Art + Science and My Laundry Room

I got a new washer and dryer last spring, after my washer of 12 years failed suddenly. I am most grateful that we are in a position go right out and purchase new appliances, but I have to say that I was very attached to my “old” washer, which didn’t seem very old to me. You see, it was our very first NEW appliance purchase, after Geoff finished his medical training in 2000 and I fully expected it to last my whole life — or the rest of my life! The nice man at Sears set me straight and explained that “they don’t make washers (or any appliances) like the used to!” He went on to explain that everything is a computer these days, so nothing is designed or expected to last longer than 8 to 10 years. But, I digress. The purpose of today’s post is to touch on my creative process. After my new washer arrived and I discovered that it was quite a bit bigger (as in it sticks out farther) AND the controls are on the face rather than on top, a change which introduced a big sock-eating gap at the back of both appliances — I was thrown into a bit of a tizzy. To help me cope and adjust my thinking and attitude, I did what any right-minded (pun intended) scrapbooker would do …


… I created a layout dedicated to my former, beloved washing machine and dryer. This creative process, beginning with the “idea” and moving through photos, color, journaling, product-selection, assembly—everything, is very ME. It is my comfort zone. This is where I am most happy and can easily disappear and find the imaginative nirvana called F-L-O-W.

It is the discovery and exploration of our personal creative processes that Jennifer Wilson and I will begin exploring (hopefully with YOU) this Thursday, in our brand-new, 4-week workshop, called The Art + Science of Scrapbooking.


Jennifer is left-brain dominant scrapbooker and I am a right-brain dominant scrapbooker and we approach our craft from differing perspectives, but we have teamed up to challenge and learn from each other in what are generally the universal stages of a scrapbooking process, AND what has proven to be a brain-boosting experience for both of us! You can learn much more about this workshop, by reading the class description, HERE (be sure to watch the little video too!)

The thing is, creating this class is probably the MOST FUN I have had (as a teacher/writer) in a VERY long time — for reasons I would love to explore in another blog post this week (if I feel so inclined!) For now, I would delight to give away a free seat in this class. All you need to do is leave me a comment and tell me which aspect of the creative process is EASIEST for you.

Is it …

1. Ideation: Getting an “idea” for a page/project)
2. Process: The order and assembly of individual & disparate pieces into the whole
3. Photos: Selecting/finding photos to use
4. Journaling: Discovering and crafting the words/story
5. Color: Choosing colors and color combinations to work with
6. Design: Working with visual principles to arrange a pleasing outcome
7. Product: Using tools, techniques and papers/decorative accents to effectively communicate stories
8. Embellishing: Adding the finishing touches

… and, feel free to discuss the WHY behind your choice, if you want to!


You’ll be glad to know that Geoff and Trey installed a shelf that sits just above my new washer and dryer and prevents socks and other goodies from disappearing into the great abyss. Thanks to their support and my ability to leverage the creative/healing process in my own behalf, I am adjusting remarkably well to what might have a disastrous blow to my laundry-routine!

I’ll post a WINNER on Wednesday morning sometime.
For all you unluckies — go buy a seat. This is a FUN class!

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