my new green phone.

So, the day CHA ended, Kayce, Wendy and I headed to Santa Monica to see the beach and do some exploring. Lucky girls that we are, we were able to meet up with Amy Tangerine, who lives very close by. She showed us some really fun places and we all ended up at Lemonade, which is part lemonade stand and part high school cafeteria with a totally hip line up of fresh, organic side dishes, soup and more.

Just before dinner, we spent quite awhile in a store called A+R a high end, high design experience that features everything from clocks to carafes, slippers to stuffed toys, and baubles to bright lights, the constant is design that charms, functions and inspires.

This is Andy + Rose (hence A+R) who were kind enough to send me some photos!

And this is the color and coolness that greet you as you wander around A+R with a feeling more like being in a museum than a retail outlet. It is nothing short of delightful and when I saw this …

I just about freaked out.
It is a retro receiver/handset that you can plug into your iPhone and it totally “works” with my Kate Spade iPhone cover. You’ll get to see some more of my phone on tomorrow’s blog post!

If you can’t get to Santa Monica and A+R anytime soon.
You can shop online here. You might also want to check out this catalog, that has the same simple, modern and often colorful design aesthetic.

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