My CHA workshop + October Afternoon goodies!

I am teaching Finish Line Scrapbooking at the new CHA Super Show in Anaheim, CA January 22-23rd. Kayce, Dawn (the new marketing director at BPS) and several other friends will be helping me and attending the trade show as well!

I’m super excited as I’ll be in a classroom set up for 200 people — imagine! I’m also pretty excited because this SuperShow isn’t just for scrapbookers, but all crafters and Finish Line is a perfect class for someone who has yet to take the scrapbooking plunge; anyone that has never worked in a 6×6 format; anyone that needs to overcome common barriers to creative scrapbooking; anyone that would love to learn a wonderful creative process for getting a bunch of pictures into an adorable album FAST … hey, this class is for anyone!

American Crafts is on board as a sponsor with 6×6 Modern Albums and I’ve selected 5 two-sided pattern papers from October Afternoon.


When you come (I’m looking forward to meeting lots of blog readers) you will need to bring 25 to 45 4×6 photographs and 50 black embellishments (buttons, brads, frames, tickets, photo turns, etc…) and be ready for two-hours for energizing fun that results in a finished 6×6 scrapbook.

I’ll be posting more information about gathering embellishments and sharing some of my favorites.

I have taught Finish Line for 3 years in lots of different places (London, Sydney, Wellington, Japan — and at several CK conventions.) I never grow tired of teaching this class, because it is such a treat to see all those photos come in and so many different and wonderful albums go out.I get to work with different papers and see the unique results of students bringing their own embellishments and design flair to the experience.

I love this class and this process so much that I am developing a Finish Line class for Big Picture Scrapbooking. More info on that coming soon!

Learn more about the CHA SuperShow HERE.

See my class description and register HERE.

If you live anywhere near Anaheim, California you will most definitely want to come to this SuperShow and *wink* take my class.


I have one other very cool surprise up my sleeve. I’m working with my friend Molly to do something I’ve always wanted to do. We will debut at CHA and I cannot wait to tell (and show) you more!

In the meantime, October Afternoon was MORE than generous with me when they sent me my CHA Finish Line papers. I have THREE hefty packages of Happy Mail (full of beautiful NEW OA product) ready to send out. Leave me a comment and tell me “yes” or “no,” have you ever created a 6×6 album? I’ll close comments on Friday at noon and post the results by 3:00pm.


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