Sprinkle No. 32

The weather is warming and more and more people are out and about.
The other day I was driving home and I passed an elderly gentleman walking on the side of the road.
I honked my horn (lightly) and gave him one of those quick waves from the top of my steering wheel.

His response was over-the-top delightful.
He looked up with this huge smile and waved enthusiastically back.

Trey was with me and we both laughed out loud, while experiencing one of those emotional rushes that confirms you have done a good thing.

image source.


Your *sprinkle* this week is to WAVE.

Go out of your way to wave. Some people won’t wave back, but most people will.
Some people will look utterly confused, but most will instantaneously respond with one of those “we’re all part of the human family” waves.

This week: Wave and be waved!
And, if you encounter something you’d like to share, leave me a comment.


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