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I mentioned yesterday some plans I have to make the Finish Line concept and process more available to a wider audience. One of the things I’ll be doing is putting together Finish Line kits. I don’t have the talent that would allow me to create my own product, like so many amazing scrapbookers I know. I do however have the talent of putting together great collections that champion the beautiful and innovative products already available. This is precisely what I’m going to do!

To learn more about the Finish Line Scrapbooking process, click HERE.
To download a FREE pod cast class with me, visit my homepage and click on “Living With Your Library” pod casts, then download the Finish Line Scrapbooking pod cast. I will walk you through the very empowering ‘scrap 40 photos in 4 hours’ experience!


This is the official announcement of my premiere Finish Line Scrapbooking kit, Complete Bliss.

I will be selling a very limited quantity of this kit at the CHA Super Show in Anaheim at the Treasured Memories booth (#553)

I love the idea of personality and will therefore give each of my kits a distinct personality and a name. This first kit, just in time for Valentine’s Day is specifically designed to help you scrapbook a big stack of everyday snapshots depicting love at home.

together forever

In my Library of Memories class, I teach the concept of storing and aging a very small portion of your photos by categories. I have category in my All About Us category drawer, called Together Forever. These are photos of two or more members of my family where togetherness or affection is shown. We ALL have these photos — they are the ones that even on a bad day instantly fill you up warm and bubbling over. And let’s be honest, if you have multiple children, these are the photos that remind you that your everyday life isn’t one giant sibling rivalry. At my house, these photos are often ‘not-so-great’ from a photographic perspective, but they are very often priceless w hen measured by the emotion they elicit. Sometimes it’s hard to create a layout with these photos. They are taken at different times, in less than perfect light and they generally aren’t captured as part of an event or celebration.

The cool thing is, when I pull out a stack of Together Forever photos and flip through them. I know I am living my dream (note the little “dream” opening cards in the kit). I see relationships that have developed in my home with my imperfect, but nurturing care and I feel a sense of Complete Bliss.


The name Complete Bliss came from a hymn we sing at church, titled Love at Home (click and select the option of words + music, to listen) which I love. Life can be overwhelming and absolutely crazy, but it’s OK. I wield a camera. I freeze time, so I can play it back S-L-O-W-L-Y and better appreciate the moments of complete bliss that are plentiful and so very good. Gather 20 or 30 of these photos together and you have the makings of a meaningful album all wrapped up in a comforting, homespun feel. Did I mention I was excited?

Here are scans of my own Complete Bliss album …

pg 1

Title page.

pg 2 pg 3

pg 4 pg 5

OK, stop here for a second …
when you create a Finish Line Scrapbook, you do NOT plan first. This means you simply make pages and then put them in order. Every single time I am completely blown away at my intuition that ‘accidently’ puts photos on the same page, because every single time magical things happen. For example, when it came time to put these pages in order. I instinctly put Clark holding Addie across from me holding Addie. This seemed to flow nicely from page 1 and 2 where our family of four boys in introduced (not planned, remember) it wasn’t until I came back to add a little caption that I noticed the little square photo on the right. This is me and Clark, holding hands at Disneyworld — so on one little spread I have me with my oldest and my youngest opposite a photo of my oldest holding my youngest. COOL.

All of these photos were sitting behind my ‘Together Forever’ tab in my All About US drawer. Magic.

pg 6 pg 7

pg 8 pg 9

pg 10 pg 11

pg 12 pg 13

pg 14 pg 15

pg 16 pg 17

pg 18 pg 19

pg 20

And there you have it … 36 photos scrapbooked and countless blessings savored and celebrated.

If you’d LIKE to purchase one of my premiere Complete Bliss kits, simply click on the “Buy Now” button on the left-hand side of my blog (scroll all the way down.) Kits are $45 dollars (this includes domestic shipping!)


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