TWO things I had almost forgotten about.


Anybody remember these little video clips we made for Simple?

This clip shows that I have on too much makeup.
It also talks about personal style and the importance of practicing imperfection and being authentic.

Watching this reminded me how much I miss Simple Scrapbooks, which reminded me about …


This article that I wrote for Scrapbook & Cards Today. It was not printed.

I attempted to illustrate three progressively more valuable pages, moving from a desire to include photos and get pages done (good) to event-based pages that share a unique perspective (better) to pages that pull from various moments and memories to reveal the meaning behind photos and events (best.) This of course is MY OPINION, but one that I felt important to share because I *think* a lot of people start scrapbooking and with magazines and online galleries as inspiration (sadly) work to create pages that aren’t that satisfying in the long run. I have worked from the beginning to grant scrapbookers the permission to step outside the lines of what seems acceptable/trendy and focus on the stories they most want to tell. I am still working through Big Picture Classes to educate people about what we can do that is truly unique and valuable.

I completely understand the pressures and challenges of running a magazine and the need to balance readers’ needs against advertisers’ needs. I also understand the demands of best-practices in print media (which BTW, are quickly unraveling in our new economy of collaborative consumption.) In this particular case the editors chose not to print my article (the first layout isn’t that pretty and doesn’t use the latest product) and they posted it online instead. I don’t think this was the right thing to do. I’ve thought long and hard about this and whether my disappointment was just my ego getting in the way, but I don’t think so.

I *think* when you have a voice — you have an opportunity to be authentic. You have an opportunity to influence. You have an opportunity to publish ideas that teach or just ideas that showcase your abilities. You have an opportunity to reveal your whole self or just that part of you that you want others to see. We are now living in a world where anyone who wants to have a voice can have one.

YOU can choose to have an authentic influence.
I believe if you choose to do this, you will be remarkable (a Seth Godin word) and you will find a much greater degree of satisfaction in your efforts.
On this beautiful Monday, I am re-committing myself to authenticity. I challenge you to do the same.

p.s. In the editors’ defense, they gave me the opportunity to make adjustments in my layouts. I chose not to. I still very much appreciate the contribution this magazine makes to our industry. I just think that they and MOST other magazines fall short of their ability to teach. MOST of the time, they choose to showcase amazing talent, rather than teach the ideas and principles that readers really need. This is why I LOVED Simple so much and this is why I miss it.

Would love to hear your thoughts, both positive and negative.
Have a HAPPY Monday!

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