Cyber Monday + a giveaway

OK, the official countdown to Christmas starts tomorrow and I say we start the week off with some super cool sites and 10 extra fun gift ideas.

Peppermint Aromatheraphy Shower Infusers and Organic Aromatherapy Sticks.
Bettijo makes my favorite shower wash. She also makes other pretty amazing bath and beauty products. Leave me a comment and tell me which you would be more likely to use, the peppermint shower infusers ($36) or aromatherapy sticks for sleep, peace, energy or relief ($18.50) and you just might get to use them absolutely FREE. Two winners will be selected on Friday, December 4th at noon. FUN.


Open or Closed sign.
I don’t know why this is on my list? Maybe I like the idea of closing things, like my office or the kitchen! ($5)


Food Face.
Just imagine, kids could take even longer eating their vegetables! ($11.95)


Soapy Pops.
Forget soap on a rope. You won’t believe how many adorable soaps on a stick there are! ($8)


Decorative Bandages.
We go through a LOT of bandages at my house. I buy the inexpensive generic kind … most of the time! ($5.95)


Bacon Bandages.
Some of the time, you just need to have a little fun! ($9)


Mosaic Gel Gems.
Color, light and creativity all wrapped up in one “close to Mamma” activity. ($29.98)


Nesting Woodland Animals
Love the idea of nesting anything, but woodland animals are especially cute. ($19.95)


Happy Spoons.
How could you NOT be happy cooking with one or two of these? ($6.95)


Talking Hands Tatoos.
I just really think my little boys would have so much FUN with these. ($6.95)


Here are quick links to the sites where I found the gift ideas I’m sharing.

Bath by Bettijo (
Spoon Sisters
Olie Bollen (
Fred Flare (
Soapy Love (
The Curiosity Shoppe (
Plow & Hearth (
Hearth Song (

and here’s a link to Cyber Monday, so you can learn more and fetch some pretty good deals.

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