The I *heart* Tombow (blog hop)

In 1993, I began collecting Tombow markers.
By 1995, I owned all 144 colors available. Today, the Tombow website says there are 96 colors available, but I KNOW I had one hundred and forty four markers because I acquired them very deliberately one, two and four or five at a time! Next to my children and my ever-growing collection of rubber stamps, my Tombows were my most prized possession. Perhaps this is why I am doing something today that I rarely do. I am participating in a BLOG HOP.

I’ve have know about this blog hop for months and I have thought long and hard about what kind of project I could do that would showcase my continued love for Tombows. I played and experimented and ultimately decided that rather than feigning expertise I don’t have—even though I’ve learned some fun, new techniques—I needed to be true to myself and show you HOW I in fact use my Tombows and WHY they are still my go-to markers for adding color to tags, cards, pages and more!

And … this is it.
This is what I do.

I make really FAST & EASY mini-cards to attached to all kinds of gifts, wrapped and unwrapped. I have a drawer full of card-sized glossy cardstock and I am continually cutting them down to fit the dimensions of one of my quick and easy stamps. Note: In my opinion, quick and easy stamps are wood-mounted and feature simple, bold designs that beg for color! I display these stamps on a pegboard that hangs in my office, so that they are always within reach. I have hundreds (literally) of stamps that I love and use, but it is this type of stamp that I reach for MOST often …


I stamp these images with black dye ink, quickly dip them into clear embossing powder and apply heat. It was this look that sold me on rubber-stamping (and Tombow markers) at my very first D.O.T.S party and it is this look that I most love today. SIMPLE. CLEAN. CUTE. DONE. 

Just for FUN, I’m going to share two cards that I pulled from my FAVORITES file circa 1996 …


This bear was probably the 3rd or 4th stamp I ever purchased. I think his name is “This Much Bear” and I used him a LOT, as in over and over again. I LOVE Tombow markers because it is so easy to get a blended, watercolor look. Just make sure that you purchase markers in sets of two: a darker and a lighter in each color. So, if you want brown, purchase a medium to dark brown and a very light brown. Then, when coloring, you only touch the paper with the lighter marker. To blend or add a shading effect, you touch the side of the brush tip of the lighter marker to the side of the brush tip of the darker marker and begin coloring. I’ll post a video below that illustrates another way of blending a dark and a light color together. Marie Browning IS an expert and I recommend any of her videos for learning more about Tombow techniques!

I remember being SO PROUD of this card and the faux watercolor look that I achieved with my Tombow markers.

Those were the days! 

Tombow has provided a generous prize in conjunction with this blog hop. You could WIN …
1. The NEW Blending Kit
2. Dual Brush Pen Set, 6 Retro
3. NEW Set of 10 Irojiten Color Dictionary Pencils, Rainforest

Blog Hop_SJ

What you need to do is …

1. Like BOTH TombowUSA and Me on Facebook
2. Leave a comment here, stating that you’re all liked up
3. Have a colorful and HAPPY Monday

I hope you’ll take some time to visit the Tombow blog as well as the other much-more-talented-than-me bloggers linked below!

Tombow Blog

Speaking of Marie, here’s the video I mentioned above …

I want to thank Kasey, the social media specialist at Tombow for the invitation to participate in this blog hop. I hope my very simple “projects” aren’t a disappointment, but a needed reminder that creative expression can be as simple as you need it to be! Kasey will announce the WINNERS on Friday, September 20th at 3:30pm Eastern.

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