smiles, tickles, Chase and more!

Good morning.

Yesterday I was super focused on looking at and reorganizing my syllabus for Library of Memories 2010. Consequently, I never got around to posting.
Today, I have much to share.

First … Smiles.


When I was working on content for the Ella ebook, 20 Simple Secrets of Happy Scrappers I “accidentally” created a mini-book for Addie that features the smiles of our whole family. I sent it to Angie and Lain thinking perhaps they would show a little image of this book next to the layout that inspired it. A few weeks later, Angie called and said “What if … we turned your little smiles project into a separate ebook tied to a wonderful cause?”

How could I say no?

As might know, my husband is an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doc and has occasion to work with facial plastic docs who among other things correct cleft lip, cleft palate and facial deformities. We became familiar with the work of Operation Smile early in his career and it has been a dream of mine ever since to someday serve as part of an Operation Smile mission team. Anyway … here’s a chance RIGHT NOW for us all to support this incredibly important effort to give children across the world the chance to  be normal.

Basically, you buy this e-book for the whopping price of $3.99 and $2.00 is donated directly to Operation Smile. Please know that this is not a money maker for Ella or for me — it is truly a ‘BONUS’ e-book that will bring SMILES to everyone involved.

Learn more by clicking here …
How to Make a  Smiles Mini Book.

Second … Tickles.


Yes, tickles, as in the kind that moms give their kids when reading this adorable children’s book. Actress Josie Bissett authored this book a year or so ago with the team at Compendium, who is hosting a layout contest with Big Picture Scrapbooking. You can read more on the BPS blog or as part of the current Inside Access.

I hope you’ll join in the FUN.

and finally …


it is this boy’s birthday today.

I woke him up singing Happy Birthday and reminded him that I am SO HAPPY he was born. Chase and Addie helped my friend set up for our recent attempt at a Christmas card photo.

Chase is a keeper for sure.

Speaking of Christmas cards, I ordered mine from a NEW website I found, called MINTED. Minted is a custom printer for stationary and invitations, etc.. bu they are different because of how they acquire their designs. They host design challenges where any designer can submit their work and Minted customers choose the winners. You can read more hereI ordered my cards this year from Minted because I like their story.

Allison flies in today to spend the weekend. We are going to work on stuff — I’m really looking forward to seeing her and having her in my studio. We are also attending our friend Megan’s annual Christmas card party. I will not have my new Minted cards, but I will be making my Christmas List notebook. I’ve created something fun to hold my many lists of things to do for two years now. You can take a peek back at 2007 and 2008. I’ll show you my 2009 sometime next week.

AND … one more thing. Kayce has created a brand new BPS FAN page on Facebook. If you love BPS, become a fan and you can access our latest classes, join in discussions, add photos and just be a part of what is a really great online community. I heart BPS.


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