Hello Monday …

I know it’s a Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday and it feels GREAT.

Christmas is mostly down, kids are back at school and I’m at work. I dusted my upstairs office and mopped the floor and even cleaned off my desk (please note: I just put everything in one BIG pile, but I cleaned it off!) I’m LOVING the excitement of a new class (Twelve.) and can’t wait to get downstairs to work on more content and scrapbook pages — so far so good! Since I’d rather be hanging out in my classroom than blogging (sorry.) I thought I’d post a quickie promoting something that I’m excited to be a part of …

Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nichols teach an online course called, Hello Soul. Hello Business. all about dreaming and working soulfully in business and I have been asked to contribute a little about my own experience launching and nurturing Big Picture Classes. I’m 113% honored that these girls would ask me to be a part of this course …

They are delightfully fun, uber talented women who practice what they preach. I listened to Kelly when she sat on a panel at The Creative Connection and I was struck by her humility and candor, two traits that I admire in this world where the opposite is so readily available.

Read this snippet about their intentions …

“We want to inspire a new generation of business owners who build businesses with soul, infuse them with beauty, and have a positive impact in the world.  We want those business owners to flourish, embrace abundance, and make more money than they thought possible doing what they love. And we want you to be part of that.”

If you would like to learn more about this course, click HERE.

And have a WONDERFUL Monday, wait …Tuesday!

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