Friday FIVE for August 3, 2012

Hey blogland! How are you?
I actually have quite a bit that I’d like to blog about. I just don’t it. Go figure?!

Life is good. Summer is fully ripe and I’m completely in love with being home and practicing a more relaxed schedule and approach to my days.

I feel good  and I’m eager to share a FANTASTIC Friday Five …


August is Mini Month at Ella Publishing. All you have to do is say “Mini Month” to know it’s going to be FUN! I’m making Mini Month my #1 today, because of a minilicious promotion around one of MY most memorable MINIs ever …

For the entire month of August, Ella’s got a deal surrounding MY downloadable project from 2009, “Make A Smiles Mini Book.” When you purchase this ebook, you get “On the Go Photo Tips” (a little download worth $2.99) by Rebecca Cooper for FREE– PLUS … Ella will still donate $2 to Operation Smile for every purchase of “Make A Smiles Mini Book”

There’s MUCH MORE MINI goodness (like 50% off a new ebook every week) that you need to check out. Also, if you’re not currently getting Ella’s newsletter you’re missing out — it’s GOOD!


Multi-Photo Solutions

Tbis adorable girl is Aly Dosdal and she is currently teaching
a  4-week workshop at Big Picture Classes, called Multi-Photo Solutions.

Ok. Aly is super talented, brimming with experience and eager
to help scrapbookers with one of the MOST common issues we face–that
of getting MORE of our beloved pictures onto pages and into
doable projects without sacrificing design.

Check out the adorable project below …

Aly’s class started yesterday and I want to give away a seat for FREE to someone who has NEVER taken an interactive workshop at BPC before. When I reviewed what Aly had prepared, I thought “Wow! We really do have top-notch teachers and we do QUALITY stuff” I want to share what we do. If you’re brand new to BPC, or you’ve only taken self-paced or FREE classes, leave me a comment and I’ll gift one of you this experience with Aly (and friends!)
Click HERE to learn more and register.


I LOVE this book. I got my copy before our road trip to Utah, so I was able to read it pretty quickly and it is changing my life (and health) in a very positive way. I’ve read a LOT about adrenal fatigue and hormones and most recently, leaky gut and chapter 5 in this book, is hands down the MOST concise, clear explanation of how critical hormones (insulin, leptin, cortisol, glucagon, etc..) work in your favor, or NOT, and WHY. Long story (that I’ll share more of soon) short … I am now doing something called Whole30, which is one month of eating only whole, non-processed foods in combination (protein + carbohydrate + good fat) and not eating sugar, grains, dairy , soy or legumes. I have been implementing many of the foods/ideas presented in this book for several weeks, but August marked my first day of Whole30 and I’m in 100%. In lieu of keeping a food journal, I’m posting 3 meals a day to instagram with the hashtag #whole30. If you’re interested, you can follow me on instragram or twitter.

Learn much more HERE.


I’m super excited for Tracey Clark and the arrival of her latest book, Elevate the Everyday–it is a beautiful, heartwarming, inspiring, uplifting collective of awesome photography and authentic insights from women in every stage of motherhood. Plus, it’s brimming with straight-forward advice from Tracey on everything photography. If you scrapbook children, you need this book. I know that’s strong, but I mean it. For all of these reasons, this book was my pick of the week on the more recent episode of The Paperclipping Roundtable.

The BEST news is that I have ONE copy to giveaway.
I will select one random comment early next week sometime. If you don’t win, you can purchase it on Amazon.

Be sure to check out all the companion products over at Paper Coterie too!


I visited my friend Karen yesterday. Karen works from her home in her Karen Does My Hair business. Karen has cut and colored my hair for well over 10 years and she still surprises me with her passion for finding new, great products and helping her clients with their goals (yes, I have a hair goal this year!)

Today, she introduced me to DevaCurl No-Poo and One Condition. Click on the link to learn more. I’m super excited about this sulfate-free, zero-lathering, no-poo (get it?) As I grow my hair longer, I’m interested in a more natural look + I don’t want to wash my hair every day. Karen did her homework and this is (hopefully) my answer — it’s most definitely SMELLS like it is (YUMMY!)

DevaCurl Hair Products on Amazon!

Have a GREAT weekend.

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