Creative is as creative does.

Guess what?


The very first class I ever taught at Big Picture Scrapbooking is now a book.

I’m 103% delighted.

I know I’m biased, but seriously — there is so much great information and inspiration in this e-book. Angie (and team) at Ella Publishing did an amazing job of pulling together content and helping me put a fresh spin on this most favorite topic of mine.

To sort-of borrow a line from Forrest Gump, I’m a firm believer in

‘Creative is as creative does.’

So, referring to the illustration of colorful toes on the cover of this new book … YES, I do  paint my toes different colors! In fact, I just ran upstairs and snapped this photo. I not only paint my toes different colors, I ask (in public) to have my toes painted different colors — and yes, I shrink just a little every time I do, but it is so worth the almost-cringe.


When you decide it’s OK to do oddly creative things (and some just plain odd things), you will in fact start to see yourself as someone who seeks out novelty and unique expression and both of these are scientifically proven to result in more creativity.

As I see it, there are opportunities every single day to mix things up and have a little fun. My *sprinkle* this week is a perfect example. Most of us have to feed our families every single night — why not do something unexpected that will result in smiles and a new kind of dinner-table conversation? UR2Cre8tive is all about recognizing the little things you can do to become a MORE fun version of you, and a more FUN version of you will have MORE FUN scrapbooking, driving, cooking, blogging, mothering … you get the idea. Creativity makes life more FUN.

So, let’s cut to the chase and give away a copy of UR2Cre8tive should we?
Leave me a comment.
Tell me another BPS class that you like to see become an e-book and you could be a winner — I’ll select one comment in a very random fashion on Friday (about 4:00 pm pacific time.)

And now, I have to run back upstairs and put together Clark’s birthday scavenger hunt. Yippee!


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