Sprinkle No. 48

*Sprinkle No. 48* is an assignment to marvel at something small and seemingly ordinary.


I received a little  package of Japanese candy in the mail for Christmas (thank you Lily @JetPens) Before you think, “Yah, so …” take a close look at these candies. There are pictures in the middle of them! How on earth are hard candies created that have faces and symbols in the middle? I’m assuming they are somehow built in long rope-like pieces and eventually cut up in smaller chunks to reveal the picture that has been made by the layering of various colors??

I just think these are marvelous.
Once I really stopped to take notice, I truly marveled at how unique they really are.
My children wanted to eat them.
Every day for several days they asked if they could.
I kept putting them off because I needed to take a picture.

Later, I asked Taft if the candy tasted as remarkable as it looked.
He said, “No.”  It just tastes like candy.

And there you go, lots of little things that can be easily overlooked and under-appreciated. Take notice and *sprinkle* your life with a “little marvel” today.


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