Look what Francisca made!

I received a delightful email from Francisca in the Netherlands a week or so ago. She has adapted my little Memory Advent photo album idea into a beautiful Christmas album that you simply must see …

When I read your post a week ago I decided to adjust your idea a little bit, and so I created a photobook (and a Picassa webalbum)  I have collected all of the photos on my laptop that I had, from 1983-2008 (including New Year’s Eve too). Luckily I had them already organized in a LOM-style in ACDsee, so it was easy to pull them out.

I then made some templates in Photoshop Elements. Some of the photos are blurry, but those were the only ones that I had, and I thought that they still tell a story, so I have decided to include them.

I learned so many new things from making this album. First of all that I had more photos about Christmas then I ever thought I would have :). Also that we had more family photos together then I ever thought that I would have. And I really enjoyed seeing all these photos and their stories together! Even my 2 sons like this album, and I ordered a copy of the photo book for them too. My sisters also loved seeing this album and they told me that they have learned more about me and my children then they ever knew before. I told them that the whole idea was pretty simple: collect some photos and start writing down your memories about those photos, and put them together in an album.

Here’s a sampling of Francisca’s pages …

Page 00 - Front coverkopie

Title Page

Titelbladkopie 72

Page 8 - 1995 Kerstviering in de kerkkopie 72 dpi

Page 4 - 1988 Kerstmis Jandopie Jeffreykopie 72 dpi

Page 15 - Kerstboom versierdkopie 72

You can see the rest of her beautiful Christmas album HERE.

Thank YOU, Francisca!

Reporting back, I completed my fruit fast and survived. I ate about half of a dipped pretzel at my chocolate dipping class and got an instant headache and tummy ache — so NOT like me. I have always handled my chocolate very well — but I had to come home and drink peppermint tea. I felt great today and had a ton of energy. I picked up my computer and am ready to work (tomorrow.)


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