tomato soup is my friend.

It’s day three of a fruit fast which is part of the 40 day yoga experience I’m committed to.
I’ve eaten almost a whole box of Satsuma Christmas oranges.
bananas get me through the long afternoons and …
at 7:00pm I am incredibly grateful that avocados are a fruit. You won’t believe how satisfying a fresh avocado with a little salt sprinkled on it is when all you’ve had is mostly sweet, juicy fruits.

My one “cheat” has been tomato soup in these microwavable cups. By evening I NEED something warm. Yoga master Baron Baptiste recommends making “homemade” tomato soup part of the 3-day fruit fast. I do NOT have any desire to make homemade tomato soup — especially this week with all that is going on, but this handy soup has saved the day — and trust me, I’ve had my doubts about signing up for a personal “yoga” revolution during the holidays. Pretty much every day I think …

What is wrong with me?

But, then I remember that I  am learning a great deal about myself. I have had several epiphanies about life and work and what I really want to do, so I am super happy that I chose to do this, even though it has been killer HARD most days. I actually love that I’ll be in a really good place for the new year (not just physically, but mentally.) After week three I “let go” of the striving to do everything according to the Baron plan and started listening to my mind and body. This was a good thing and something I hope to be able to do a better job of moving forward. I am definitely finding less reactivity and more calm in my life. I am breathing better, sleeping better and heck, after nothing but fruit feeling totally light and … shall we say, cleansed!

Geoff is doing the fast with me and I’m so proud of him — I mean he has to go to work and see patients all day! He is breaking his fast today at lunch, as he has a big 3-hour surgical case starting at 4:00pm. Not a good idea to go into surgery feeling the least bit light-headed.


I’m breaking my fast this evening with vegetable soup in clear broth. I am not supposed to eat any bread or meat until tomorrow — so I’ll be good on that count. I am however attending a chocolate dipping class tonight — no bread or meat there! My friend, Erin (who is in nursing school) has her last final today, so we are both looking forward to celebrating with chocolate.

I’m sure I won’t be able to gorge myself on chocolates after 72 hours of fruit, but I am sure as HECK gonna have one or two!

My main computer is in the shop — it started making funny noises last Friday and yesterday the funny noises were almost constant and I got rainbow ball no matter what program I was in. I called my computer guy and he told me to shut everything down, unplug it and bring it to him, so I did. The good news is, I am forced to do some serious hands-on creating today and tomorrow.

If I owe you an email, I’ll be in touch soon!


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