Friday FIVE for October 26, 2012

It’s been a while since I did a Friday FIVE and I’m really excited to share, as I’ve had some of these picks in mind for weeks …


Freeze Dried Veggie Chips from Click HERE.

This is my number ONE pick, because I’m 100% elated with this new website that I found. I’ve placed and received two orders and have been so impressed with the overall user experience, including the customer service and the design of the product packaging.

My first order at

Do me a favor and poke around a little, decide to buy something yummy and then throw in a tub of the freeze-dried veggies. They aren’t THE most healthy thing in the world (but they have come through in a Friday-night pinch when everyone around me has ice-cream or cookies!


Curly Girl Napkins. Learn all about Curly Girl here.

So, I discovered Curly Girl years ago and have been a HUGE fan ever since. Last year however I was privileged to meet Leigh Stanley (Curly Girl) in person at The Creative Connection event and that was a delightful thrill! If you know me at all, then you know I have a thing for decorative napkins and every single time (I’m not exaggerating) that I see Curly Girl napkins I buy them. Every single time–after all, it  feels really good to know exactly how you will act in a given situation! Anyway, I just really like this particular sentiment and it’s message of faith, fancy and a little mischief!!


Life is Good mugs. Click here to see them all.

Several years ago, I cleaned out our mug collection (saved only 3 or 4 very meaningful ones) and then took the whole family to the Life is Good store for T-shirts and mugs. These are now my favorite mugs and it’s getting to be that time of year, where we make warm cocoa or Pero practically every night. I love that these mugs feel heavy in your hand and that the ceramic is nice and thick — of course the colors and designs make me happy too!


Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. Click here to learn more.

So, I have almost signed up twice to take an Annie Sloan’s chalk paint class, but finally just purchased some and re-painted my homework table. I was instantly sold and now really want to take a class, but seriously, this is the smoothest and most awesomest paint I have ever used and YES, you can write on it when it’s dry–it is like a chalk board.

I had so much fun painting and was so thrilled with the outcome that I even created a page about my refreshed homework table. And I used Annie Sloan’s paint on my page!


Fat Baby boots. Click here to see what carries.

As of first thing this morning, these are on their way to me. I made myself wait over night and woke up thinking about them, so figured that was a sign, ha! I’m pretty excited. I’ve always liked cowboy boots, but never had any of my own and I love that these are shorter and (I think) exceptionally versatile and stylish!  I had never even heard of this brand (you?) and there are so many unique styles and color combinations …

… but green + giraffe? Hello! Must be mine.

*UPDATE Cavender’s is giving my readers a special discount. Sweet!

Promo Code = SJFB2012
Discount = 15% off any regular priced Ariat Fat Baby boot
Valid = Now through 11/15/2012

Happy Friday and have a great and relaxing weekend!

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