Sprinkle No. 8

Today’s *sprinkle* is the final in a month-long effort to express gratitude more fully and more frequently.


Are you ready? This week you need to “make the call.” You need to call (not email or text, but call) the person that most needs to hear your gratitude this Thanksgiving. We all have these people in our lives. Either we love them and don’t tell them often enough, or we have perhaps neglected the relationship and feel an uncomfortable sense of obligation or we have in fact wronged or offended them and need to pick up the phone and say “I’m sorry.”

As hard as these calls can be, I have never hung up and thought, I wish I hadn’t called. In reality, these calls bring with them an amazing sense of happiness. Make the call and you will feel an undeniable energy come into your heart–even if you your gratitude and kindness is not reciprocated.

NOTE: In Japan, the public telephones are a bright, cheery green. I just had to get a photo of me pretending to use one. It is also a custom in Japan to make the peace sign in photos — just in case you’re wondering why I am doing that!

AND … One More Thing.
My *sprinkles* posts will now be scheduled for Tuesdays. This is because the weekends can get very busy around my house and I don’t always get everything on my Friday list done. Sunday night I was exhausted and made an executive decision (afterall, I am the executive of my own site, right?) to move *sprinkles* to Tuesdays. I even really like the name Sprinkles for Tuesday — it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

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