The Power of Moms: A Giveway

Several months ago, my sister Darci told me about a cool group she belonged to in her neighborhood. Similar to book club, she gathers with other moms once a month to discuss, not books, but motherhood! What an awesome concept right? Moms forming their own support group, with dessert (of course!)

“But, how do you know what to discuss?” I asked

Just log onto The Power of Moms website ( and you’ll totally get it, she said. So I did, and I do. In fact, I am starting my own group, called a “learning circle” with the moms on my street (we are the Mill River Moms) and I think it’s going to be so much fun—a reason to get together, nothing to buy, a monthly “power” to discuss and plenty of understanding ears and as previously mentioned, dessert! What could be better? Heads Up: IF you are interested in starting your own Learning Circle and you register by October 1st, you can receive all of the materials and help you need for just $18 (rather than $25.)

All of this brings me to the fact, that there is an upcoming Power of Moms one-day retreat in Spokane and I’ve been given the opportunity to spread the word and save one of you some money on registration. Obviously, this is giveaway is for one of my more local readers, but the website Power of Moms is for anyone who cares about the skills of nurturing and mothering and the importance of raising great kids in what can be a very scary world.

If you want to read more about Power of Moms Retreats and Workshops and see what others are saying about these cool gatherings, you can click HERE.

The Spokane Retreat is scheduled for Saturday, October 13th from 9:00am to 5:00pm and it includes lunch!
Presentations and group discussion will include the following topics …

  • Mommy is a Person: Taking Care of the “Me” in the “Mom”: nurturing yourself while nurturing your children, creating margins and balance in your life, having more fun and finding more joy, becoming your best self while becoming the mom you want to be
  • Family Systems: assessing your needs and desires for your children and family so you can create systems that will take your family where you want to go, concrete steps and tried-and-true ideas for establishing a family economy, family discipline system and family identity
  • Making Great Ideas into Reality (strategies for incorporating what you’ve learned in this conference into your real life, simple ways to organize your time, tasks and space so you can enjoy more progress and less stress in your life)

$135 for the full day of training and activities on Saturday (Includes a lovely lunch, a full day of presentations and discussions, and over $150 in exciting take-away gifts that will help you implement all that you’ve learned at the Retreat. Yep, you pay $135 and receive $150 worth of programs as well as the full day of training plus lunch and snacks)

According to past Retreat attendees, “I would have paid 10x as much for what I got at the Retreat” and “For anyone thinking about attending a Retreat, I can promise that you will return home from the Retreat a happier, more focused and better mother and wife than ever before.”

Sounds pretty awesome, right? You can REGISTER HERE.
I’m going and I’m excited.
If you also want to go (and you’d like to WIN half-off your registration fee) leave me a comment and share a “Mom Tip” — something you’ve learned to think or do that you know would benefit other moms. I’ll post a WINNER on October 1st. Actually, I’d love Mom Tips from anyone, so if you want to be considered for the giveaway, please say so in your comment! In the spirit of September’s Power of the Month (organization), here is a Mom Tip from Me: Set up a little tray or catch all in a kitchen drawer and label it “Game Parts and Pieces.” When you find one of those little bones from the game Operation or a LIFE car or a random dice, drop it there. The next time the game comes out, you know exactly where to look for missing pieces! Because you really do feel powerful when a child asks, “Mom, we’re missing the candlestick for Clue, do you know where it is? And you say, “Yes I do!”

Hope you’re week is going well …

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