
It’s NOT too late for you to join me in this crafting adventure. 

And, how ’bout this 30 Days of Blogging?! I’ve decided that I clearly did not mean 30 consecutive days of blogging, ha!
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