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Hello. I’m here.

I’ve been MIA on my blog, as I have been super-focused on finishing up content for Finding Photo Freedom. I’m happy to report that ALL the handouts (and there are a LOT of them) for all 10 weeks of this course are finished! Please stand up where you are a do a little happy jig for me.

Kayce and I are in the midst of our annual business review and strategy meeting with our dear friend Kathy, who flew in from Utah yesterday morning. Needless to say I was pretty wiped out yesterday, but we still had a very productive meeting and it continues today and tomorrow. The good news is, Big Picture Classes is in a really good place and we are excited to revisit our goals, set new ones and talk about all the possibilities that lie ahead.

Since my class begins in just over a week, I’m anxious to answer a few questions I’ve received.

Question from Sue: I’m interested in taking your Finding Photo Freedom Course at BPS.  As I get further away from “chronological” scrapbooking, I am so much less stressed out about the whole-trying-to-keep-up thing!  I’m interested in your course but wondering if you can give some advice on timing/what I’d need. After 3 years of looking, we finally found a new house, which means we need to sell our old house, which means until about the beginning of August, almost all of my photos and paper scrapping things will be going in to storage in order to get this house ready to sell, I have most of the photos electronically anyway and will be keeping my laptop close by and mostly digi-scrapping until my new studio is set up in the new house …

I am wondering if this is compatible with the class or will I not really be able to get as much out of the course as I would if I were all settled!
Any additional info you could provide would be great!

Answer: I have been spending time with responses to my pre-class survey and you might be interested to know that for the first time in six years of teaching this course there are (as of yesterday) ZERO students signed up that have a film camera. 70% of survey respondents have more than 5 years of digital images on their computer(s). One of the primary foundations of a healthy Library of Memories system is an effective digital workflow. I do absolutely talk about and teach the organization of physical prints too, but I think you will have plenty to do with your digital images and will find that you can adapt all of the principles I teach to the pictures on your computer. We do some scrapbooking in class, but that is not the emphasis until about lesson eight. The other thing to keep in mind is that once you are registered, the Finding Photo Freedom classroom will remain in your account forever. This means you can work at your own pace and always refer back to my content (handouts, worksheets, audio + video and blog posts), the conversations that will develop on the forums and thousands of images that will be posted to the galleries. Keep in mind too, that I am not teaching this course again until 2013.

I absolutely think you’ll be able to participate fully–especially since you scrapbooking digitally.
I hope to “see” you in class!

Question from Maria: I am registered in FPF as an alumni from 2009, but I never got through the class. Not even close!  I just found out there will be no Stacy or even coaches in the alumni classroom, so I am a little concerned that I will be wasting my time in there.  Even though I am technically alumni, I feel like I am just starting so am really more of a newbie. Do you think I will be ok in the alumni classroom?  Will there be feedback on the digital portion for alumni since that is all new class content we haven’t seen before?  I bought PSE 8 for this class but have no idea how to use it so I was hoping there would be tips included in the digital portion of class.

Answer: Actually, I will be visiting the alumni classroom and there will be several coaches there as well. My first priority will be teaching the new (paying) students–true–but I will absolutely be interacting with alumni as well. The most amazing thing about LOM alumni is how they share, help and guide each other. I absolutely believe you’ll find the attention you need as you revisit the content and move forward with your personal system and goals. I would recommend spending some time familiarizing yourself with PSE 8 before class begins, because this class does not teach the specific features of any photo-organization software. You will be a much happier and productive student if you understand the basics of your chosen program. Having said that, there are hundreds of LOMers that use PSE and I’m certain they will be eager to assist you in questions you might have.

Question: I am considering signing up for your class,  I am a part time Creative Memories Consultant and a new user to their product called Memory Manager.  It is a software program for organizing photos.  Is that acceptable for me to use?

Answer: Absolutely. You will need to be familiar enough with this software that you can rate and tag your photos and create folders where your BEST images can live. I recommend a 3-star rating approach to prioritizing digital images, but even if your program only allows 1 star (like Picasa) you’ll be able to easily adapt what I teach to your images and  your program. I’d LOVE to have you in class.

If you have questions about Finding Photo Freedom that you’d like me to answer, you can email them to

I thought I’d leave you with an image that illustrates the comfort the next generation has with digital tools. I feel very strongly that *they* need us to develop and nurture a digital workflow that will enable them to access family photos. I’m deciding (for me) that I create layouts for my own creative expression and well being, but I maintain a digital workflow for them.

More on this in class!

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