Is it really Tuesday?

time flies — doesn’t it?

Wanted to check in and say THANK YOU to adorable Maegan, who came to my house yesterday (from Seattle!)  Maegan has designed digital templates for both School of Life and Library of Memories, which are available on her website, — ANYWAY, she is tired of my excuses regarding digital scrapbooking and has taken my education into her own hands.

I now have a goal to finish creating (and post to my blog) my first digital page using a template.

Maegan was not my only visitor yesterday.
Randi came back to photograph my downstairs studio (which I have been feverishly working on since last Thursday) for Where Women Create.
ONE of the things I did in my refresh (something I’ve wanted to do for a LONG time) was sort my books by color and place them in various places in my studio.

I LIKE it.

NOTE: crappy photos taken at night!

It is SO FUN to have a clean and refreshed studio — now I’ve just got to push past a few deadlines (ie. Finding Photo Freedom) and I can actually create again.
and YES, registration for Finding Photo Freedom is very close.
Hang in there — it’s coming SOON!

I’m just about to record the Paperclipping Roundtable with Izzy, Noell, Nancy and Elise (a new friend.) I’ll be discussing my 180 Days project. Will work on an update post for that too!

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