Happy Day + Cool Marketing

It is SNOWING outside my window and has been all morning long. I’m OK with this because it is January and I actually really like snow in January. Plus, it’s gorgeous. Nothing like a weather report to pull you into a blog post eh?

I’m having a GREAT day.
I woke up early without an alarm and for some reason today is the day that it finally sank in: It’s not 2010 anymore! Twenty Ten was tough for me and I’m really glad it’s in the past. I definitely feel like today is a new day and a new year and I’m READY. I’m anxious to reveal my “One Little Word.” I have it, but I’m living with it and writing the blog post in my head. I LOVE my word, but I’m just not set to share yet.

Kayce and Wendy and I had a really productive meeting this morning with a new potential partner and then enjoyed a very energizing follow-up conversation about CHA and our preparations. This combined with the “brand new” feeling in my soul today is setting the stage for good things to come.

About a week ago, I got this note and bracelet in the mail.

I was seriously confused at first.
But then as I read it I thought, this is SO COOL.

If you’ve been reading for a while then you already know that I’m a TOMS Shoes super-fan and this is exactly the kind of marketing that appeals to me. One, it’s story based. Two, it’s feels personal (even though on some level I know it was sent to thousands of people.) Three, it’s different and fresh. Four, it’s handwritten and five, it includes a gift — Hello? Companies of the world pay attention. I’m a savvy consumer and I’m telling you what works.

Assuming of course that in addition to a product, you have a platform that I can get behind.

That’s all
, except that this is the kind of company I want Big Picture Classes to be. If there is something we can do to be this kind of company for you (and we’re not already doing it) then I want to hear from you!

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