pure linen.

Image source: www.countryliving.com

I’ve been burning a candle this week called Pure Linen. It smells like this bedroom feels — fresh, clean, warm and familiar. There are four different patterns in this mix of comforting colors–two delicate floral designs (large and small scale) that are grounded by two tone-on-tone designs, in the decorative pillows.

Challenge: Practice mixing patterns on your own. Select a any sheet of pattern paper with a large scale motif and pair it with a smaller scale pattern. Now pull two of the colors common in both patterns and select two solid or tone-on-tone papers to add to your mix. Create a card or quickie layout that combines all of the papers you’ve chosen.

Even Better: Let these colors inspire a page about a place that is familiar and welcoming in your life.


By the way, THESE are my favorite candles.


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