I’m still doing clipboards …

This summer, they look like this.

My kids are getting older and they need less specific direction, but they still need expectations with a little motivation thrown in. They have all summer (10 weeks) to complete (or exceed) the following:

50 Miles (on foot or bike)
50 Chapters or Articles (reading)
30 Jobs (bigger ones, like windows and weeding)
30 Worksheets (they each have a book or two of math problems, etc..)
20 Projects (anything they want, approved by mom)
20 Adventures (playdates with friends, neighborhood games and family outings)

The Goal: Daycation (our annual one-day, end of summer BASH.)

We are only one week in, but everyone is off to a good start. Trey is at camp this week and Taft is taking advantage of the extra time to establish a healthy lead (not that any competition is intended!)

His most recent project is duct tape, and he has mastered several techniques and been impressively productive. I’m headed out of town today with a new pair of flip-flops (not pictured here.) My favorite is of course, the rose …

How is your summer going?

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