Good, Needed, Happy Mail.

You know those days when you’re really busy and feeling a bit buried and wondering what else will be thrown at you before you get even part way through your to-do list? I’ve found that on those days — if you look for them — there are tender mercies sent to buoy you up, to remind you that you are known and loved and that somehow your craziest days are anticipated. Generally, these mercies are delivered through other people. I can’t begin to count the times that I’ve opened an email or gone to my mailbox and found just the words I needed to read — I certainly can’t recount them all or share even a fraction of the kindness I receive, but I can share a few (today) and encourage you to keep your antennae up because I absolutely believe you will always find just what you need, when you most need it …

This email came from Kathleen just at the end of my last online class. In fact, it came the day I was filming episodes for My Craft Channel. I was feeling very tired and questioning my judgement in even doing the videos.

Hi Stacy,

Using my wonderful non-chronological system, I made a connection between two photos that I never would have pre-Library of Memories. I thought you might like to see a glimpse of the fruit of your labors in nursing us through this process. This is my third year, and I’m still tweaking, but it has been such a blessing to relax into the stories and the pictures. I now focus on those memories I want to capture and preserve — and especially the connections I would never have made and missed without this system.

Thank you so much for sharing your insights, for your willingness to listen and reply to the same questions year after year, and most of all for being you. Oh, and I agree, summer is NOT the greatest time to schedule LOM!

And there is this one, from Cyd — that she would take the time to email me — that is so, so cool!


I was de-cluttering and I started going through a 2008 check register. I saw an entry for my subscription to Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. I absolutely loved Simple Scrapbooks. My soul would sing when I leafed through the pages.
So I just wanted to thank you for founding that magazine.
I miss it.

(me too Cyd, me too.)

And then this very cool collection of notes and ephemera was discovered in my mailbox.
It was put together by my friend Melissa, after she read Good Mail Day (click the link to learn more and purchase at Amazon) a book filled with lots of ideas for creating postal art. Melissa gathered several miscellaneous items from different sources that reminded her of me. For example a dictionary page with the word “organize” (my word for 2011) circled and the title page to the story “Spot is Big” for Big Picture Classes — opening and exploring this very happy mail unleashed all kinds of memories and as I touched and smelled everything and got completely lost in textural goodness — and it’s all stuff I can use in mixed media and scrapbooking projects!

I’m sure you have plenty to do this week, but be sure to listen to the whisperings of the Spirit so that you can be a piece of good, needed, happy mail!

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