cutest sister in the world.


I have. I actually have two cutest sisters in the world. Here is one.

Seriously. Darci is just as adorable on the inside as out. She called me yesterday and said "I have to show you something right NOW!" I said OK. She said go to your computer (already there) and type in good cop, bad cop and I'm thinking, "What?" and then she said … it's Jessica's new blog — "Oh, good kopp …"

So … take a second and go welcome Jessica Kopp to the world of blogging and look at my super-cute nephews and nice. I've known Jessica for years. She used to have her own product line. She is stellar designer and it looks like she is venturing into the world of photography too. Nice pics Jess!

It's a NO SCHOOL day here, as I'm sure it is most everywhere in the states. My kids and I are going to Costco and then home to prepare for Chase's first boy/girl birthday party (fun.)

Happy Veterans' Day.
Thank YOU to all who have defended and continue to defend freedom across the world! 

p.s. Had a blast this weekend with Allison (thank you so much for coming my friend)

We totally made the brownies together and found them to be …
a little time-intensive, but quite delicious. 

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