Kayce’s Shower

Today, I share a few details from Kayce’s bridal shower that I hosted last Friday night. I am very disappointed in my photos and MAD at myself for not yet knowing how to get better pictures with my very nice camera. I do OK when there is lots of natural light, but inside, after dark? Not so much. Truthfully, I’ve been taking pictures long enough, that it’s embarrassing that I don’t know how to do a better job than this … (and these, are the good ones!)

Note: In case you don’t know, Kayce is my business partner and co-owner of Big Picture Classes and she is getting MARRIED this Sunday (October 6th, 2013) Brandi (managing editor at BPC) and Dani (production designer at BPC) and I combined efforts to help her celebrate …


Kayce’s colors are yellow + gray. From the moment I pictured her shower in my house, I pictured a yellow + gray fabric banner. I am happy to report that I made this banner (thank you Pinterest) and that is was far EASIER than you might imagine (I may have to blog more about this soon!) Note: Kayce sat in this chair, to open her gifts. And no, I do not have a good photo to show you.


This is my FAVORITE thing: I cleaned off our homework table—stashed all the junk in my bedroom—and set up a really CUTE candy bar. I ordered yellow + grey/silver candy from nuts.com and we displayed Brandi’s delicious, homemade truffle cupcakes (no good photo) and Dani’s adorable party favors (photo is completely out-of-focus) on the lower shelves … we had a few engagement photos that we framed and placed here and there, which really made the shower feel special. Naturally, I created a quick & easy scrapbook for Kayce. I will take photos of that and share those soon!


Brandi made all of the food, which was 100% Delicious!


This is the whole group!

p.s. Thought it appear this way, I haven’t given up on my 30 Days of Blogging! I have fallen off the calendar a few times. I will remedy this by post dating a few entries, and calling to good. In other words, I’m NOT going away. I committed!


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