Friday FIVE for March 4th


I’m SUPER EXCITED about #1 … Library of Memories Digital templates are now available over at Scrapaholics AND to celebrate their release, they will ALL be sale this weekend for 20% off. Follow me on Twitter to get updates on all of my digital products!

The next FOUR items are not as exciting generally, but here are FOUR foods I’m eating LOTS of these days. They are helping me get well and reduce my cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates — which means more energy for scrapbooking!


Fage (pronounced Fa-yeh) GREEK YOGURT. I buy this at Safeway and my favorites are cherry and honey and they are so YUMMY. If you’re used to the uber-sweet and sometimes syrup-y flavor of common American yogurts, Greek yogurt will take some getting used to, but it is well worth the effort! Learn more here.


Lundberg Jubilee BROWN RICE. As noted before, I cook up a whole bag and store this in small containers in my outside fridge. I have a hard time finding this rice. The store that carried it all the time closed, so when I do find it I stock up. I actually just purchased six bags of Lundberg on Amazon! Brown rice has pretty much replaced cereal and bread in my diet. I LOVE it and eat one or two 40z servings (with other things mixed in) a day–it’s that good!


Sabra Hummus is the MOST delicious thing.
I cannot even say how good my body feels when I snack on Hummus and cucumber in the afternoon. My favorite is the Roasted Pine Nut flavor and I buy the large tub at Costco!


Think Thin protein bars that have ZERO grams of sugar and are gluten free — AND STILL TASTE GOOD. For now, the top bar is the only kind of BROWNIE I’m eating. If I have to have something SWEET, I eat one of these.  I discovered these in the Fred Meyer health food section, but here again, I just placed an order on Amazon (best price I’ve found)

I’ve had several emails/blog comments asking about my health and the changes I’m making to eat better and sustain my energy without sugar or caffeine — this is it! I’d love to hear what healthy products you love.

Oh and btw, I ate Quinoa for the first time for breakfast this morning. Learn more about this ancient grain that is a complete protein here.

Happy Friday!

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