Army Men & Finding Photo Freedom

Trey found Army men under the grass in his Easter basket.
I found Army men all set up for battle this morning–after Trey left for school.

There was even what appeared to be a reconnaissance mission underway!

Now, about Finding Photo Freedom

I received this email a while ago  …

I know that you are changing the format of LOM this year which I am really excited about and are then sadly retiring it from BPC. As a UK member of the BPC population and therefore unfortunately not in the position of being able to see you in real life I have to say that it is with sadness to see that you will only be teaching it live, though I fully understand your reasons and that LOM is an intensive and draining class to teach . But as you do self paced classes at BPC could you not do one of Photo Freedom? Include a voice message, some additional handouts and a copy of the photo freedom eBook? I am sure it would be very popular especially to newbie’s to the site whom hear everyone talking about LOM and how it has helped them.

Sometimes I’m not as clear as I would hope.
Sometimes information gets garbled as it is passed along.
Sometimes things are completely misunderstood.

I am VERY EXCITED to announce the registration for Finding Photo Freedom.
I am also anxious to clear up some confusion and set the record straight.

1. I am changing the format and the title of my LOM class this year. My new LOM class is called Finding Photo Freedom.

2. I am not retiring anything. I am converting the 2010 LOM classroom to a self-paced project classroom. This will happen as soon as I am finished with content for the new class!

3. I will be teaching Finding Photo Freedom every other year as a “live” workshop. This does not mean live and in person, this means live as a scheduled workshop, where I am very present and interacting with students on the forums and via video chats.

4. I am changing things up for LOM alumni. If you have EVER taken Library of Memories from me you are invited to join me in a special alumni classroom for Finding Photo Freedom for FREE. Since we now have forever access at Big Picture Classes, the Finding Photo Freedom classroom (in it’s entirety) will remain in your account to refer back to.

5. There will be TWO separate classrooms this year. One for ALUMNI (mentioned above) and one for NEW students. These two classrooms will allow less confusion for new students as they move through the course. The only difference with the alumni classroom is that it will not feature interaction with the LOM coaches.

6. Because I can’t seem to keep up with my life, registration has been delayed. There are only FOUR weeks until class begins. This is NOT very long. There are things you can do to prepare for the first day of class, so if you know you want to take this course with me, it makes a lot of sense to sign up as soon as possible.

Ok, I think that is it (for now.)
If you have questions relating to Library of Memories or Finding Photo Freedom, please leave them as a comment and I promise I’ll answer them!

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