Paper Coterie

I am SO delighted and excited about the launch of Paper Coterie.
This is a NEW beta site will feel familiar to you if …

you loved the photo books, swatch books, journals and calendars that were once available through Scrapbooks, Etc.

Simply said they were and are (again) the BEST collection of well-designed photo products I’ve ever encountered. This is because Jessica Kopp (my good friend and Darci’s neighbor) is the Creative Director at Paper Coterie and she ROCKS!

In addition to beautifully designed, custom photo-based books and gifts, Paper Coterie is breaking new ground with some really cool prompted books, that virtually hold your hand through the creative process and basically build a book for you.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes today to explore this website.
It is well worth your time.

Paper Coterie has set up an Open House page the features a message from Dr. Brene Brown (a woman I admire greatly) and a VERY SPECIAL OFFER worth $40.00. This offer is only valid for the next 72 hours.

Click here to learn more.

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