tea parties and curiosity

About a week ago Sunday, I woke up from a nap to find this:

My sweet Taft was helping Addie stage a full-blown tea party for the majority of our stuffed animals.

Seriously, cute.
In case someone wants to know, you can click here to purchase this adorable Asian baby doll and click here for the big sister dolly.

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We spend a LOT of time in our industry talking about creativity.
I believe we are ALL inherently creative, in much the same way that we are inherently capable. To develop talents and abilities, we have to discover our gifts and the things that interest us and then study and work. To unleash our innate creativity we must in a similar fashion discover our curiosities and follow them to the point of connection. For me, these connections are generally patterns or problems that force me to see a new possibility and exercise creative thought that results in new ideas or solutions. I’m not sure any of that makes sense outside my own head, but it works for me and I’m thrilled that it is the foundation of Tami Morrison’s NEW workshop, Just Curious that opens tomorrow at Big Picture Classes.

Tami’s class is only $15 for 4 weeks and if you know Tami, you know the classroom will be all about FUN interaction and community.
I chatted with Tami on the phone today and we are still teeming with new ideas to add to this experience.

The more curious we are, the more creative we will be.
If you’re not signed up for this workshop, leave me a comment and share something that your curious about right now.
I’ll wake up and add one of you to
Tami’s class!

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