My FAVORITE (Drinkable) Breakfast

I know there a hundreds of green smoothie recipes floating around Pinterest and I’m not even sure that mine could be classified as a “green” smoothie, so I’m simply calling this my favorite drinkable breakfast. I have been making and drinking this breakfast for just about a year, maybe once or twice a week. I like it because it is a balanced meal of good fat + protein + complex carbohydrate and when I drink it, my cells are happy—sounds weird I know, but that’s how I describe the way my body feels, when I eat something REALLY good for me.

How To Make This Drinkable Breakfast


3 to 4 oz canned coconut milk
6 to 7 oz water
1 scoop protein powder
3 to 4 frozen strawberries
1 BIG handful fresh spinach

Whipped up in a blender = YUM!

And, just so you know, this smoothie will taste very different depending on the protein powder you use. I love the “my victory” rice-protein, but there are many others to experiment with.

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