Emails, Flowers and Design Challenges!

Hi Stacy!

I just had to tell you about something that happened last night that you can share with your readers and followers of Library of Memories if you want. I completed your Library of Memories class several years ago, and I have kept my drawers up-to-date since then (no minor feat!)  Anyway, my 13 year old daughter came to me about 8:30 last night and said, “We are doing a scavenger hunt for science class and I need to bring in either actual plants or pictures of things that will fit in these categories (and she gave me a list of about 25 types of living things she had to find!)  Well, all I had to do was go to my handy drawers, go to the “Things” drawer, look under my “Outdoor/Nature” file, and voila! There were pictures of our vegetable garden, “still life” shots of our veggies, flowers, plants, pictures of coconut trees from a vacation- even pictures of the kids in a pumpkin patch when they were little!  Needless to say, she found many of the things she needed, and I told her to “never make fun of me for constantly taking pictures” ever again! :)  So, I just want your readers and followers to know that, while at first it’s time-consuming to sort, organize, label, etc, it is SO worth it in the end!!!!   Library of Memories has saved me several times over when one of my 4 kiddos has needed pictures (usually at the last minute!) for some school project!

Thanks again for a WONDERFUL concept, and for bringing it the rest of us!  Have a colorful weekend!

I so appreciate ALL the emails I receive that share success stories like this one — thanks Lisa and others! NOTE: I’ll be teaching Finding Photo Freedom again next February. If you’re registered at BPC, you’ll get the emails notifying you of the registration deadline.

The Daffodils are on their way out already and the Tulips are in full bloom.

As it turns out, we’re enjoying a magnificent spring and I just want to savor it! You may or may not remember that I’ve had toe issues for quite awhile and chose surgery last November. I don’t believe the results/recovery are ever as quick and painless as the doctors/surgeons make you believe (and I’m married to one!) But I am happy to report that I jogged 2.5 miles today (without stopping.) It was super hard–and don’t worry, I’ve been doing the walk/jog routine for some time now. Anyway, my foot/toe is sore, but not painful and I’m very hopeful that there is still some running in my future. Just wanted to share :)

It feels like there are so many FUN things to do (in regards to scrapbooking) lately, but I’m very excited about joining Elizabeth Dillow in her Design Challenges class that starts tomorrow (Thursday.) In fact, I can’t believe how easily my pages have come together with her challenges–and I’m currently creating a LOT of pages, thanks to my Twelve class! I’m creating right alongside Elizabeth with every challenge–AND, I’m recording a video to boot! If you’re not yet signed up, leave me a comment with a design challenge or question you have and I’ll select a winner  tomorrow night at 8:00pm.

Just think, four weeks from today, you could be enjoying 12 completed scrapbook pages!

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